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come on dads pay attention to your children

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Y'know those little square scooters they had back in elementary school? The ones that were your worst nightmare if you had long-ass hair that wasn’t tied back? Imagine Another Episode being the same, nothing has changed, but Monaca uses one of those instead of a proper wheelchair.

In elementary I would lay on my stomach on one of those scooters and TRAVEL AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT

something nobody asked for: the talentswap!kids meeting their canon counterparts

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Stimboard for Monaka Towa who loves there Kotoko, Mod Kotoko! Butter slime and food stims! I'm glad talking to me helped you feel better! I know requests are closed but I know Mod Kotoko loves to make stimboards! Get better darling! -Mod Kotoko's Monaka Towa

Monaka!!! You don’t need to announce it to the world! But thank you so much! I love you too!!! I’ll get this done right now dear!!

-Mod Kotoko