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Hi, can I request the reactions of S and M boys finding their s/o is pregnant ? Thank you! I hope you understand what I mean, because my English is not very good.

Admin Ki: Your English is fine (dare say better than my own smh)


  • He’s happy, but can’t quite shake the feeling that he’s not going to be the best father due to his lazy nature.
  • Will support s/o through it all though, and is glad to be a father
  • Don’t expect him to be willing to help you 24/7 though, you may be carrying the child but there’s only so much he’ll do this lazy ass


  • Honey you’ve got literally the best person to look after you ever.
  • He doesn’t show it but he is very happy.
  • This child is gonna have the best education tbh
  • Child’s gonna be smarter than you and Reiji combined sorry I don’t make the rules


  • Ore-Sama over here is gonna be the best father ever.
  • He’s not please help him he has no idea what he’s doing
  • Just get him to go get Reiji whenever he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • Despite that, he’s over the moon his child is gonna be the best.


  • Not too happy at the idea of someone else taking away your attention.
  • However if it mean indirect attention towards him he’s happy.
  • He may not interact much with the child until they’re at least 4-5.


  • He’s so happy he’s already buying all this shit 
  • Please stop him it’s getting out of hand
  • You want ice-cream at 4am? Here have 6 tubs of it
  • Please call Reiji before things get out of hand


  • Poor bunny is worried it’s not what you want and that he’ll be a bad father just hug him, give him a hug, fucking do it
  • He’s so happy after that though (he might cry once it really sinks in)
  • Will be your errand boy it’s so precious


  • Ah yes the other bookworm
  • He’ll just smile and it’s the truest fucking smile you’ll ever see i s2g
  • Takes full care of you throughout the pregnancy 
  • Bless this man tbh what would we do without Ruki
  • He is rather strict with your…. less than normal cravings though


  • Much like Laito he’s blowing money faster than Subaru can nyoom
  • He’s super hyped
  • Little Neko-chan/kun
  • He’s actually really good with kids????


  • Literally the best father all the other boys can meet me in the fucking pit
  • Not the best during pregnancy but really you can’t complain
  • I can assure you your child will grow up strong and healthy thanks to Yuma’s garden of wonder


  • Asks his brothers for help but in the end doesn’t need it
  • He’s so, so happy, to be having a child with s/o
  • Pure boy loves to put his hand on s/o’s stomach and feel for a kick even when they’re only like… 1 month in lmao


Ruki: Diabolik Lovers

Raito: More, Blood

Yuuma: Special Tokuten Drama CD

Shuu: The curse of Odessa

Subaru: Cornered Vampires

*The heroine is playing card game with the Sakamaki Triplets*

Ayato: Oih, chichinashi[1]! Don’t hesitate! Just pull out one quickly! Whichever you pull, it’s settled that you’ll be left with the Joker actually. *laugh* *The heroine pull out one card* !! Chichinashi… For a mere flat-chested you could dodge to pull the Joker!

Kanato: Next is me, right? Well, because I know that the Joker is on Ayato, in one round I know where the Joker is. I could pull one card from this blockhead in peace.

Raito: Right, right, next is me. Geez… because Ayato declare that he himself has the Joker, there’s no tension in the game. How boring~ Ufu…

Ayato: Damn! Next I’ll make chichinashi to pull it out! HERE!! Yosh, chichinashi, it’s your turn! Now, take one! Take my Joker away!! Not that one! It’s on the right side! Take that card!!

Subaru: Hah… Playing Old Maid? How stupid! Moreover you’re all pressing her to be the old maid? So ridiculous! What’s so fun about it?

Kanato: *chuckle* Subaru, you want to join us?

Subaru: Ha? Don’t joke around! Who wants to play such a stupid game!

Shuu: Oi… so noisy… geez… the Rachmaninoff [2] is spoiled! What should I do now? Ha? What the hell with you… what a brave! You told me to play Old Maid with you all? Ridiculous! I’m not interested! If you really want me to join, you have to plead me here.

Raito: As usual, what an unreasonable thing to say, Shuu.

Shuu: There is no man in this residence who is not a tyrant, right?

Raito: *laugh* Well, you’re right.

Subaru: That’s true. All of us are deserved to be hit.

Raito: Wait, wait Subaru-kun. What are you saying to your Onii-chan?

Subaru: *smirk* Onii-chan?? I never think of you like my brothers at all!

Kanato: Hey, Subaru. What do you think of me?

Subaru: HUH??? You… You’re… well… what is it?

Ayato: Then… you want to him to think of you as his Onii-chan, Kanato?

Kanato: *chuckle* I’d love to… It’s kind of nice, right? To be called as Onii-chan.

*suddenly Reiji walk in*

Reiji: *sigh* what is this of worthless quarrel are you all up to at this kind of time?

Ayato: ‘At this kind of time’? Is there something happening?

Reiji: Kind of. Well, it might be only a prank. Please take a look at this. This thing was stuck in with a knife on the entrance door.

Raito: Hmm what is it? ‘I will kill all vampires’? What is this?

Ayato: Is that… something called a threat letter?

Reiji: Well, I think it’s a prank. But, this person knew that there are vampires live in this residence? Or is it just a coincidence?

Shuu: It can’t be just a coincidence. This residence have been called a haunted manor, but never been called as a vampire manor. You know that, right? So troublesome.

Subaru: Ha… who’s so obliviously do such a stupid thing?? *crashing into something*

Reiji: Wait Subaru, don’t break the chair. Well, the ones that cross my mind is just ‘them’.

Kanato: The ones who know that we’re vampires and know that we live in this residence… it’s ‘them’ right?

Ayato: Huh? Are there some people who know that? What is it, chichinashi? Huh? Mukami? Ah… you’re right. They know it. I almost forgot.

Raito: Mukami family? But do they need to stick the threat on the door?

Shuu: Aren’t they want to lit up an action from us? So dull…

Subaru: Whatever! I won’t easily let them off. Huh? No violence? Shut up! You’re in danger too! …!! They might snatch your blood away!!!

Raito: Ahaha… Subaru-kun you’ve just say something embarrassing.


Reiji: Calm down! Hm.. well, if it’s their doing, then we don’t need to be worried. We can live as usual.

Raito: Right~ If we react through this, they might take advantage of it.

Reiji: Well, just be careful. We don’t want something happen like in the limousine before. You… what’s wrong? You seem awfully worried. Eh? This paper? What would you do? Well it’s fine. I’m not happy about it but, please get rid of it properly.

*Meanwhile at Mukami’s Residence*

Kou: Ru~ki~kun. Hey, can I have your time for a moment?

Ruki: What is it, Kou? I’m in the middle of reading.

Kou: I’m sorry to bother you, but I want you to look at this.

Ruki: Hm? What is it?

Azusa: ‘I will kill all vampires’ is written there. *suddenly appearing*

Kou: HUA… Azusa-kun! Since when you’re behind me?

Azusa: He? I was here all the time. Hey, Kou… what does it mean? It looks like a threat. You think so too right, Justy(?)?

Ruki: Right. Justy seems to agree, that is a wound in your arm!!

Kou: Ruki-kun is going along with his stupidity!

Ruki: Who the hell did this? They’re quite brave threatening to kill us.

Yuuma: That must be ‘them’, right?

Kou: Yuuma-kun, you think so too?

Yuuma: No doubt!! The ones who know that we’re vampires and be able to sniff out that we’re here is only them!

Ruki: It’s a declaration of war. *smirk* I think we should take a preventive measure.

Kou: *chuckle*Hey, hey Ruki-kun. Should we start a war with them?

Azusa: Does it hurt? Hey… then me too… *chuckle*

Yuuma: Well, if we do it, that woman might come too.

Ruki: We shouldn’t be haste. We have to think about their move carefully.

Kou: But, if we hesitant they might kill us.

Ruki: Well, there might a lot of simple minded person in Sakamaki household, but there are also some people who can use their head properly. You all don’t want to recklessly act, right?

Yuuma: If Ruki said so then it can’t be helped. I think that it’s a good chance to get rid of some annoying people though.

Ruki: You can preserve your energy for now. Sooner or later our chance to crash them will come anyway.

Azusa: Hah… I can’t wait for it… I want to be hit quickly…

Kou: Azusa-kun please stop saying something like that.

Ruki: Kou, it’s no use. Let Azusa do as he please. At any rate, don’t lay your hand on them without my permission. Got it?

Kou: Okaaay. Then, let’s dump this threat on rubbish bin.

Ruki: Kou, wait. Let me take that.

Kou: Huh? Well it’s fine though. What? You’re planning to investigate it?

Ruki: To cut it short I want to look for who send this to us. We can make sure who’s the culprit is.

Yuuma: As expected from Ruki. We count on you.

*The heroine run away and entered the room*

Raito: Hm? Bitch-chan, what’s wrong? To run in a hurry like that. Moreover you’re kind of trembling. Are you okay? Calm down. It’s unusual for you to be so frightened and tremble like this. Eh? You asked where Reiji is? Reiji is…

Reiji: *opening the door* What business you have with me? The tea is already set too. Ah…good grief, how disgraceful. You’re run out of breath. Calm down. Now, sit down here. Drink this tea. First, you should calm your breath. After that you can talk to me.

Subaru: *barging in* Hey you!! What happen???

Raito: Ufu… Subaru-kun. Because you feel that there’s something wrong with her, you flustered and come here quickly.

Subaru: Shut up!!! It’s not like that!!

Reiji: Fine, fine. Subaru you should calm down too. Seems like there’s something bad happen to her. I’ll call the others.

Raito: Bitch-chan, to calm you down, should I give you a chu-chu? Ufu~

Subaru: Heck! What the hell is chu-chu? You’re so gross!! *kicking into something*

Reiji: Subaru! I told you don’t kick the chair! Didn’t you think that if you break it someone has to order the new one? Don’t increase my work!

Shuu: I finally could sleep well. Damn… If there’s nothing important, I’ll kill you!

Kanato: Right. Really… Hey, Teddy. You finally could talk to me, but this insect disturb our time.

Reiji: Then, you over there, why were you running in scared inside the manor before? If you could explain it, you wouldn’t get punished. And please say it wisely and as simple as you can.

Shuu: Wait. Where is Ayato?

Reiji: About him… I’ve searched the whole residence but still cannot find him. But… Shuu! You didn’t do anything yet you dare to speak like that to me? So irritating.

Ayato: I’m right here. *suddenly came in*

Kanato: Ayato… Eh? What is it with that blood?

Ayato: This girl, want to show something to you all. Here…

Raito: These… Aren’t these our familiars? They’re dead?

Shuu: Shit… you bring something like these… They’re covered in blood…

Ayato: They’re lying dead in front of the car. Right, chichinashi?

Subaru: You saw them and run away in frightened? Geez… I thought you were angry about something! Don’t do mislead things!

Reiji: Now, now. For her the death of familiar and the death of people is the same. No wonder she’s so shock. But, who did this?

Ayato: Isn’t it them? The Mukami. They send a threat before, right?

Shuu: They killed our familiars? Why didn’t they targeting us?

Subaru: Maybe it’s a warning? They want to say that we will become like this too. Damn, so annoying!

Reiji: If this have been done by them, what is their goal? They want us to hand in this girl, or something like that?

Ayato: Chichinashi, isn’t that good? There are people who would want you so far. *chuckle*

Raito: Well, it’s not like we don’t want you to cheat on guy here and there. It’s not a problem of hand you in or not. Ufu. If they want to borrow you, *in lower tone* they should kneel on us.

Shuu: Well, there’s no other reason than that, right? Or should I say, to threat a vampire to kill them, is a little bit unusual.

Ayato: Huh? Why is that?

Shuu: It’s too troublesome to explain.

Kanato: *chuckle* If they want her, they will write ‘hand her in’ or something like that in the threat, right? But they write ‘I will kill you’ but for us vampires, death is not something to be feared off.

Reiji: So, there is a possibility that the writer doesn’t know what the meaning of death for us? So the one who wrote that up is …

Raito: Ufu… They might be… human?

Subaru: Is that… you?

Ayato: It’s possible. For chichinashi, there might be a mountain of reason to despise us.

Shuu: Hey you… is that true?

Raito: Ufu. You’re desperately denied it. That’s fine, bitch-chan, for me, I don’t hate girls who hate and cannot forget us.

Reiji: You… what’s  the meaning of this?

*Bell sound*

Subaru: There are some people coming! Oi, you come here for now!

*some people walk in*

Ruki: We came in arbitrarily.

Kou: Yahhoo~

Ayato: Huh… You all… Why are you coming here?

Yuuma: What a merry welcome! Hah?

Kanato: What do you want? Don’t come in as you please.

Ruki: Well, there’s something we want to ask you.

Azusa: Our familiars were killed.

Reiji: !! Your household too?

Kou: Then, it’s as Ruki’s prediction?

Ruki: Is there some threat sent to your house?

Raito: So, it also sent to Mukami-san house too?

Ruki: So it’s like that. Actually, first we’re suspecting you all. But from that paper, I couldn’t find your fingerprints or handwriting. They’re all not match to any of you.

Yuuma: Then, Ruki said that “the fingerprint on that paper doesn’t not match” with you all. The investigation is failed, and today this familiar incident happened.

Azusa: Ruki said that your familiar might also get killed elegantly like ours.

Subaru: For a while I feel like you make us look like a fool. Was it just my imagination?

Shuu: That might be true.

Ayato: Damn! It’s so irritating!

Reiji: I see.

Kanato: Hey, Reiji. Do you know something?

Raito: As expected, the offender is Bitch-chan?

Kou: EH?? M-Nekochan? You did this?

Ruki: That’s impossible. This woman doesn’t have enough power to stand against our familiars.

Yuuma: Then who did such a coward thing like this?!?! Damn! Sneakily behind us!

Azusa: Grudge… right. Grudge…! They held a grudge against us, vampire. Human…

Reiji: I’ve thought about that too. Actually, long time ago there’s a tragedy caused by a vampire and ended up pretty the same as our current condition.

Raito: What is it? What is it?

Ruki: It’s the curse of Odessa, isn’t it?

Reiji: As expected you knew about it. Then it’s easier to talk now.

Ruki: It’s about a legend happen in a faraway country, right? A certain village girl on that country fell in love with a young noble vampire.

Reiji: This girl held a true love, but this vampire man used her feelings just to lust insatiably for draining her blood, and he just throw her away in pain.

Ruki: This girl, who has become a vampire, cannot go back to her home, and she held grudge for so long to this young noble vampire. She planned to take revenge on him. To cut it short, she did things like this.

Kou: Heh~ so there’s such kind of story. Ruki-kun you’re so well-informed.

Kanato: Then, what kind of method she planned to take revenge? I like such a story.

Reiji: In this certain vampire residence, she invited them one by one then killed them. First she sent a threat with the same wording as the one sent to our manor. Lastly she will corner the nobleman, the nobleman will run away, and her revenge accomplished. This girl replaces the nobleman, and seemed to kill all the villagers.

Ayato: *smirk* Then, you mean to say that her cursed is exist even up until now?

Ruki: It’s more like there’s a possibility that someone copied the same method as this curse story.

Ayato: Who the hell did such a coward thing! If they want us to die, they just have to try killing us, right? Such a round way to do that!

Shuu: You right. They don’t have to placing a worthless curse to us. If they’re scared of us, then it has no meaning to do this.

Azusa: Hey, Raito-san, what’s wrong? It seems like you’re thinking something hard.

Raito: Hmmm…. I feel like knew that kind of story…

Yuuma: Hah?? What do you mean?

Raito: Hey Reiji, that girl name is Odessa-chan, isn’t it?

Reiji: That’s right. What’s up with that?

Raito: Ufu. You know, that young nobleman vampire… might be me.

Ayato: Huh?? What did you say??? *grabbing Raito’s collar*

Raito: Hey, Ayato-kun, my shirt will be stretched! Don’t grab it!! It’s not my fault!

Shuu: Raito, don’t tell me… it’s happening when you visit Richter’s house?

Raito: You remember it, Shuu? That time I stayed in his house for a while. And I didn’t really have anything to do. When I went out to town, there’s a cute girl, so I invite her to ‘play’ with me.

Ruki: Don’t tell me, that everyone in Lord Richter’s home…

Kanato: They are all dead, right? I was sure that it was because of vampire hunter.

Subaru: If so, then, this damn pervert capped guy has done something bad to that Odessa-girl?

Raito: Wai… Odessa is already dead, right? So I don’t relate it to this incident. Moreover, this case might be just copying Odessa’s curse… w, why am I being tied? Tying or being tied is just when I do some kinky play… hey… wait…

Yuuma: Shut up! I will make sure you won’t run away…

Kou: You’re right. If we give him to Odessa, we can live in peace for now.

Azusa: Hah… so envious… I want to be… tied too….

Reiji: Hah… I never thought that the original one who’s been cursed is here.

Raito: Wait… Bitch-chan, help me…! I am unrelated to this. Even if it’s really Odessa, her target is not only me..!

Ruki: Even if she hold grudge to every vampire in the world, for now, but the foremost vampire she wants to killed is the vampire who’s been throwing her himself, right? Yosh, we’ll tie him outside. You all, carry him up!

Yuuma: *carrying Raito*

Raito: Wait! Let me go! It’s just a huge misunderstanding!

Reiji: Raito, you deserved this. I never thought that my own little brother is being the real legend in vampire history.

Ayato: *laugh* Well, it’s so like Raito.

Kanato: If Richter knew, he would kill Raito in front of Odessa, right? *chuckle*

Kou: In the end, everyone is enjoying one of their brothers being tied like this. The bound between Sakamaki brothers is so fragile… Well, it’s not good to deceiving woman, right? You think so too, right, M-nekochan? Hey, M-Nekochan?

Yuuma: Hey! Don’t space out! Look at us properly.

Subaru: You, is there something wrong? Hah? There’s something you’ve thinking of? What is it? Say it.

Shuu: If we left him outside Odessa might kill him?  So troublesome.

Azusa: *chuckle* Shuu-san, are you scared of Odessa?

Shuu: Hah?? No way!

Raito: Ufu. Such a haste attitude. It seems true.

Shuu: Oi, it’s because you’re hook up with some weird woman, right? Reflect your attitude a bit!

Raito: So I said countless time, it’s not my fault! Geez…

Ayato: Oi chichinashi, what’s up? You’ll be left. Or you want to be killed by Odessa? No, right? Let’s go! Geez… you’re wasting our time. Huh? You feel like you have seen the handwriting on the threat letter? Don’t you just mistake it? Heh? It’s similar with your father’s?

Kanato: He… whose handwriting is that?

Ayato: Huh? Your father? You mistook it right? Really… You really easy to worried. Before worrying about that, you should worry about your own blood. So stupid!


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