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Do you think Rilla loves Damien the way he loves her? It seems that she loves him as a friend and less romantically

I was wondering the same thing the first time we met her. Now that we’ve spent some time with her, though, the short answer is yes, I absolutely think she loves him as more than a friend. 

We’ve seen that Rilla repeatedly prioritizes Damien above herself and above others around her. Of course, it’s hard to see that clearly because Rilla is naturally a lot lower energy and generally more reserved than Damien is, so we see her express her feelings a lot less openly than he does– and she has a vested interest in keeping it that way. 

Before I plunge into my evidence jar, though, I’d like to add a caveat:

Aromanticism is a thing that exists. You could easily make the argument that Rilla is aromantic and that her love for Damien is more in line with a queerplatonic relationship than a romantic one, but either way, Damien’s going to hold Most Important Person status in Rilla’s book.

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Proč nejím maso

Nedávno jsem zas kdesi dostal otázku, proč nejím maso. Pokusil jsem se to vysvětlit, ale nevím, jestli to někdo pochopil.

Ne, nejsem proti zabíjení zvířat pro jídlo. Lidé to dělají stovky tisíc let a je to součástí naší kultury. Konečně, možná právě díky masu se stal člověk člověkem. Leckdo z nás si asi pamatuje, jak při návštěvě na vsi vytáhla babička z kotce králíka, klepla ho za ušima a byl oběd. A dost možná, že sami chováte králíky, slepice nebo prase. Kdybych měl takové hospodářství, asi bych maso jedl. Anebo ne. Podstatné je totiž to zabití. Chci-li maso, musím zvíře zabít. Jak prosté.

Jenže většina z nás už zvířata zabíjet neumí. Nemá na to koule. Zabíjení jsme skryli za zdi jatek a nechceme o něm nic vědět. Nechceme vědět, v jakých podmínkách cestují krávy na porážku. Nechceme vědět, co cítí zvíře, když se ocelový nůž nestrefí a místo krku odřízne kus těla. Nechceme vědět, jak se dá zabít tisíc prasat denně. Nechceme vědět, v kterém okamžiku se z kuřat dostává peří. Nechceme vědět nic. Chceme si pochutnat. Levně. A producenti masa nám vycházejí vstříc. Žádná bolest, žádná krev, žádné mrtvolky. Jen čisté růžové maso na polystyrenovém tácku. Čerstvé. Voňavé. Hygienické.

Někdo tomu říká moderní doba. Já to považuju za pokrytectví. A jednoho dne mi došlo, že pokud neumím nebo nechci zvíře zabít, tak nemám právo jíst jeho maso. Takže - je dost dobře možné, že si v budoucnu tu a tam kousek masa dám. Ale jen pokud budu u smrti zvířete. A v ideálním případě ho zabiju sám. A zaplatím tak skutečnou cenu masa.

Something else that bugs me about Butters being a KotC: if he’s Jewish, why does he wield a lightsaber? Are there any swords or symbols in Judaism that would be better to represent him? Like, I know Jediism isn’t TECHNICALLY a religion and is often used to mock religious discrimination laws, but it’s still currently the 7th most popular religion in the UK behind Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Atheism, Judaism, and Buddhism, and to me it reads as though Butters is as much a representative of Jediism as he is of Judaism (if not more so). Plus the lightsaber really rams home the whole “middle-aged nerd power fantasy” vibe that Butters has going on atm. I feel like having it be a lightsaber turns the Swords into a cool gimmick, rather than a pretty serious force to be reckoned with with millennia of belief behind it, UNLESS Jediism as a new religion fuelled by fandom is what Jim was going for, but then Butters really IS more Jedi than Jewish??
Idk. I’m not religious, and I’m probably nitpicking, but does it strike anyone else as odd?

Why Did Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Suck?

Well, we’ve all been wondering, and since I’m writing something kinda in the subgenre, here’s my take. It boils down to verisimilitude and escalation.

1. All the past movies started out with a sequence that was grounded and down to earth, before escalating into something more fantastical. Raiders started out with Indy in a temple full of booby traps. ToD with a gunfight in a swanky nightclub. Last Crusade with a chase through a circus train. Pretty much sequences that could happen in any movie, and then only gradually are we eased into the more outre stuff.

How does KotCS begin?

A. Russian operatives, at the height of the Cold War, drive onto a US military base and massacre American troops, all for the sake of getting their hands on a shiny bauble. Does that sound like something that could’ve happened in our reality? Without triggering a nuclear war?

B. There’s some strange magnetic artifact that makes metal float in the air and fly around corners.

C. Cate Blanchett is a psychic or something?

D. Indy survives a nuclear explosion.

All that stuff is pretty much as ridiculous as the end of the movie, where Indy and friends flee a spaceship as it takes off. Hell, it’s more ridiculous than the endings of the older movies. So right off the bat, we’re in sci-fi territory and thus the movie isn’t taking place in ‘our world.’

2. Similarly, there’s no escalation of the supernatural element. In the past movies, everything seemed to be set in ‘our world,’  with only a teensy bit of paranormal activity and then only at the very end. It’s actually a little reminiscent of magic in Conan–something strange and special and exceedingly rare. Indy found the Ark of the Covenant, but it only did something at the climax. Same with the Holy Grail–that he didn’t even find until the end. ToD had voodoo dolls and zombies, but they were being used by the bad guys, so there was still some mystery to it.

KotCS, we have the skull. Indy almost immediately gets his hands on it. It’s obviously paranormal. It’s strangely magnetic, it gives people psychic visions, it controls ants (?), it controls angry natives (???)–and what’s worse, it gets tossed around like a pigskin. The Grail, the Ark, even the Sankara Stones, they commanded awe and respect. The Crystal Skull seems more like just a key card or something. Important, but not something really special. You get the feeling that if Indy had ended the adventure with it, it’d be doing time as a paperweight instead of being in Warehouse 13.

3. The supernatural element itself is lame. Previously, all the ‘magic’ in the world was in rarefied air. It was stuff people actually believed in, whether Jewish, Christian, or Hindu. I firmly believe that if the artifact in Indy 4 had been the Golden Fleece or something, with Zeus implied to be a real deity, people would’ve been almost as disappointed. It just makes the magic less special when apparently it’s everywhere. But it’s especially disappointing to go into a whole ‘nother genre and group our artifact with Shirley MacClaine and healing crystals. We’ve gone from two thousand years of culture and religion to kitsch from the seventies.

4. Indy is indestructible. Just like with the escalation from a grounded ‘our world’ to magic, the old movies reinforced their verisimilitude by having Indy get beat up and injured from all his adventures. In KotCS, a much older Indy seems more physically fit than ever, and is easily able to beat up men half his age who completely outnumber him. Here’s Indy at the end of Raiders.

Holy shit, look at that huge gash on his forehead! That isn’t even at the end of an action scene, he’s just that beat up.

Indy at the end of Crystal Skull.

That guy’s been in a fight? Let alone an action movie? He looks exactly like he did at the start of the movie.

It’s another ‘our world’ versus ‘fantasy world’ thing. And it actually leads into my next point.

5. Spielberg and Lucas just weren’t serious about this. A lot of people want to blame Lucas for KotCS, and he certainly has lost the touch he once had (not to take away from his prodigious accomplishments earlier in his career). But Spielberg was the one who let him get away with it and I feel also went into this whole thing despite not really wanting to do it or even being able to do it. I know I’m not blowing anyone’s mind here, but Spielberg lost his taste for gruesome but fun violence and apparently became such a gun-control advocate he can’t even depict his characters effectively using guns to defend themselves against dinosaurs or such. Which is, you know, only a problem if you insist about making movies about people with guns. 

If Indy were more of an ‘old gunslinger’ like Clint in Unforgiven, it’d be at least somewhat believable that he can come out on top in ‘our world.’ If he pulled a lot of clever tricks and outwitted his opponents, that would be even better. But just saying he can outfight everyone no matter how old he is, and only using his fists while they have automatic weapons, is just throwing your hands up in the air and saying this movie takes place in Narnia.

(Also, not to get political, but isn’t it pretty hypocritical to say it’s fine for Indy to kill people by setting them on fire, feeding them to ants, even blowing them up with rocket launchers, but handguns are a step too far? Are we supposed to believe that murdering someone with a blowdart is somehow morally superior to using a Colt .45?)


Great minds think alike

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Inspiration - KOTC

Request: Okay but imagine before Yoongi’s kotc you’re helping him write songs w/o knowing he likes you. You’re sitting on the couch with him when inspiration strikes, so you lie on your back, put your head on his lap, extend his arm over your face, and start sketching out the composition since you don’t have paper. He’s a blushing mess on the inside, but he lets you do it anyways. He’s trying to look all cool and disinterested, when BOOM. In walk the maknaes. Imagine his face. Do it. Priceless.

Kiss on the Cheek - Yoongi // Kiss on the Cheek - BTS

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Rating: K

WC: 2073

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You hadn’t the slightest clue what time it was.

Well, it was night. You knew that at least. You couldn’t think of the last time you looked out the window, and honestly, you couldn’t remember the last time you cared to. That tended to happen when you were at the boys’ place. Between impromptu shows by the maknaes, the tossing back soju, conversations that ebbed and flowed and never seemed to end, your seconds rolled into minutes rolled into hours—and would roll into days if the sun didn’t warn you each morning of your poor decision not to sleep. Yet again.

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The History of the WEC/UFC Featherweight Championship

Way back before UFC 177, I put together this little post about the history of ZUFFA’s bantamweight title. Now here’s one about the featherweight division. Notice how much smaller the list is because of Aldo and Faber.

  1. Cole Escovedo - Current Record: 17-9 - WEC’s first bantamweight champion, Cole Escovedo won the inaugural belt by submitting Philip Perez at WEC 5. Escovedo would defend the belt once in 2003 before dropping the belt to Urijah Faber at WEC 19.
  2. Urijah Faber - Current Record: 31-7 - For a while, Faber was the face of the WEC and the lighterweight divisions in general. The Team Alpha Male leader won the belt off Cole Escovedo back in 2006 at WEC 19. During his run, he was also the KOTC champ as well. He’d go on to defend those two belt against the like of Bibiano Fernandes, Joe Pearson, Charlie Valencia, Jeff Curan, Jens Pulver, Ivan Menjivar, and Dominick Cruz. Faber would eventually drop the belt to Mike Thomas Brown at WEC 36 after successfully defending it 5 times. He’d fight twice more for the featherweight title (and lose) against Mike Thomas Brown and Jose Aldo at WEC 41 and WEC 48 respectively, before dropping to bantamweight and losing three title shot opportunities (Cruz and Barao 2x). 
  3. Mike Thomas Brown - Current Record: 26-9 - In one of the biggest upsets in MMA history, Mike Thomas Brown knocked out Urijah Faber at WEC 36 to capture the WEC Featherweight title. He’d defend the title twice, beating Leonard Garcia and Urijah Faber in a rematch. He’d lose the belt to Jose Aldo at WEC 44 when Aldo stopped him in the 2nd.
  4. Jose Aldo - Current Record: 24-1 - Considered one of the best fighters in the history of the sport and definitely the best featherweight of all time, Aldo first won the belt at WEC 44 by stopping Mike Thomas Brown in the 2nd round. He’d go on to defend the WEC title twice in the WEC, topping former champion Urijah Faber and Manny Gamburyan. After the absorption of the bantamweight and featherweight divisions into the UFC, Aldo was given the inaugural featherweight champion. Since then, Aldo has defended his title 6 times (bringing the total up to 8, the longest current streak in the UFC). In the process he’s beaten Mark Hominick, former lightweight title contender Kenny Florian, Chad Mendes, former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, Chan Sung Jung, and Ricardo Lamas. Both he and Mighty Mouse remain the only people to have ever held UFC titles in their divisions (Featherweight and flyweight). He’s currently scheduled to face Chad Mendes again this Saturday (Oct. 25th) in Brazil.