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“When the Time Comes” - Ink on Bristol w/ Digital Colors

I’m quite happy with how this turned out!  It was very difficult forcing myself to keep to a limited palette instead of picking “daylight colors” and the entire color wheel but I think I did okay.  Also, Tropic of the Sea by Satoshi Kon really got me even more excited about mermaids and I read it right before making this comic so there was definitely inspiration.  Check out that book if you can because the way he inks and tones water is mind-blowing.


The Other Side: An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance was brought to life in early 2016 by editors, contributors, and amazing Kickstarter backers.

It’s 200 pages of 19 comics by 23 creators, with all-new stories contributing to the paranormal romance genre in an unambiguously queer way.

The book, now printed, is scheduled to distribute to backers in August and September, and become available for sale in both physical and digital formats  for everyone by the end of the year.

If you’re a backer, you can check out our updates on the kickstarter.  If you want to know when the book is available for general sale, you can sign up for a notification email here, or keep an eye on this blog.

Thank you so much for your support!

Image credits: Cover Art by Mildred Louis; Telltail logo by Melanie Gillman; pages by Kou Chen; pages by Amelia Onorato.

One panel from a small folded paper comic I just made :> Might take photos of the actual comic when I make them.  I had fun drawing the cherubim, if you can tell it’s a cherubim.  I tried to add as many detail elements that the description of a cherubim has into that circle but not everything is shown.  According to the description there is a human head facing forward, and a lion, ox, and eagle head facing the other directions, and they’re studded with eyes and have four wings and it’s cray.

Got really excited about a story idea today and blabbed about it to frenz and boyf and sketched it on the train ignoring the fact that I cannot focus on a fixed point on moving vehicles of transportation (no reading, no writing, no drawing) without feeling sick so by the time I was putting in the window I felt like I was about to burffff.  Worth it.

Hey folks! SPX is THREE DAYS AWAY! And here’s my list of LGBTQ creators and LGBTQ content at SPX. Check these tables out! And see you there.

A12A » Anna Archie Bongiovanni
A14 » L Nichols
B5B » Declan McCarthy, Miles Cook
B6B » Molly Ostertag
C10 » Jess Fink
C14 » Kevin Jay Stanton & Paul Reinwand
D6 » Margaret Trauth
D7A » Tony Breed
D10B » Hazel Newlevant
E12 » Penina Gal
F4 » Kris Dresen, JD Glass
G1 » Rachel Dukes
G3 » Chris Kindred
G11 » Ed Luce
H1 » Dechanique
H8 » Sabin Cauldron
H9 » M.R. Trower
H12A » Dylan Edwards (Northwest Press)
H12B » Rob Kirby (Northwest Press & Ninth Art Press)
H13B-14 » RM Rhodes & Sara P
J14 » Bex (California College of the Arts)
K9 » C Spike Trotman (Iron Circus, Smut Peddler)
N4 » Kou Chen, Eric Alexander Arroyo, Emily Forster, Aatmaja Pandya, S. M. Vidaurri (Boy I Love You)
N12A » Blue Delliquanti
N13 » Kevin Czapiewski, Annie Mok, Cathy G Johnson, Jessi Zabarsky (Czap Books)
W19A » Joyana McDiarmid
W32 » Evan Dahm
W33 » Danielle Corsetto
W76-78 » Jeremy Sorese (Nobrow)

Also, so you may see these folks walking the floor:

Kaylee Rowena
Kathy Rex 

I drew my witchsona today instead of hourly comics :> He’s a scruffy genderqueer who doesn’t give a crap about people’s expectations for anything, be it his gender or even his magical craft.  He can do some healing magic but doesn’t really like to talk about it.  His hair and feet are filthy, he walks around barefoot everywhere and prefers the indoors.  His crow practically lives on his head and his kitty is a grey sphynx.  I imagine he forgets to cut his hair for months or even years at a time, and it often ends up down to his chest.  He wears lip gloss for no one but himself.