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I love everything you do. What's your inspiration? (your favorite comics,artists etc)

Thank you! Inspirations and such are always changing and there are too many sources to be able to name all of them. But here are some artists that you can find on tumblr whos work I’ve really enjoyed lately: 

airfortress.tumblr.com    littleduke.tumblr.com  mrbuffalo.tumblr.com    justinchan.tumblr.com  kotteri000.tumblr.com  alcornstudios.tumblr.com kanekoshake.tumblr.com  millionfish.tumblr.com sbosma.tumblr.com  shpdoinkle.tumblr.com  veesdumpingrounds.tumblr.com empartridge.tumblr.com

Here are some of my fav comics; Bone, Octopuspie, One piece, Berserk, Eyeshield 2 and Yotsubato to name a few (basically comics with lots of fun expressions and action hehe). 

I’m also very fond of Capcom stuff, especially Kinu Nishimuras work! 

Also, if you wanna see more of my inspirations you can follow my reblog blog at outsidematthieu.tumblr.com 

I’ve been so busy with work recently, sorry for the long delay to answer these questions about my MMFR fanbook. Thank you so much for being supportive!

Good news is, the books are finally here!!
Here’s a little sneak peek!

It is an A5 book with 20 b/w comic pages, including 3 short stories of Slit and Nux, and one guest page by wonderful kotteri000 !
International shipping details will be posted in the coming week! (Together with my modern au BuckyNat fan book)
Thanks again for wanting to buy my fan book and always being so supportive


Merry Christmas, Mad Max Fandom!

Thank you for all ♥ every like and reblog of my stuff make me go Yay!

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