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Imagine Hinata talking to Nagisa about being treated like an experiment by Hope's Peak just to force talent on them, helping the kid move forward from that. Imagine Komaeda being sensitive to the childrens triggers and he makes sure people watch what they say around the warriors of hope. Imagine if Hinata lets them adopt a dog and its him, Komaeda, their kids, and a cute puppy as a happy family.

hahaha le t me just… c r y

something nobody asked for: the talentswap!kids meeting their canon counterparts

family photo

come on dads pay attention to your children


if komas gonna be a servant he should DRESS like one too amiright… . (anyways i just beat the game like a few days ago so this is a celebratory pic.. jk i just wanted to draw maid koma)

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Y'know those little square scooters they had back in elementary school? The ones that were your worst nightmare if you had long-ass hair that wasn’t tied back? Imagine Another Episode being the same, nothing has changed, but Monaca uses one of those instead of a proper wheelchair.

In elementary I would lay on my stomach on one of those scooters and TRAVEL AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT

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Chloe: @belazygirl - I made this blog thanks to you. Thanks for getting me sucked into the crazy world of kpop. I love you

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Jayla: @fun112 I love and miss you boo

Mady: @tinysnaku I love you a ton Mady. I’ll forever be your baby

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but how about post dr3 the warriors of hope have no where to go and they fall back to komaeda to take care of them since komaru + fukawa basically dump them onto him since they’re busy with the school’s reconstruction and all this hope stuff and then the kids aren’t ingrates to komaeda anymore and learn to respect him and are really nice to him eventually and hinata joins in and loves these kids and komaeda and hinata are like their two cool dads and they’re all happu

juzosuke domestic au post!! part TWO!!!!

hope arc was beyond disappointing because it did not live up to my juzosuke expectations so heres a part two of our domestic au (click this AWESOME link if u wanna read part one) this is super long (its like 1000 words longer than the last one)

warning tho this one seems to be a lot more focused on the warriors of hope than the last post and i Apologize but juzo and kyosuke are still there and happy 

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