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We Did Good - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can u please write an imagine where yn and justin are married and they just had a baby and they brought her home to find all their family members (shes a part of the kardashian/jenner family) and its all cute then they leave and its just yn and justin and their daughter and they r all cuddling in bed and justin keeps telling yn she did a great job and the baby looks as beautiful as her mother idk something like that its up to u

Warnings: none


“{Y/N}! Can we see the baby?”

“{Y/N}, Justin, look over here!

As we exited the hospital, that’s all that I could here being shouted on us. Was it too much to ask for privacy? I kept our baby’s face shielded with a blanket to avoid the flashing lights being shown in her eyes. Security backed the paparazzi up, giving us some space to walk through. There was only so much I could do considering I was in a wheelchair so I gave Justin the baby to hold and take into the car, while the hospital staff and a few of Justin’s security helped me into the car. I quickly got in to avoid the flashing cameras. 

We drove off, making our way through the traffic in downtown LA. We were currently on our way to go see my cousins, the Kardashians and Jenners—crazy, right? Justin took the blanket from off the baby’s face and exposed her to those in the car, thank goodness these windows were tinted. Justin and I vowed to never show her face until we felt the time was right for her. Scooter glanced back to see how we were doing and was met my the baby instead. 

“She really looks just like her old man,” He said joking. “But she has {Y/N}’s eyes and nose.”

“Hey, I’m not that old. If anything, you’re the old man Scoot.” Justin responded. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity and took our baby from Justin. I cradled her in my arm and admired her features. She really did look like Justin but, had some of my features. She was going to be snatching men left and right when she got older. I tickled her, earning a small chuckle from her. I heard Justin and Scooter continuing to talk about random stuff while I played with little {Y/D/N}. 

She soon latched her small hand around my finger and held onto it. I couldn’t help but enjoy this innocent moment. I’ve been waiting for this all my life and now, I finally have a kid of my own.

“Here comes {Y/N} and the crew! She brought the baby too!” I heard Kendall yell from up the hill. I laughed aloud, carrying the baby up with me. Justin and Scooter grabbed the bags from the car while I went up to greet everyone. 

“Can we see the beautiful little princess?” Kendall continued. I uncovered {Y/D/N}’s face and showed her to everyone. “She looks just like Justin, weird. But hey! Glad you’re home, we kept it nice and warm for you guys!” I made my way into the house, making sure everything was still intact, which it was. Justin and Scoot struggled to get through the door but, they eventually figured it out.

“I hope your cousin Kylie didn’t ruin the place. That girl has a thing for ruining shit.” I heard Justin grumble from behind me. I turned around giving him a scowling look. “What?” He questioned. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to the kitchen where everyone else was. “It’s true!”

“Welcome home honey!” Kris said as soon as I walked in. I smiled, thanking her and everyone else for this. I was sort of expecting this extravagant party because within this family, it was go big or go home. Kris popped open the champagne bottle and the sudden sound startling th baby causing her to cry. 

“Mom, really? Forget there’s a baby here?” Kourtney questioned. “Here, I’ll take her {Y/N}. I’m great with kids considering I had a few of my own.” She took {Y/D/N} from your arms and left the room.

“Sorry.” Kris apologized. “I forgot.” I accpeted her apolgy and then tok a seat at the island in the kitchen. Everyone joined in and took their seats, talking amongst themselves. 

“Let’s get this party started!” We heard Scott yell from the opposite side of the house. “Pump up my jams! Where are the ladies at?” By this time, everyone stopped talking and waited for Scott to walk in to yell at him. “Hey, why’s everyone so—oh, bad timing? I heard there was a party and I brought the alcohol and—okay, no? I’ll be outside then by myself. Anyone’s open to join.”

“Scott, just go outside would you?” I spoke up. I rubbed my temples because my head was starting to kill me. Scott partied wherever, whenever with whoever. He’d party at a children’s party if given the chance. 

“Shit, then. Welcome home to you too,” He scoffed, going outside to the deck. 

“Guess we should join him, right? Shouldn’t let the poor kid drink on his own.” Kris got up from the island and everyone joined her to join Scott.

“Oh that’s what I thought. Y’all had me looking stupid inside..”

Scott will always be a trip. Kourtney came back downstairs and told me that {Y/D/N} was asleep. I thanked her and Justin and Scooter came into the room. We all went outside to enjoy ourselves while we could. 

“Bye guys, thanks for coming and watching the house! See you guys soon!” i bid everyone farewell. 

“Oh hold on {Y/N}, I could never go wrong by taking pictures.” Kris pulled out her phone and began snapping away. Gotta love Kris. Once she was satisfied and everyone was out the house, we closed the door before Kris changed her mind to take more pictures. I rested my back against the door, letting out a deep sigh of relief. 

“Your family is more work than our daughter.” Justin remarked. I threw a washcloth at Justin and as if on cue, {Y/D/N} began crying. “See even she knows!”

I scurried up the stairs quickly to the baby’s room. I took her into my arms and began rocking her. I walked around the room, waiting for her to quiet down. Justin stood in the door frame and watched me do what I was doing. Just to my luck, she began crying again.

“Look, she wants her daddy. Come on baby.” Justin took her from me and left the room, going to the room him and I shared. I was ready to collapse and sleep at this point. It’s been a rough few days. I went into the room we shared and saw Justin sitting on the bed, playing with {Y/D/N}. I got into the bed next to the two of them and watched daddy and daughter bonding. Moments like these were enough to melt your heart. 

“Look at you Justin, being all professional about being a father.” I laughed. The baby laughed too as if she understood what I said, maybe she did.

“I’m rather scared out of my mind but, we’ll take things one day at a time. We did good {Y/N}. Never forget that.”