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Quartet Night LIVE Evolution full report

Written by me who have short-term memory and is really biased to QN

(PLEASE TAKE ALL OF STUFFS WRITTEN HERE WITH GRAIN OF SALT; there’s no way i could remember all stuffs exactly at it was. I would be happy if you could just ‘take the feel’)

First of all, it was awesome. I can’t really describe how overwhelming it was. If you’ve watched any of utapri live before, i just want to say that for me this is the best utapri live i’ve seen so far. If you think 5th and 4th live was awesome, this was on different level. The hall was definitely too small for a group who got #1 weekly oricon and more than 100k sales (which was made up by hundred of cinemas live viewing), but it was really well-planned. Probably the most well-planned utapri live ever.

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クイズの☆プリンスさまっ? マジLOVEオールスター Punishment (Qantet Night)

Sorry I can’t stop laughing …..

Tatsuhisa and Showtaro san, stop smoking and get some rest.  See how pain you guys are…

Shouta, OMG Shouta. You … are amazing….


Shining Live PV2 || ROT - Team: UR Cards

PS: Preregistrations for the game reached 1M last night, so players will get 200 prisms (to be used for the bromide gatcha) as a gift!

Quartet Night +Crush Headcanons!

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Kotobuki Reiji

  • First to realise when in love
  • In simple words, Reiji turns into a goofy idiot when around his crush.
  • He LOVES making them laugh. He often makes jokes, puns and stupid faces just to see his crush smile
  • “Ne, ne! You and I make a good pear, _____-chan!!” He says with a wink.
  • Shamelessly flirts with his crush in public causing people to roll eyes at the sappiness
  • As much as his heart swells up with warmth and love for his crush, he’s still nervous about their feelings for him.
  • He makes sure to take them on a drive in his car. This is also where he first confesses and shares a kiss with his crush. They then plan a date together

Kurosaki Ranmaru

  • Fourth to realise when in love BECAUSE HE’S IN A CONSTANT STATE OF DENIAL!
  • He’s actually pretty chill near his crush if you don’t count the pounding of his heart when they’re around him
  • He treats them more gently and his eyes soften at mention of their name
  • He killed Reiji when the brunette tried to tease him about his crush
  • He’d tell them how he feels after sharing a kiss with them. Your first kiss is probably when the two of you are alone and Ranmaru’s feelings surface
  • Bonus if you love kitties. And bananas
  • He prefers to just quietly watch you while you’re working/talking/doing anything instead of conversing with him. He doesn’t trust himself to not want to taste you when you’re so close to him

Mikaze Ai

  • What is love.
  • Third to hit realisation after a prompt from Reiji and tons of research
  • He likes and doesn’t like the feeling of warmth in his chest when you’re around him.
  • He confesses to you once he’s 100% sure that he loves you
  • He knows you better than you know yourself mainly due to his FBI skills and his observant nature
  • He turns sweet and gentle when around you. His concern for you is also very visible in his gaze. He also instinctively ends up being around you whenever he sees you. He likes basking in your company and presence
  • He would plan his date to be perfect. He’d even make sure that it’s executed perfectly. I feel that something unexpected would set him off track and thats the beauty in your date together. He kisses his crush on the first date itself because he knows how he feels


  • Second to hit realisation. He doesn’t like the fact that his crush is able to change his mood with simply a word or facial expression
  • He scoffs less at them, he is more polite and considerate. He doesn’t consider himself superior to them anymore
  • He also turns into a bundle of nervous jitters when around them. He just happens to know how to mask his flustered expression better
  • He willingly makes them desserts. If he sees them worthy of him, he does go after them
  • Nobody knows who holds Camus’ affection until he starts dating his crush
  • First date would be regally flawless. He behaves like a gentleman but also lets his cold side slip by. He loves that his crush is willing to accept his nature
  • He would kiss on the second date. The first date is to merely know them better and to also check if he’s just infatuated or not with them. He prefers a committed, serious relationship.

Quartet Night Pubishment Game Part 2

Don’t drink or eat when you watch this.  

Tatsuhisa grabs / holds Jiro-san and Piyo-chan so much!  I can feel his pain.
Shouta, you do all the talking when those 3 men are screaming and twisting their bodies.  Hahahahaha.