To the mods of /r/KotakuInAction

The following is my comment, posted under a different user name of mine on Reddits /r/KotakuInAction. They made a recent post about how they censored somebody, which can be found here.

    Eh, I say let people post it. Reddit and sites like reddit should be based upon user aggregate, not a mods or a click of mods who do not like what was being posted. If it’s a topic for discussion it SHOULD be on the front page, by actual upvotes, if not let it sink to the bottom of the pile.

    This isn’t about personal vendettas, but for seeking the truth of a situation. All you mods did by deleting and banning people over it, and then making this post, was to stir up drama within the KiA community and get yourselves some attention. No better then any other SJW out there.

    Then there is this post itself, it’s crying out for attention, argumentation and dividing people against each other. Those who will white knight for the mods and then those who will black knight against them. In the end it will leave a the community fractured and broken. I like how you at least want to SHOW that you are “trying” to make an effort for the betterment of us all here on KiA, but this post comes off VERY passive aggressive.

    You may not want to admit it, but it was indeed an act of censorship. Maybe we, as users who spend money on these peoples products would like to know where our spent money, that now resides with them, ends up at the end of the day?

    To me, supporting people like Randi Harper and Ms. Quinn is as reprehensible as Tim Schafer’s sock puppet routine at the GDC. Why do I think this? because at the end of the day the money, along with the power that comes with each $ will be used for more censorship by people like Randi and Quinn.

    In this day and age we as consumers vote with our wallets. I am all for meritocracy and giving people their dues where they are earned, I myself still love Tim’s Psychonauts. The game is good, but due to him being a shitty individual I do not want to support his life style, so Double-Fine is off my list of dev companies I will buy from again. This argument, at least to me seems just as valid in this Patreon case.

    What Milo did was nothing but following the paper trail, and report on it, which is what a good journalist does. He may put his own spin on things, and I do find Milo to be rather salacious with how he words things, however I think that is just him trying to be funny and entertaining.

    In conclusion I feel what you, as the mods of this subreddit did was wrong. It should be avoided in the future, if you hope to keep a legitimate community going. Fuck knows KiA is the only real reason I still choose to come to reddit once or twice a day. Though unless you guys repeal such actions I can only see more of us leaving for Voat.co [or other similar sites]. I use both sites atm but my reddit use dwindles more and more daily. It is in you, the mods, best interest to keep us, the users happy. I like to think of the Romans in cases like this, Rome was indeed the mob, but it was also the Senate. When the Democracy ended with Casar and the civil war that ensued the true Spirit of Rome was lost. It stopped being for the people, and instead about the Emperor and the power that came with it. To quote my favorite speech from a slap stick Charlie Chaplin movie “Dictators free themselves, but enslave the people!”

    Do not enslave us to your own personal moral values. Do not impose them upon us, or the mob WILL revolt. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow or even next year. But eventually people will get fed up with it and we will leave you to your own echo chambers where everybody thinks as a collective. Then the collective will start eating itself until it falls to an outside source due to being to weak to defend it’s after tearing itself apart.

    It’s a fine line you guys are walking right now. You best be careful not to stumble, because the internet watches and the internet never forgets. as GabeN once said.

PS: Holy fuck I typed a good wall of text. I hope it gets read and taken to heart.

I put up with Kotaku because, despite everything else, it usualy provides a good overview for anouncements and trailers and I am too lazy to look elsewhere.

These recent massive apologist blog posts for Michael Bay’s transformers are something else though.

Neue Westfälische (Bielefeld): Kommentar: Der SWR kuscht vor SPD und Grünen und lädt die AfD nicht ein Fatale Entscheidung Stefan Brams

Bielefeld (ots) - Die Rechts-Populisten von der AfD dürfen nicht an den Fernsehduellen der Spitzenkandidaten vor den Landtagswahlen in Baden-Württemberg und Rheinland-Pfalz teilnehmen. Das hat der SWR entschieden. Und zwar nicht aus freien Stücken, sondern weil die Spitzenkandidaten der SPD (Malu Dreyer in Rheinland-Pfalz) und der Grünen (Winfried Kretschmann in Baden-Württemberg) gedroht hatten, den TV-Duellen fernzubleiben, wenn die AfD, wie vom Sender geplant, eingeladen wird. Eine fatale Entscheidung. Intendant Peter Boudgoust hätte, statt mit “zusammengebissenen Zähnen” vor dem Ansinnen von SPD und Grünen zu kuschen, selbigen lieber die Zähne zeigen und leere Stühle an ihrer statt im Studio platzieren sollen. So hätte er demonstrieren können: Wir sind unabhängig, unsere Aufgabe ist es, Debatten zu ermöglichen, die Dreyer und Kretschmann dann hätten nutzen können, um die AfD zu entzaubern. Stattdessen gab’s den Kotau. Damit haben die Spitzenkandidaten und der SWR der AfD und ihren Anhängern nur weitere Munition für ihre Verschwörungstheorien von den gleichgeschalteten Medien geliefert. Der AfD dürfte diese Wahlkampfhilfe nur recht sein, denn sie lebt davon, dass sie immer wieder in ihrer Opferrolle bestätigt wird. Diesen Gefallen sollten die etablierten Parteien der AfD genauso wenig tun wie die öffentlich-rechtlichen Sender. Wir brauchen die kritische Debatte, die gründliche Recherche, die intensive Ausein-
andersetzung mit den Rechtspopulisten, um sie und ihre einfachen Rezepte zu entzaubern.
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