Naruto the Luddite
  • Boruto: Dad, why can't I use the kote in the exam?
  • Naruto: Your mother and I sent you to ninja school in order to learn how to kill other children with your bare hands, magic spells, and genetic superpowers! Not with TECHNOLOGY!
  • Boruto: I just don't get it dad! It's a tool, like a kunai or a puppet!
  • Naruto: Son, if I had relied on some kind of fancy dancy thingamajig like that, do you think I would have been able to bring your Uncle Sasuke back to the village?
  • Boruto: ...but Uncle Sasuke is never in the village dattebasa...
  • Naruto: Don't get smart with me dattebayo!
  • Boruto: ...and didn't you have the unfair advantage of a massive external chakra reservoir, which is not really conceptually all that different from an external jutsu-storing device--

As I’m working full time on Funan and different freelance jobs, I get less and less time to continue my personal projects (and to sleep)…

So I’ll juste take 5 minutes to show you guys where I’m at in this Kingkiller mess : the “Waystone Inn” characters. :) 

You already saw Bast and part of Kote’s design, but I spend a lot of very fun and relaxing time on Chronicler, and wanted to present him to you guys. o/

I’ll sadly have to focus on other projects for the moment, but I really want to do more on the Kingkiller Chronicles. I’ll get back to it in the future.

See you all very soon ! :)

Bast, with prince clothes. I’m not sure if this kind of clothes are worn in Faen hahahahahaa
Hope you like it :3 

Awww Kvothe again ♥♥
Hope you like it!

Patrick Rothfuss ©
Ref: Reference photo