TOP FIVE: Spazzkid Tells Us What to Eat in LA

Anyone who follows Spazzkid on social media knows of his fondness for a certain fast Filipino fast food chain (cough Jollibee cough). At the last Los Angeles show he even threw some morsels into the crowd as a bonus to the already hyped up crowd. Being food eaters ourselves we had to find out from the Chicken Lord himself what else he recommends to Angelinos looking for their next fix of delicious salty goodness. We dare you to get halfway through this list without jumping up and running to the nearest fried chicken purveyor.

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Big Ichigeki! Pachi-Slot Dai-Kouraku 2: Universal Collection has a long title city map mode with this story introduction.

I don’t feel like translating it, so I’ll assume the conversation goes like this:

Panel 1: “[Salaryman] I live in a hovel…….  my life is depressing……”
Panel 2: “[Salaryman] You know, I am SO PUMPED about being depressed….”
Panel 3: “[Floating head] OK. Shut up, play pachinko, and buy some curtains.”
Panel 4: “[Floating head] Also please join my fan club, I am currently the only member”