kougyoku princess

Readers: Alibaba and Kougyoku have such a well developed relationship. You see them become friends who care for each other and their well being more and more as the story progresses. They’ve influenced each other positively with their friendship, supporting the other and helping them when in need whether it be in battle or emotionally. They go really well together.

Ohtaka: Okay here’s Alimor! Morgiana is the girl in the group and Alibaba is the male protagonist so obviously they’re destined to be together.

Readers: Well Morgiana is still cool.

Ohtaka: Now I’m going to make Morgiana irrelevant and replace her with Judal and Hakuryuu!

Readers: …

Ohtaka: :D

Readers: How about Kougyoku and Judal? They were childhood friends and have a good history with each other. Judal extended a hand to Kougyoku when she was all alone and to that it was like a light of hope for the princess. And Kougyoku rescued Judal when he was almost killed by Ugo. They have a sibling like relationship with Judal playfully annoying Kougyoku, calling her an “old hag” which is pretty cute.

Ohtaka: How about Aladdin x Kougyoku? Forget the age gap and the incredibly small amount of relationship development that only consisted of the two not liking each other because Kougyoku frigging destroyed Ugo. Alakou!

Readers: ….

Ohtaka: :D

Kou Empire Princesses

I’ve been dying to make a post about them for a looooong time (actually my second time making the freaking post because I forgot to save it yesterday and it was completely erased). Anyway, I’ve never seen a post about the six unknown princesses of the Kou Empire, so I thought I’d make one. I must warn you, nothing I’ll say here is to be taken seriously, since it’s based on speculations and headcanons. (I’d also like to say that english is only my second language and I’m still learning so I apologize for the mistakes)

That being said, I’m also making this for references if anyone needs them.

Now, we know there are eight imperial princesses, Hakuei being the first and Kougyoku the eight. One of them was named by Kouen when he and Alibaba met in Balbadd before the summit. He mentionned her name along with Kougyoku’s because he said Alibaba had to marry one of the princesses, without knowing Kourin was already married (can’t blame the poor guy, he has nine siblings, I know very well how hard it is!), but since he thought about her, we can guess that she is the youngest of them all, ie: the seventh princess. She might as well be as old as Kougyoku and Kouha are for all we know. But yeah, to me, Kourin would be the 7th.

Now, lets start withe the big stuff. The only episode they appear in is Ep. 12 of the Kingdom of Magic, so if you wanna see them, there you go.

This is the first shot of the Ren siblings/cousins together. And it’s no clear at all. But kinda useful because you can already see some similarities between them and their brothers. For example, the one in the middle of the first row has the same hair color as Kouha. The one behind Kouha has Koumei’s hair color. In the second row, the left one has Kouen’s color and the second one’s is closer to Koumei’s.

Which also can be seen here (what even are you faces guys…)

BUT, except for the fact that it might be cool, it doesn’t mean much. Now. The most logical thing would be that they are positionned like this according to their rank. But I find this boring and not really accurate (even if it’s true, still boring).

So, ready for a ton of headcanons? Here we go.

Remember, when Hakutoku died, Hakuyuu was supposed to take his place but we all know how that ended. When he and Hakuren died, only Hakuei and Hakuryuu were left for the succession. Gyokuen was out of the question at the time and even Koutoku wasn’t in top position. The only one that was ever mentionned was Hakuryuu, not Hakuei who’s still his elder sister. Which led me to think that the princes always have the priority when it comes to being crowned (unless you’re Ren Gyokuen…). My point is: Kouen might as well have a sister as old as him or even older but would still be in a higher position as he is a man.

Does this sound coherent to anyone else but me? Please tell me I’m not crazy.

So, If I had to pick one, I’d say :

This one looks like she could be the oldest. I named her Kouko because 1. I can and 2. it’s easier to remember than purple-haired-plate-wearing-stern-looking princess. Yep. So that’d be the second princess. I don’t know if she could be older or as old as Kouen but I really like the idea tbh. Plus she has the same hair color as Koumei, and since he and Kouen have the same mother… well it proves nothing but I still like it. She looks quite calm, composed. After the annoucement, she’s surprised but not as much as the others though. She apparently has this habit of raising her hand to her chin when she is, showing her wary side.

Now, on to the third one. 

Also called Kouran. I headcanon her as a very introvert and soft spoken. She appears to be very shy which is shown when she places her hands in front of her mouth, as if she was trying to prevent herself from voicing her thoughts. That doesn’t mean she is not offended by what’s happening.

I have next to nothing on the fourth princess, only one close up of her face.

I dubbed her Kounami, cause why not ? I personally like this one a lot but that’s probably because she kind of resembles Erza from Fairy Tail if you hide her hair loop. Compared to Kouko, it seems like she’s depicted as more aware of her surroundings and a bit shy though not as much as Kouran. Looks like she’s more likely to physically respond to stress (sweating, hands in front of mouth, frowning, blush?). When she sees her father’s body, she looks both afraid and angry (upset?) and I like to think that she’s driven by her emotions.

The fifth one is my personal favorite:

She looks like a small bubble of anger and doesn’t that frown remind you of someone ? She’s like a mix of her three brothers: Kouen’s poker face, Koumei’s untamable mane but with Kouha’s hair color. Instead of being shocked or scared by the events like are most of her sisters, she is glaring at Gyokuen and Al Thamen’s priests. My headcanon for her is that she tries really hard to behave like the perfect princess but inside she really is loud and brash. Picture Myron Alexius, now add a frown and no talking. There you go. I called her Kouzue.

(Is anyone still alive at this point ??)

Next and sixth princess: 

Here is Kouhana. Small and cute. Seems like she’s really close to Kouzue for some reason because she is practically glued to her when Kouen goes up to meet Gyokuen. She needs protecting, hence the hands to the mouth and he stick-close-to-allies behavior when Kouen leaves: she needs reassurance. She share this lack of confidence with Kougyoku but unlike her, Kougyoku more or less managed to get over this. (This being said, the princesses are confronted to their father’s corpse, so I guess anyone could act differently in moments like these). But I feel like this one needs a blanket and hot calming tea.

Aaaaaaaaaand, the seventh and last one (finally!)

See this small and cute looking girl with the Mickey Mouse hair ? That’s the one I think could be Kourin. She’s the smallest of them all and look at this baby face of hers! She struck me as the king who would act all cool and composed but would be an actual giant dork inside. She’s the one who looks the most like Kougyoku. She behaves as well as she can and tries really hard to be like her older sisters. Also very competitive.

That’s about it. I don’t think this was really necessary but I felt the need to do it anyway. ALso note that I don’t know a thing about how Japanese names are formed so if anyone has an accurate translation of them or better names I’d be glad to hear it! :)

Here are some pics for refs is case anyone needs them:

Tadah, done. Told you it’d be long.