kotoko x naoki

This has to be my favourite kiss to date - in the second season anyway  - I still have a very strong spot in my heart for the S1 kiss in the rain.

This kiss though - it speaks so much for both of them. Kotoko - in how free and unreserved she is with him. Yes, she’s always been free and demonstrative with her feelings but there’s also been a level of uncertainty in her. Here though, she’s like an adorable little puppy bouncing in freedom around him, wanting to know the secret.

But Naoki - he’s the really big difference here. His whole body language is just wonderful. This is a Naoki who’s dealt with his feeling of jealousy, grown even closer to her and now been deprived of her presence for two months. He’s probably been lying in absolute stillness on his bed each night wishing she was there making the bed shift and shake each time she rolls over in the night, missing the weight of her arms and legs flung over him - because Kotoko most likely sleeps how she lives. Now in this moment he turns to her, reaches for her, even though he’s keeping a secret his body language is so open and inviting and accepting of her - all with one hand still in his pocket! Moments like these are what makes Yuki Furukawa’s version of this character my favourite. He manages to say so much with so little movement.

Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo | Episode 12