kotoba yori taisetsu na mono

Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono // Arashi (practice duet) 2015

So I’m going to sing this on Saturday with Asuka9 (SoundCloud). This was like the 11th time we sang this so we were tired.
My voice is the louder one, the one that forgets to sing the first whoas~, the big rap part after Mata ne~ (lol omg Sho I’m sorry) and tries to act Sakurai-ish, the one that sings the very first Kotoba Yori mo~ and the last Kirittota Merodii (I think you get who I am lol but just in case). I used to think this song was okay but I grew to love it and it’s so much fun to sing it. Wish me luck. X3

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♪ ハダシの未来/言葉より大切なもの ♪

2003.09.04 AX MUSIC-TV

1) when you listen to hadashi no mirai, it is an offence to not follow/do the hand movements - seriously

2) near the ending part when they put up their hands one by one, you put yours up when your favourite member is singing

3) love shochi’s look during this period (still bambi?)


“The Best of Ohno Satoshi” Day 7.

言葉より大切なもの(kotoba yori taisetsu na mono) from ハダシの未来/言葉より大切なもの”(hadashi no mirai/kotoba yori taisetsu na mono)

One of the best Ohno’s solo line song, kotoba~. This is also a ‘must sing’ when it comes to concert. This is probably the first 10 arashi song i had dled, and till now, i still listened to it very often, from feeling down to doing something happy. I never get tired of this song at all!

What i love about this song is the beginning(duh). It’s totally features Ohno’s strong vocals that moves any heart when you hear it. Most probably i was dumbfounded when i heard it. I believed I knew this song through their concert(it’s my way of knowing new songs). And when ohno started singing it, i think that was the moment my heart was slowing going towards him(i was jun-baited). And that was 2008. It’s like usually you see him on TV not talking, but when he opened his mouth, he actually speaks gently!… Not just that, he actually sings, and very well!! This contrast was the reason why i became his fan for years and still counting. 

His voice never fail to charm me.

言葉よりも大切なもの ここには…






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(for comparison to my photoset- keep an eye out for the florist with the purple awning)

we also saw the clothing store and the gift shop (with the dark blue awning) but I felt too awkward to take pictures because there were people inside ^^;;