sooo I did my best to translate @kotteri000‘s Slit and Nux fanbook ‘The 1′ for  @flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy who owns the fanbook too but is no good with Japanese ;) The fanbook has awesome art and is not expansive at all, so go get one if it restocks!!!

(please feel free to correct my translations, some things might be wrong or I didn’t understand them completely. This is a rough outline for those who don’t understand Japanese at all)

(remember to read the comic from right to left or the translation won’t make much sense!)

  1. Slit: There is just no~oothing
    Slit: Again just drive and return
  2. Slit: Whoa!
    Slit: Hey, what’s it?
    Slit: What’s up?
  3. -
  4. Slit: Blood-
    Slit: This one needs gazzoline
    Slit: He needs gazzoline!
    Slit: Where the heck is the Organic?!
    Slit: shit
    Warboy: There aren’t enough bloodbags right now…
    Slit: Not enough?!
    Warboy: Everyone is out looking for some.
    Warboy: You two went outside too?
  5. Warboy: You didn’t find any?
  6. Nux: … Slit…
    Nux: For what did we even return……..
    Nux: ugh… damn it
  7. Nux: Haah… the bloodbag is…?
    Nux: If I had one just for a while
    Nux: I can’t die yet…
    Slit: They said there aren’t enough bloodbags.
    Nux: ……. what ….? hah
    Nux: ….hah…. this is so exhausting….?
    Slit: On I our way back, I drove here.
  8. Slit: I can drive too.
    Nux: I am the Driver!
    Slit: Only the living ones can drive.
  9. Slit: If you die, your car, your steering wheel, everything belongs to me then.
    Nux: ….hah… what… Slit….
    Nux: Why are you saying stuff like this……
    Nux: No. Slit. You can’t…
  10. Slit: I will take your car.
    Slit: There is no one else.
  11. Nux: …being traitored by you like this, Slit….
  12. Warboy: Bloodbags came in!!
    Warboy: They say they’re high-octane, about 5 of them!
    Slit: Heh!
    Nux: Slit-….
  13. Nux: Sli- SLIT IS AN IDIOT!!
    Nux: ughh….
    Nux: My voice is weak, damn it
    Nux: I don’t want to die soft…
    ??: Nukes
  14. Nux: Sli-*cough*
    Warboy: ah that one, he told me
    Warboy: I thought he’d bite me.
    Warboy: What a dreadful face.
  15. Warboy: He told me to give his partner the best blood
    Warboy: Slit, I mean.
  16. Nux: …Yes. He’s the best partner.

I know, I know! I disappeared again. This time I have a reason (is not an excuse), I was in my summer vacations (though summer ended two weeks ago), and also, I had four straight days of work, which didn’t leave with much energy to finish this.

This is, so far, the most complicated colorate I’ve ever done. Using kotteri’s image (which was the sample for a comic book I found searching on the internet), I printed it as big as I could (without destroying the proportions) and then trace it all over again in a blank paper. Then I had to scan it and THEN I was able to start colorating (though that took me one day, the image’s size became so big thanks to the scanning that I had to resize it… and yet it was still a lot of work!). 

Anyways, here it is, I hope you like it. I credit miss Kotteri for her awesome drawing (I was going to colorate the one with the daikon joke, but when I understood the joke I … I just decided don’t do it); I also credit FrozenStarRO, I used a brush he/she created for the background.

I wonder if someone read this… Doesn’t matter.

P.S: You might find it too big, so I suggest you to resize it in: 960x869 or 640x579.

ostrogof  asked:

I love everything you do. What's your inspiration? (your favorite comics,artists etc)

Thank you! Inspirations and such are always changing and there are too many sources to be able to name all of them. But here are some artists that you can find on tumblr whos work I’ve really enjoyed lately: 

airfortress.tumblr.com    littleduke.tumblr.com  mrbuffalo.tumblr.com    justinchan.tumblr.com  kotteri000.tumblr.com  alcornstudios.tumblr.com kanekoshake.tumblr.com  millionfish.tumblr.com sbosma.tumblr.com  shpdoinkle.tumblr.com  veesdumpingrounds.tumblr.com empartridge.tumblr.com

Here are some of my fav comics; Bone, Octopuspie, One piece, Berserk, Eyeshield 2 and Yotsubato to name a few (basically comics with lots of fun expressions and action hehe). 

I’m also very fond of Capcom stuff, especially Kinu Nishimuras work! 

Also, if you wanna see more of my inspirations you can follow my reblog blog at outsidematthieu.tumblr.com 

I’ve been so busy with work recently, sorry for the long delay to answer these questions about my MMFR fanbook. Thank you so much for being supportive!

Good news is, the books are finally here!!
Here’s a little sneak peek!

It is an A5 book with 20 b/w comic pages, including 3 short stories of Slit and Nux, and one guest page by wonderful kotteri000 !
International shipping details will be posted in the coming week! (Together with my modern au BuckyNat fan book)
Thanks again for wanting to buy my fan book and always being so supportive