crumpetseeds  asked:

♣♣♣ ♥♥♥ :>

♣ One of my earliest internet purchases was a plush Ryo-Ohki from Tench Muyo! that’s still on my bookshelf.

♣ When I was a kid, my dad would watch The Angry Beavers, The Big O, and Outlaw Star with me.

♣ During my high school graduation, I was presented with an award for academic achievement and community leadership (I was the school’s historian and yearbook editor). I promptly dropped the award as soon as I left the theater.

♥ I’m gonna use these hearts for silly facts about us

♥ I always forget that doing autobio comics for homework in Comics School™ is super embarrassing when you put them up for critique. Of course, this applied when I did a comic about preparing for our first date.

♥ I still can’t get over how you like my tiny butt.