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Kou empire name meanings

Since i had to pratice with kanji’s i’ve looked up for name meanings of the Kou empire! they’re really interesting

Ren ( 練 pratice/train)

Hakutoku ( 白徳  white + virtue)

Koutoku ( 紅徳 crimson + virtue)

Gyokuen ( 玉艶 jewel + charming)

Hakuryuu ( 白龍 white + dragon)

Kouen ( 紅炎 crimson + flame)

Koumei ( 紅明 crimson + acumen)

Kouha ( 紅覇 crimson + leadership)

Hakuei ( 白瑛 white + cristal)

Kougyoku ( 紅玉 red + jewel [also ruby])

Hakuyuu (白雄 white + leader)

Hakuren (白蓮 white + lotus)


The Kou Empire (煌帝国, Kō Teikoku) is a large military nation, considered one of the most powerful in the current era because of the number of Dungeon Capturers and armies it controls. The Ren household, which has ruled on the commoners for centuries, are the rulers of the Kou Empire.

Things to contemplate

or I wish more people would talk about

How did Kouha gain at least 12 cm after 19..? (Past: 158 cm, current: 170+ ~ 177-) (taller than alibaba ~ shorter than koumei)

Does that mean Hakuren could have gained 8 cm more had he lived? He looked almost as tall as kouen in kouteikoku IF.

Did Kouen weight decrease to 50 kg or less duo to his limbs loss? not counting his muscles wasting. (we need a new guide book)

The haku kids age difference: 0 - 3 - 7 - 5, which makes hakuyuu and hakuryuu age gap 15-16 years.

What’s the order of dungeon capturing between koumei, hakuei, kouha and kougyoku

Though did koumei & kouen go together? If so who’s left for management?? So probably not

Did the 2 princesses go in secret? 1) no kouen. 2) no armies! Even kouen and kouha together had an army!!

The amount of female djinns withen the Kou empire ×4 (+ maybe vinea) (+ if only vepar could join them, she’s gorgeous​)

Hakuei is the first princess, thus she must be the oldest female, so the rest of koutoku daughters ages range from 21- 17 at the beginning of the series (current 22 - 26).

Which means for at least 5 years, he must have been faithful to his first wife, wherever she is.

People hate on the Kou brothers so much and it’s just sad.. I love them but I don’t like their way of uniting the world. It’s not their fault that they have that kind of mindset! They’re only following Hakutoku,Hakuyu and Hakuren’s will. Kouen and Koumei just idolized emperor Hakutoku so much! Even Kouha followed this too! :(

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the kou bros + hakuyuu and hakuren finding their s/o writing their name with ren replacing their last name? (Assuming they've been together for a while) 😭 i hope this is easy to understand!

Ren Hakuyuu

  • Hakuyuu looks over his s/o’s writing fondly, sneaking the page into his pocket for times when his spirit is low. He keeps the page close to his heart and skirts his s/o’s questions when they ask what happened to their writings. He keeps it as his little secret, happy to know his s/o is so deeply in love with him.

Ren Hakuren

  • Hakuren is tickled pink to see his s/o’s writings. Finding them makes him ponder the future of their relationship. He finds his s/o and asks them out on a date that night. He eagerly waits for that evening, grinning from ear to ear, hoping to hear hopes of marriage directly from the horse’ mouth.

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen’s stoic expression cracks into wide smile. While he didn’t expect to see such lovey-dovey scribbles it was a pleasant surprise.  When he finds his s/o later, he wraps his arms around them in a tight hug before whispering in their ear their future married name with a teasing grin.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei is surprised by the discovery, he didn’t expect to see something so dreamy and childishly romantic from his s/o. He can’t help but smile, almost proud that he fostered these feelings in his s/o and he decides to come home early tonight to take them for a nice date.

Ren Kouha

  • Kouha delights in this discovery and takes to lovingly teasing his s/o all day long. He only takes breaks to refer to himself with their last name, jokingly turning the situation around. By the end of the day he has marriage on the mind, musing making the big proposal soon.

Ren Hakuryuu

  • Hakuryuu is positively overwhelmed by his s/o’s cuteness. He gasps, cupping his face in his hands. He shakes his head disbelievingly, and makes a mental note to never bring this up in the hopes they continue to do it and continue to be adorable.

      ❝ Like light in my veins,
           Darkness is sinking me,
                Commanding my soul. ❞

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.name. || ren hakuyuu
.age. || 29-37 years old
.affiliation. || al-thamen




After the fire that overthrew the Kou Empire, Ren Hakuyuu fully expected to die. To lay there as the flames licked his charred skin and seared his flesh. Praying that his little brother and sister would be safe, he let the darkness take him.

      However, time passed and he woke. Unable to see his surroundings, just able to feel the heavy chains binding his wrists above his head as he hung. A sinking feeling settled in as he realized he was trapped. Alive. He didn’t die, in fact, it seemed most of his wounds were gone. His skin felt almost smooth, the burned away flesh healed. That gave little hope.

      Soon he would discover his worst fears were true. The identity of his captor was none other than the very person who began the coup. His mother. His mother, the priests of Al-Thamen, and, by their side, Koutoku, the new reigning Emperor. No one spoke a word as to why they kept him alive. As to what he was doing here, a prisoner. Day after night he was subjected to torture, to starvation, to all manner of cruelties and manipulations with no relief in sight. His mother promised if he behaved, if he was a good boy and promised to do what he was told, that she would release him.

      Oh how he was a bad boy.

      He resisted, the thoughts of his family remaining foremost in his mind. The unknown knowledge that they were alive, that they were okay keeping his rukh bright. The hope to one day see them once more prominent. But days dragged into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. Until, finally, seven years later, he snapped.

      Breaking down, his rukh were dyed inky black.

      Hakuyuu was released on several terms. First, he would always wear the robes of an Al-Thamen priest. Second, he would obey every word, every order, he was given by another member. And third, he would never reveal his identity to anyone, no matter who they were, no matter how close he used to be. Something about this seemed surprisingly easy to agree to.

      After all… What use were they in his life?


      ren hakutoku || father, deceased
      ren gyokuen || mother, possessed
      ren hakuren || brother, deceased
      ren hakuei || sister, alive
      ren hakuryuu || brother, alive
      ren koutoku || uncle, alive/deceased
      ren kouen || cousin, alive
      ren koumei || cousin, alive
      ren kouha || cousin, alive
      ren kougyoku || cousin, alive

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