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anonymous asked:

got any sports manga recommendations?

Tell me your preferences? And what you’ve already read and liked? And  it should be in English, right? 

Ahiru no Sora (basketball) - I didn’t read it for quite some time though, but I really liked the guys

All Rounder Meguru  (mixed martial arts, boys and girls) - Mikasa from SnK got her ABS from Maki-chan here

Baby Steps (tennis) - smart main character for a change~

Daiya no A  (baseball) - do I need to comment on that? XD

Days (soccer) - looks promising

Dear Boys (basketball) - I need to catch up with it~ I really like players for whom winning is not the only goal

Gaku (mountain climbing and rescue) - really nice main character~

Giant Killing  (soccer) - main character is a weird unusual coach. Same as Oofuri, the GK world doesn’t end at the team. You also can see reporters, stuff from the companies, supporters, junior players, local people.

GuraZeni (baseball)  - only 1 chapter in English though. Pro world and unusual main character

Haikyuu!! (volleyball) - do I need to comment on that? (2)

Hajime no Ippo  (boxing) - good old classic sports manga. One of my first sports animangas

Hikaru no Go (go) - good old classic sports manga. One of my first sports animangas (2) I don’t know how many people tried to play go after that~

Hinomaru-Zumou  (sumo)

King Golf  - amazing manga!

Koukou Kyuuji Zawa-san (baseball) - about a girl in a boys team

Kokou no Hito (Rock Climbing) - I really liked main character’s development

Last Inning (baseball) - smart coach with unusual tactics. Fujimura-kun is based on Fujinami Shintaro (-random-musings-, you see this? XD )

Major (baseball) - good for relaxation also all those references to pro players~ (probably why pro players like it very much XD )

One Outs (baseball) - more mind games than sports manga but it’s interesting

Ookiku Furikabutte (baseball) - do I need to comment on that? (3) I really like that parents and cheer squad are not forgotten

Ping Pong - I will be forever grateful for that ending

Real (basketball) - manga for thinking, not for fun

Rookies (baseball) - delinquents become good boys and aim for koshien

Slam Dunk  (basketball) -  good old classic sports manga. One of my first sports animangas (3)

Supinamarada! (hockey) - not ideal, but hockey!!

Teppuu (mixed martial arts) - girls. Unique and refreshing. The heroine is one of a kind

Whistle! (soccer) - cliché all the way, but still interesting

Yowamushi Pedal (Cycling) - great manga

I don’t like Adachi Mitsuru’s works, especially the famous “Touch”, but I more or less liked Cross Game

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manga recommendations?

HOO BOY, alright, well, hm.  apart from my current fave, which is probably readily obvious to anyone who’s had me on their dash for the past two days (if someone wants a rec for that, there’s a five-paragraph monster in my Hero Academia tag)…

THIS GOT REALLY LONG SO IT’S GOIN’ UNDER A CUT, gosh.  There are probably actually a bunch more than this, but these were the ones I came up with.  u-u

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