kotori (small bird)

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16 Kotori x Rio

16. Small birds, dry grass.

“So “Ko” means “little” and “tori” means “bird”,” Rio said, picking at the dying grass of autumn they were sitting on. “Meaning your name is literally “Little Bird”.” Rio cocked an eyebrow, “tweet tweet?”

“Yes, and “Rio” means “river” which is the thing I’m going to push you in in a bit,” Kotori sneered, throwing blades of crunchy grass at her.

“Aww,” Rio purred, “that’s mean.”

“I get it enough from a certain kitty friend of mine.” She reminded her. Rio quickly nodded.

“Sorry,” she apologized, “I forget your friends are bullies~” she pinched her cheek lightly.

Kotori struggled to break free. “That goes for girlfriends too, apparently!”

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omg is KotoUmi ok? 6 and 21 please!

6. “I’m sorry” kiss & 21. Jealous kiss

Kotori swallowed nervously, clutching the water bottle like a lifeline as she tried to look for a way out. However, Umi’s unyielding arms remained where they were, trapping her between them and against the wall.

“Ano, Umi-chan…?”

Amber eyes burned fiercely. “What was he saying?”

“Eh?” Kotori felt like a small bird cornered by a big and angry wolf, especially now that she was unable to articulate anything but high-pitched squeaks.

“That…that boy, the one by the gates.”

The fair-haired girl tried to recall the events that led to her current predicament. She was just bringing Umi a towel and bottle of water, as her hard-working girlfriend had been busy preparing for the upcoming archery competition so she wanted to help in any way possible. She did remember speaking to an admirer by the school gates, and the boy spoke nothing but praises for Umi.

“Ah yes! He…” Kotori cleared her throat hastily to get rid of the chirp-like quality. “He actually attended to one of the schools that’s also in the competition, for the male students. He’s the captain of their archery team and he was just-”



She shrank at the husky, warning tone, sensing she should stop talking. She was starting to feel a little miffed though. Why was Umi upset at her, when she was the one feeling a bit territorial and protective with the way that boy talked about her girlfriend?

She was given no chance to protest when Umi kissed her without preamble. Rough, searching lips moved against her own, stealing her breath away and making her understand just how displeased the owner was. Kotori’s knees weakened, but Umi’s firm arms held her upright and pulled her against her. The water bottle fell out of her loosened grip, landing with a loud thud that caused the two girls to break apart.

Kotori dazedly slid down the wall now that she no longer had support. She blinked and peered up at Umi’s stunned and reddened visage. As if finally snapped back to her senses, the raven-haired archer suddenly kneeled and bowed her head in a dogeza pose.

“My deepest apologies, Kotori!! I should not have done such a-a-a-a shameless thing! I-I was just feeling rather off… I-I mean, when I saw you laughing and smiling s-so prettily at him- ah! I-I-I mean-!”

As Umi struggled to explain her behavior in mortified stutters, Kotori finally concluded that her girlfriend was actually jealous and acted on it without thinking.

Giggling in exasperated fondness, she pulled Umi upright and pecked her lips, effectively silencing the blushing girl. “Gomen ne, Umi-chan~ But you know, I don’t mind you getting… possessive of me~”

As expected, the raven-haired archer’s cheeks exploded in flames again so Kotori simply gave her girlfriend another apologetic peck on her lips.