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me, at 3 A.M.: ren kouha is so beautiful and perfect ?? how is this possible ?? you know what, all of the Kou siblings are perfect in every possible way. kougyoku and hakuei are the perfect examples of how you can be feminine and still embrace your strength ! and wow hakuryuu is an inspiration because he literally started from the bottom and now he has two djinns and a magi boyfriend !! and of course koumei my freckly prince what a beaut!

Magi 339 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which Hakuryuu gives his answer, but Valefor… .

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Kou empire fluff headcanons?

my Kou babies! i love them ヽ( ★ω★)ノ


  • He really likes it when his partner runs their fingers through his hair. He just finds it really relaxing and comforting. He’d never ever admit that out loud though
  • He’d make sure that everyone treated his partner with the utmost respect, no matter what their origin or upbringing was like. If anyone dared to look down on them, they’d be having a nice long conversation with him 


  • His favourite thing in the world is to cuddle with his partner. The feeling of them being in his arms or him being in theirs is really comforting and often leads to him falling asleep more quickly than usual
  • If his partner bothered him about it enough, he’d let them braid his hair but he would be pouting and complaining throughout the whole activity


  • He finds it adorable when he sees his partner with animals and because of this, his partner may find themselves with a lot of new pets. Lets just say that he’d get a bit carried away with the gifts
  • He’d always sneaking around the castle with his partner. Even if they don’t need to be sneaking around, he insists on doing in because it’s fun


  • She loves dressing her partner up. Whether it’s the finest silks of the Kou Empire or foreign clothes that she had recieved as gifts, she insists on having her partner try them on
  • Whenever she’s feeling down, cuddling with her partner always cheers her up. Sometimes she just needs someone to show her that they do care about her


  • She would always want her partner to travel with her but would always be worried about asking them as she doesn’t want to make them feel like they have to go with her
  • She is really really protective of her partner and if she ever saw someone hurting them or talking down on them, she’d make sure to have a talk to Kouen about having something done about it 


  • All this boy really needs is cuddles. He just needs his partner to cuddle with him to remind him that there’s still some good things in this world. Lots and lots of cuddles is what he needs and loves
  • He is really gentle with his partner and treats them as if they’re going to break. It would take some coaxing to make him finally relax around his partner


  • He’d constantly take his partner out on the magic carpets just to see the look of amazement on their face. It would be one of his favourite things to do with them
  • When he sleeps, he latches onto his partner in a death grip that is absolutely impossible to get out of. He will never admit it though and denies it 

First time drawing Hakuei. Could be worse.

This Hakuryuu in the background is my masterpiece. I will never be able to draw such a magnificent picture again.

Anyway, I’m out of the Kou family that I’d know how to tag (I don’t feel like drawing Hakuryuu’s brothers). But the Month of Mei is not over yet. Guess I’ll have to draw hugging servants (aka the thing I was waiting for I LOVE THE DESIGN OF KOU SERVANTS OMG)

Mei seems happy. Let him be happy.

Kou empire name meanings

Since i had to pratice with kanji’s i’ve looked up for name meanings of the Kou empire! they’re really interesting

Ren ( 練 pratice/train)

Hakutoku ( 白徳  white + virtue)

Koutoku ( 紅徳 crimson + virtue)

Gyokuen ( 玉艶 jewel + charming)

Hakuryuu ( 白龍 white + dragon)

Kouen ( 紅炎 crimson + flame)

Koumei ( 紅明 crimson + acumen)

Kouha ( 紅覇 crimson + leadership)

Hakuei ( 白瑛 white + cristal)

Kougyoku ( 紅玉 red + jewel [also ruby])

Hakuyuu (白雄 white + leader)

Hakuren (白蓮 white + lotus)

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Can you do Alibaba, Hakuryu, Kouha, Jafar, Masrur, Sharrkan, and Muu finding out their s/o was kidnapped? Please! I love your blog! ❤️

all of you need to follow luniorisanimus right now because theyre helping me by writing some of your requests and i’m so so thankful!

Alibaba felt angry and wanted to go save you right at that instant, acting rashly only to be held back by his friends saying that if went right now not thinking straight he would get himself and you hurt. Alibaba would be worried for you and try to hold himself back so he could go rescue safely.

Hakuryuu would be worried for you and angry at your captures and would try to think of a plan to rescue. He would have thoughts of what if you got hurt and if you blamed him for this so he would be tense but would jump at the second to rescue you to get you back to him. He would try to rescue you himself and succeed because the desire to get you back pushed him to do so.

If Kouha could laugh at their insolence, and feel insulted that they thought that they could get away with this and annoyed that they chose you, his partner- all at once that is what Kouha would feel. He would calm down his growing temper and gather a small portion of his batallion before heading out to go rescue you and show your kidnappers no mercy and the rest of the world to never to take what he loves if they want to live.

Ja’far would feel a spark of anger that ignited his old assassin like tendencies-a plan to get back at those idiots for taking you, torture methods that would have them begging for mercy and how to make sure you were gonna be unharmed. He would calm down and focus on his plan and go rescue after he tells Sinbad what he was gonna do, and with some unwanted and forced help from his friends.

Masrur would look indifferent but on the inside Masrur would feel like the calm before the storm. He would not tell anybody what is wrong because he would be a bit more distant than normal-Sinbad would guess what is wrong and tell him that he was gonna help-and would be the leader for the rescue mission with the help of his comrades. He would be angry at this insult and would use more of his Finalis strength when fighting to get you than normal-making it noticeable that this affected him more than he showed.

If Sharrkan could describe the feeling of loosing his sword it wouldn’t compare to loosing you-he felt livid and hurt that he felt that the let this happen when he let his guard down to allow this situation to happen. His anger would cause him to not think logically and actually go and safe you by himself but was helped by his friends when they saw how upset he was over this.

Muu would actually laugh at this pitiful attempt of a threat, but his exoression said he was serious and determind to get you back while showing no restraint. He would actually use more strength than necessary when he tracked you down by your scent, his sister, Myron, and his friend Lo'lo’, insisting that they help him. None of them hold back when showing your captures why they shouldn’t attempt to evr do this, all of them would be having fun at the same time and only when Muu has you in his arms would he calm down.

“The two of us will probably keep on fighting everything in this world, even after there’s no one left!”

“I’ve ended my revenge. I will live on in order to protect my country.”

Looking back...

…At earlier Magi chapters, I’m actually a bit surprised that people are surprised that Kouen calls Hakuryuu “little brother” even after all Hakuryuu did.

Mainly because his love for his family is basically the only thing that’s remained constant through the entire manga when it comes to his characterization (remember when he was an ambitious world conqueror? Judar’s favorite? Now he’s like “yeah, I don’t want to rule the world, crown any of my younger siblings instead plz thnx bai”).

Re-reading the Koutoku-funeral gathering this is actually extremely apparent:

His meeting with Hakuryuu & Hakuei in the evening. Praising Hakuryuu for capturing Zagan even though Hakuryuu is making a public show of disrespect towards him. Saying that he does not want to fight with his brother [Hakuryuu] when Hakuryuu points out that there can be only one King of the World. Respecting Kougyoku as Vinea’s master and not even have a single drop of suspicion towards her even as Zepar’s buzzing is making her answer slowly to his questions.

Then when Gyokuen tries to make all of Koutoku’s daughters (Kougyoku, Kourin and the rest) do something they’re scared of doing, Kouen physically places himself between his sisters (even holding out an arm to shield them) and attracts Gyokuen’s attention by questioning Koutoku’s cause of death (this is how we get the infamous Gyokuen-clinging-onto-Kouen panel). Considering his later admission of being scared of her and thinking her invincible, that’s a pretty big thing, since what Gyokuen asked of his sisters would have hardly been physically dangerous.

And we know how he interacts with Koumei and Kouha, and there is those backstage comics about Hakuyuu and Hakuren. Heck, even potential future brother-in-law Alibaba gets ribbed like he’s already one of them the moment they meet in private.