Have a Kevin of the Day - Day Five

Just A Smile…

Day 5

Neil was having a hard time recently. Injuries were always a huge risk factor for athletes and could easily mean the early end of a promising career. Meniscal injuries were common enough among Exy players, but that didn’t mean his life as a national Exy player couldn’t be over in a blink of an eye. His two boyfriends understood that perfectly well and tried to make it as easy as possible for him. Andrew couldn’t really bring himself to like Neil’s masochistic streak, his urge to watch every practice session, to accompany them to everything Exy related, even though his attendance wasn’t really required as long as he wasn’t cleared for participate again —but he kept his mouth shut and took Neil along; and Kevin didn’t even seem to see a problem with it in the first place.

So every morning all three of them got into Andrew’s car, and Kevin had even retreated to the back seats, folding his long legs behind Andrew, since the goalkeeper had his seat pretty much as close to the wheel as the car allowed him to be anyway —and: Seriously, just how did you manage to stay that short —I don’t know, Kevin… How will you manage to get stabbed by your boyfriend, because you know what? That’s definitely going to happen one of these days —Guys, it’s too early to be at each other’s throats already. Can we just get to the stadium and cut the BS for once? …

So Kevin and Andrew had shut up and their moody boyfriend had stretched his leg and rested his elbow against the door, staring at the city passing them by outside of the window.

The traffic was horrible that day. One of the roads was blocked during construction works and they had to take a detour.

While Kevin was better at reading the general mood swings of his two partners, Andrew was better at noticing little details and connecting them to the bigger picture. Both of them noticed the gloomy air inside the car change suddenly, as Neil silently smiled behind his hand, his lips stretching wide enough that he couldn’t hide it anymore. He didn’t say anything about it though. Kevin leaned forward to have a better look, but whatever had been lightened his boyfriend’s mood, he couldn’t find it.

“Hmm? What did I miss?”

“Nothing,” Neil mumbled, still smiling.

“Tell me,” Kevin insisted, but Neil’s lips just twisted upwards even more, all the way into a full-fledged smirk. He wouldn’t tell Kevin. The taller striker leaned forward between the seats so he could see Andrew’s face. The goalkeeper had a little smirk of his own in place, and Kevin started to feel left out. If Neil wouldn’t tell him, Andrew sure wouldn’t either. “Hmpf,” he huffed and leaned back again.

The next morning they took the same route, and once again Neil smiled suddenly at something Kevin hadn’t noticed. Something outside on the street, he concluded. Andrew must have seen it though, for even as their normal route to the stadium was open for traffic again, the blonde continued to bypass it, even if that meant seven minutes longer on the road.

On the third day Kevin sat on the other side in the back so he would have the same view as Neil. However, this time they all were disappointed when Neil looked up at a large billboard and didn’t smile. It was an add for a new perfume, Kevin noticed, and apparently whatever had been there before had been the cause of his partner’s amusement.

The next day they took their old route again and no one said a word about it. It was a week later when a package arrived for Andrew. The round shape betrayed its contents. Andrew usually didn’t give much thought about decorating, so him ordering a picture of something spiked Kevin’s curiosity. It turned out to be a picture of an art campaign of an Aquarium, featuring an octopus in a very loud color scheme of pink and blue. ‘IF IT WANTED TO WRAP ITS WEIRD ARMS AROUND ME, I WOULDN’T SAY NO.’ was written on it, and seriously, Kevin didn’t get it. He refused to believe that his boyfriends had some kind of weird tentacle fetish.

Andrew insisted to put the picture up on their kitchen wall though, and when Neil came home from yet another physical therapy session, he stopped in his tracks and stared it when he entered the room.

“You didn’t,” he chuckled and turned towards the short goalkeeper.

“Sure did,” was Andrew’s only reply and Neil started laughing.

“I love it,” the auburn-haired backliner said and Andrew looked immensely pleased for a second.

“Could someone fill me in already,” Kevin said, feeling left out again and liking it less and less every passing moment. They both looked at him, causing Neil to laugh again and Andrew to smirk.

“You wouldn’t get it,” the blonde told him.

“Try me,” Kevin challenged and crossed his arms over his chest. Andrew copied his pose and leaned back against the wall behind himself, nodding at the picture.

“That’s you,” he told the striker and he was dead serious about it. Kevin stared at the picture again. Andrew had been right, he didn’t get it at all.

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haha… okay. 
whoever came up with that lovely HC that Kevin behaves like an octopus while being asleep, wrapping his long limbs around every source of heat in reach…. I thank you, cause you have made my days brighter on many occasions since then. *chapeau* 

my thanks, dear @bvccvrdi for introducing me to this wonderful art campaign! I love them all. <333