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and so it ends, as I somehow always knew it must: In darkness
  →  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003), BioWare

ATTON RAND   was a pilot native to the planet alderaan and one of the lost jedi who helped the jedi exile defeat the sith triumvirate. he joined the galactic republic military and fought loyally under revan in the mandalorian wars. he defected to revan’s side when the jedi knight became the dark lord of the sith. while under revan, he was put through intense combat training to make him an effective jedi hunter, assigned the task of capturing jedi so that revan and her acolytes could attempt to convert them into loyal sith. however, when a female jedi prisoner revealed that he was force-sensitive and that he would likely be subjected to such treatment himself, he went into hiding on nar shaddaa, the moon of the planet nal hutta.

who should you fight?  kotor edition

this meme and this game are both old as shit.

who wins: you
look, you’re going to argue with this guy no matter what happens. might as well have it out and get it over with. he’ll feel better once you’ve both shouted at each other, and you won’t have to deal with him giving you suspicious looks all the time. it’s a win-win. unless you have an unknown secret

who wins: mission
why the fuck would you fight mission. even if you were evil enough to do it, the girl’s got a wookie for a best friend. there’s no way it ends well for you.

who wins: zaalbar
he’s a fucking wookie

who wins: you
you might be able to defeat bastila in a straight fight, but it’s risky. what you can definitely do, on the other hand, is lob insults at her until she loses her temper, then steal her lightsaber and run away. this counts as a win, as she’s far too dignified to punch you in the face to get it back.

who wins: canderous
this dude is like 800 in mandalorian years. he is the epitome of bamf. that said, if you put up even a semblance of a decent fight and have some good quips, he’ll probably think you’re funny and buy you a drink with no hard feelings.

who wins: you, but not for long
you could probably take t3. you could not take whoever is charged with protecting t3 while it hacks things.  safer to avoid.

who wins: hk
not only will hk destroy you, he’ll be absolutely delighted to do so, and the last thing you hear in your life will be him gleefully mocking your meatbag incompetence. again, safer to avoid.

who wins: jolee
the dude lived on the surface of kashyyyk for twenty years. he’s seen it all, and he doesn’t give a shit. plus, once you lose to him, he’s gonna sit your ass down and tell you a story, and since that’s probably why you wanted to fight him to begin with, there’s literally no point in trying.

who wins: hahhahahha