Ao no Exorcist - Koumaken: Kurikara

The sword Kurikara from the anime/manga series Ao no Exorcist. This was a rush commission for a friend of a friend for their Rin Okumura cosplay. I was also supposed to make Renzo Shima’s staff as well, but…THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU COMMISSION TWO THING TWO WEEKS BEFORE A CON. :L
This was actually supposed to have a sheath as well, but again…time constraints.

Close up of the handle. I was extremely pleased at how the paint-job on this came out. Very clean, very smooth. Also, I was proud of how the tsuka-maki wrapping came out as well, that end knot is one of my best. C:

All of my katana’s can disassemble. For authenticity and in case any piece should break, I can just replace that part instead of remaking the entire thing.

The Kurikara was made mainly of poplar wood for the blade, hilt, hand guard, and habaki. Styrene plastic was heat-formed around the hilt to make the fuchi, just a technique I wanted to try out. And bias tap was used for the handle wrapping and the tassel. A store bought bead was used in the tassel as well. All painted with acrylic paints with a clear coat on top.

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