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His sister had helped him dye his hair before he started the academy, early enough that the scent wouldn’t register with any Inuzuka students. His mother had gone to the store and let him pick out what shade of nondescript brown he wanted. He’d chosen a brown almost identical to the great Fire Beeches that towered over their home, he’d love how tall and sturdy they were. How dependable those trees were.

My husband and i were talking about nostalgiic tv shows we used to love and looking for them on Hulu, when I stumbled upon Tiger&Bunny and all the love I have for that show and all the emotions it gave me came flooding back and i had to make him watch it. He absolutely fucking loves it, and even wants a tattoo of Kotetsu’s tiger emblem. UUUGGH I STILL HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS SHOOWWWW ;U;

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10 characters i would kiss meme!

10.) kotetsu kaburagi (tiger & bunny)
9.) robert e o speedwagon (jjba)
8.) mohammad abdul (jjba)
7.) nightcrawler (x-men)
6.) solid snake (mgs)
5.) kazuhira miller (mgs)
4.) matador (smt nocturne)
3.) thel ‘vadam (halo)
2.) venom snake (mgs)
1.) big boss (mgs)

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