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“Revan was power. Staring into her eyes was like staring into the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see the Jedi she would slay etched on her soul.” – Kreia [Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords]

can we take time to appreciate atton rand

like after peragus/telos he could easily have left the exiles ass and it would’ve been a lot easier for him but he fucking stayed and im so grateful for atton rand he tries to be hard but he is so fucking soft


Some god damn amazing cosplay, you guys. seriously.

a. Bodhi Rook! 

b. Cassian Andor & Mon Mothma!

c. Dr. Aphra!

d. Asajj Ventress, (Dathomir witch? I was so stunned I didn’t ask!), Darth Kreia, Count Dooku.

e. Asajj Ventress!

f. Kylo Ren!

g. Visas Marr and Asajj Ventress!

h. Seventh Sister!

i. Dr. Aphra!

j. Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla!

His hunger grows stronger everyday. 

Note: LucasArts(Disney) have indeed stated that most of the Expanded universe will no longer continue. This is not bad news though as they also stated that they are willing to make claims of polls later this year to announce these characters as being real to the lore. So dont fret yet. And even if it didnt happen, he would still exist by fans anyway. 

when you’re afraid that you’re being too indulgent bc you do stuff you like too often, remember that Kreia didn’t have to drag Atton within the inch of his life every time he breathed in the same general direction, yet she did. Savage burns every time. Even when he’s just like “Kreia, can you explain to me something?”, she’d go “I don’t have the years required nor the inclination.” Life is too short to not do things you enjoy just bc they are practical:)