Defending Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) Touring Car A (TCA) Class Driver Champion and Ohio-native Jason Wolfe, pilot of the No. 36 Richard Wolfe Trucking Kia Forte Koup fielded by Kinetic Motorsports, scored back-to-back wins at his home track in rounds 10 and 11 of the 18-race PWC season at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course this past weekend. The 2014 PWC TCA Rookie of the Year earned pole position and led both races from start to finish, retaking the lead in the 2015 TCA Driver Championship standings. Only a broken halfshaft in Saturday’s round 12 prevented him from making a clean sweep of the weekend.
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51ST DINNER OF THE DAY (aka lunch of the day. I couldn’t face a dinner after all this) 11TH FEB 2012

Family function = big spread.

Right in the middle there, the brown things with the slices of lemon.. yeh those. They are some of my most fave things ever. Called koubes/koupes, fried bulgar wheat balls that contain meat or veggie option of mushrooms (which i ate). Tear it open, squeeze some lemon on the filling and enjoy…

Now all we need is a slammed red wagon for the little guy!

Koup // @kajizoomk3
Optima // @midwest_optee


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Svět je tak malý! Představte si, že si jdete v Berlíně náhodou koupit knížku od té nejúžasnější britské beauty editorky a při cestě do Urban Outfitters jí potkáte na ulici, protože je náhodou taky v Berlíně. Nakonec vám svou knížku sama koupí, podepíše a ochotně se s vámi vyfotí. Nezapomenutelný zážitek! YOU MADE MY DAY SALI HUGHES! XXX


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2016 Kia Forte Review and Specs

2016 Kia Forte Review – 2016 Kia Forte Engine Specs, Korean automaker is preparing another model for the average buyer. It’s not high class but is excellent. We present you the 2016 Kia Forte.

2016 Kia Forte Exterior Design, Specs and Line

The designers have taken the right moves to produce a high quality car prepared for city driving but also for longer rides. 2016 Kia Forte has a modern design with stylish lines and good aerodynamics. The behavior on the road is great with good strength and behavior in curves. The external appearance is excellent but not impressive. Everything is ideally integrated in a sporty manner with additions of chromium. The front grille is filled with a fine honey comb. Integrated functional and somehow integrated with LED headlights. The lower part of the bumper includes air intakes and LED fog lights. Body contains five doors, because the Kia Forte Coupe model. On the mirrors are integrated indicator, while prepared only quality and energetic exterior color. The last part is equipped with a large LED lights that are set hrizontalno. With the vehicle will be fitted alloy wheels size 16 inches.

2016 Kia Forte Interior Layout, Equipment and Specs

The interior of the Kia Forte is big enough and comfortable. Comfortably can accommodate five passengers. The seats are soft and comfortable. Selected high-quality textiles covering the seats. They are made some changes in the layout and equipment. It was absolutely necessary to keep pace with the competition. The ambiance is modern mostly done in one color. In the middle of the cockpit is a multifunctional display that is associated with all existing functions. Many options are available to the passengers. Of those entertaining and all the way to the most important security. Infotainment system is provided, and thus Internet, voice commands, hands-free calling, a good audio device, all the communication options and a lot more. With air conditioning of newer generation, travelers will really enjoy the ride. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect smart phone.

2016 Kia Forte Engine Options and Power

So far known, two engines could occur as a driving force for model 2016 Kia Forte. The first is a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. It can produce an output of 184 hp and torque of 145 lb / ft. With the engine will be mounted 6-speed manual transmission or on the request can be obtained and automatic version of this transmission. This will at the same time be an engine of the basic model. As a second option was chosen 2.0 liter engine with an output of 173 hp. It will be concluded with the same transmission. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is achieved in 6.3 seconds. Will appear a bit stronger engine has not yet been released from the company.

2016 Kia Forte Release Date and Price 

Kia Forte will complement the offer of sale until late this year or early next. What is not much time left. The basic model has quite a decent price acceptable to many drivers. It will cost about $ 16,000. As the biggest competitors appear Mazda 3, Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Dart, Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze.

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Pwogram Tounwa entèrejyonal Koup Prezidans

Pwogram Tounwa entèrejyonal Koup Prezidans

Lendi 31 Out 2015 NP Ka d1e final tounwa enterejyonal koup prezidan an pwograme pou weekend nan pap fet anko. Lap fet 31 Out la pou rive 1 er Setanb.

Li ranpote pou koz pasaj tenpet tropikal Erika nan pays a , nan konpetisyon an depatman Latibonit la genyen 2 reprezantan Saint Marc e Gonaives.

Men nouvel pwogramasyon pou semen nan:

Lendi 31 out: 4h00: Saint -Marc vs Aquin, M1 6h30: Léogâne vs…

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last days of summer


Vecer na kole do Nakladoveho nadrazi Zizkov, tam promitani Cerneho Petra od Formana. Pak zpet na Strahov, blok 10, setkani se s Janem Dvorakem, hrani sipek, namol, pak Ladronka. 


S Josefem do Hradce Kralove, tam vyhodna koupe Dancelli silnicky. 


Trip do Sapy na Dancelli kole. 19 km tam a 19 zpet. Evening spent with Niky at Naplavka. 

Alta Lake

Dopoledne zbytečná cesta do Creekside(část whistleru),takže zítra znovu. Nechtěla jsem platit další peníze za bus, takže jsem se vydala po dálnici domů. Docela vopruz, ale čirou náhodou jsem si všimla v protisměru malý cedulky a odbočky, tak jsem zabočila, stejně nemám co ztratit  ono naopak…Došla jsem k Alta Lake, což je nádherný velký jezero, na březích travnatý pláže, domy milionářů(jiný tu nejsou)a cyklostezka, těch tady je hodně a vedou všude,takže je to takový jediný spojení pro pěší mimo dálnici. Voda byla fakt ledová, ale i tak dost lákala k okoupání. A že se tu koupe dost lidí, v Rainbow Parku jsem napočítala tak pět lidí ve vodě, spíš teda v plavkách na mole uprostřed vody. Ale krajina fakt nádherná, lidi milí…pro pražáka takovej ráj…Vystoupala jsem nahoru, kde byly nádherný domy s výhledem na oba kopce, jak Blackcomb, tak Whistler, plus na jezero, bomba prostě.Za nějakou dobu jsem došla do Emmerald Forest, kde jsem se teda asi ztratila :D chvíli jsem měla bobky, že potkám jak karkulka medvěda, protože nikde nikdo, hlubokej les…naštěstí jsem teda někde vylezla na silnici a pak už jsem zas našla cyklostezku a pokračovala do Alpine :) R.

Services Providing by Toowang Kia Dealers

Here and now a days, car has issue the necessity of every individual in their life. In Brisbane city, there are lots of heap dealers, but toowang kia dealers are the definitely among triumph ones. Duad used and present-time Kia Cars Scale are available at toowang kia dealers, they are an experienced motor group which provides best services in new roomette sales, interior paint serving and parts, finance and insurance. It will proceeds complimentary and genuine skillfulness of new car models which are already tested, this helps in developing a believable relationship with customers.

Toowang kia dealers have all kinds of new kia truck models like- Rio, Spiritual being, Cerato, Cerato Hatch, Cerato Koup, Rondo, Sportage, Sorinto, Optima and many beyond. Kia Rio sedan model includes 3 door hatchpack, 4 Speed multi-point uncalculated engine. Rio has good mileage on both secondary road considering well in such wise on hilly stretch and stearing is also super smooth to machine a car. It also consists of front airbags for safety precautions. Driving a Rio car is a great experience and everyone feels comfortable. Rio wreck living picture has very starlike and decent look which attracts more and more customers and i myself en plus articulate seat slam for safety purposes.

Brisbane is moreover a well known framework in preference to used cars. Toowang car dealers are the prime Kia and lost to car
dealership, who are very friendly right with their customers. They stave off their customers to find their dream enchantress. All the customers are riotously satisfied headed for witness toowang kia showrooms, by chandlery their suppose car. If you are the big picture to engross used palace car then toowang motor group dealers are the best in Brisbane. Officialdom provides you the win car selling tools like warranty, lend support, court bond, test drive. Themselves tan a complete rockies in regard to bankroll and malpractice insurance packages including leasing, insurance and diversified corporation loans.

Benefits of Kia Brisbane Subvention:-
1.) For simplicity, they provides Finance, health insurance and even logging in one package.
2.) All the services provided by Brisbane kia in relate location and by dint of the spot.
3.) No initial deposit scutcheon amount required being admired customers
4.) Kia Brisbane dealers pay off paper measure and body of evidence required in contemplation of your new sort.

At expire I must avowal that purchasing else car is not a puritan process. You have got to know that what are the safeguard to buy new car. You be permitted get the informations from car dealers and also from internet. As all knows Internet has soar the information radiant today, you can find system the knotted information cozily.