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“Let’s be good friends from now.”

Posting these too because these two boys are kind of my OTP in this dorama. It’s kind of put me off with how their relation is handled on this last episode though. I’m perfectly okay with how Shouta casually asking Yoshitaka to ‘be good friends’ with him (because Shouta is a shameless kid lol), but with how Yoshitaka slowly agree to shake Shouta’s hand? Uh, what happened to his hatred toward Shouta? He went as far as said that he doesn’t want to study in the same school as Shouta anymore and even wrote about how Shouta cheated during the English exam but now suddenly he agree to reconcile with him on the last episode? Sure. That’s perfectly IC right. *sarcasm*

Since I ship them, of course I’m happy with how they shake hand and stare at each other’s eyes for a good seconds until Shouta’s father stop the melodrama(?) scene and how they seems really starting to get along during the entrance day as they steal a glance at each other’s when they are anxiously waiting for their new homeroom teacher. But I kind of want to see Yoshitaka lashes out on Shouta at first for everything that he did to him until now before finally agree to forgive him. :\

They’re still cute together though, of course. They make me want to see how their high school life will be. Also Nei, you better make gifs of these YoshiShota scene okay. :9


Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi episode 9 (with Kouichi/Nakamura Tomoya special appearance :9).

lol he only appeared right before the ending because this episode focused more about Sawamura brothers (yep, Arayan for those who waited for him!) and a little about Murai-sensei’s and Midori-sensei’s backgrounds. Unlike Tanabe brothers who get along very well, Sawamura brothers look like your average brothers, in which they do get along but Tetsuya sometimes bullies Shota and in return Shota talks behind Tetsuya’s back.

But based on the preview, we can see more of Tanabe brothers’ interaction in the next episode. Actually I can’t wait to see them because at the end of this episode, Kouichi suddenly came to Junichi’s room and made him jumped and quickly closed his laptop. And then in the preview, Kouichi confronted Junichi and asked him “What are you doing?” which made Junichi make a conflicted expression.

Also by now, it’s easier to count the (looks like) innocent ones than the suspicious ones out of the casts. That’s how messed up and brilliant this dorama is. x___x


I’ll post Masaki-exclusive screencaps of episode 11 tomorrow, but for now please let me bring you the love triangle between Shouta, Yoshitaka, and Junichi. Aka in which Junichi decided that it’ll be fun to mess with Yoshitaka and made a move on his little bully-with-crush.

(Not really. Actually Shouta is bullying Yoshitaka and Yoshitaka in return hates him so much. Junichi really just want to mess with them though. But this scene really looks wrong for me XD Also, Masaki’s seme face = <3)


“Mou sugu da… Aitsura wa sabaki o ukeru.” (Soon… They’ll receive their judgment)

Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi episode 7 (and episode 8 preview). This episode confirm that Kouichi (the NEET we sometime see reading the forum thread in a dark room and the exam student who failed the test in the flashback) is Junichi (Masaki)’s older brother and thus making me even more convinced that Junichi is the one who plan to disturb the entrance exam (Just look at the sentences above! And yes, he sat like that while making an evil expression as he wrote in the forum thread).


Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi Episode 3 aka in which he doesn’t even try answering the math exam and just choose the answer as he like.

Finally we can see more of the students taking the exam. All of the main students are suspicious imo. Masaki though.

Masaki though.

Have I said that I love this dorama? Now I really wonder about Jouji and Tera’s reaction watching this episode.



Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi episode 13 aka the final episode. I don’t even know where to start talking about this episode because FEELINGS. Too many feelings in such a short time. Not only about Junichi, but about Kouichi and Tanabe family as a whole too, about the last criminal’s reason for helping Junichi’s revenge plan, about the teachers and how each of them start to move on after the exam, and about how uselessly handsome Tokuyama Hidenori in this dorama because Konishi-sensei doesn’t really contribute to the story. (lmao)

But I really really love Junichi’s character in this dorama. Not because he’s portrayed by Masaki (well, that’s one of the reason too…), but because he’s a kind of twisted kid. He’s not pure evil, he just love his Nii-san too much to the point he literally will do anything for Kouichi. Heck, he even went as far as ‘hunting down’ every anon who bad-mouthing Kouichi on his website. But because he love his Nii-san too much and is so determined to have revenge, he did it without thinking twice that his actions are wrong even though it should be obvious with how clever he is. I love how he went from smiling happily when Kouichi asked him if he did all of these for him to making a heartbroken expression when Kouichi told him that he’s actually making Kouichi feels worse. I especially love how this last episode made us see that even though he looks like a genius, he also has a flaw – the lack of willingness to take risk for his own action. In the end, he acknowledged that maybe what he did is really just a stupid thing.

Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi episode 2 preview. I’m still convinced that he’s some kind of sort-of-psycho kid with problematic past (concerning his big brother maybe?) and you can’t convince me otherwise until it’s proven wrong in the dorama!

Also because I watched it without sub and still don’t know the general storyline (except that there’s someone who want to cancel the entrance exam and the teachers are bunch of adorable people…. or are they?), I still don’t get this dorama. But one thing for sure, Micchan’s (Shinoda Mitsuyoshi) character is suspicious! XD


“Hey Junichi, what are you doing?” “I’m drinking cof–” “Not that!” “Then… revenge.” – Kouichi & Junichi in episode 10

Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi episode 10. Since it’s a 13 episode dorama, the story is starting to reach its climax on this episode …or is it? At least the one who is responsible for live reporting about everything that happened at the school was finally caught by the teacher. And we get to know more about what happened with Junichi’s family and can speculate that the reason of why he want revenge so much is because ichikou’s entrance exam leave his family in a mess.

But next episode it seems we’ll get more information about Konishi-sensei and maybe get one or two hints that’ll make him looks suspicious and once again I don’t know who is the culprit again (I’m still convinced that there are more than one culprit, but I don’t know who. And maybe there are even more than one team.). :|


Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi episode 12.

For those who haven’t watched this dorama yet, you should really watch it! It’s just one more episode until this dorama finished, so this episode (and the episode before this) is full of shocking revelations. So far I really like the revelations of Kyouko-sensei’s and Murai-sensei’s backstory. Especially Murai-sensei. Also my theory about Junichi was proven right (; v ;)b. (hover over that italic text for spoiler :9)

Now all that left is the revelation of the last person who support the plan, which will be covered in the last episode obviously (with Murai-sensei went “No way… Even though I respect him/her…” during the preview). Also it looks like someone will decide to take the blame on his/herself and hands a resignation letter. ;__;

Bonus: Halu as a high school student during Kyouko-sensei’s flashback


Masaki from Koukou Nyuushi episode 8 (aka once again I don’t understand who is the mastermind behind everything and can’t wait to watch the next episode)

Have I told you how much I hate Asami-chan’s mother? She’s so persistent and said everything is for Asami-chan’s sake but actually her action will only disgraces her daughter. To make it worse, Asami-chan herself already told her that she doesn’t like how her mother always control her life, but of course her mother think that it’s all the school’s fault when her daughter said that she actually doesn’t want to enroll to Ichi-kou. :| (tl;dr: Parents in this dorama are so annoying)

But aside of that, we could see more interaction between Kouichi and Chibi Junichi in this episode. They’re really a pair of cute brothers and get along so well. (; v ;) Can’t wait to see how current Junichi interacts with current Kouichi!

Also Arayan will appears again (finally) in next episode. XD


It’s that time again, Koukou Nyuushi’s Masaki spam time from episode 4! (aka I only want to spam the world with more Masaki). He didn’t speak again this time (and it looks like he doesn’t have screen time on the next episode?), but a lot of things happened during the exam on this episode. This dorama is really good at making people curious of what will happen next because even though I have one or two theories, I can’t guess what happened next. And I really can’t wait to watch the next episode because of it.

Also, this week on creepy Masaki scene: