I’m starting a little project called Monster Crossing or whatever XD

But I’m basically gonna try to draw as many monsters as I can AC style! I dunno how often I’ll update this thing, because of busyness but I shall seeee. It would be awesome if they did make an Animal Crossing version of Monster Hunter *-*

Anyways, first off we have Deviljhooo! \o/ Scary as he is I wouldn’t mind having him as a neighbor xD And since he’s also a big eater I usually associate him with lazy villagers and stuff.

I finally did it! Got another Monster Crossing picture up @@ Sorry for the wait everybody! I’m still busy with school so I’m working on these slowly, but surely. Might have another one up soon ;) But for right now have a Yian Kut-Ku! :D

Hmmm I think his personality type would be either between lazy or cranky? I’d stick with cranky only if not all villagers had the deep voice that goes with it. xD


“Thank you
I’ll say goodbye now
Though it’s the end of the world
Don’t blame yourself
Give me release
Let the waves of time and space surround me, yeah
Cause I need
Room to breathe
Let me float back to the place you found me”

- Lyrics from Porter Robinson’s “Goodbye to a World” and Neb’s remake of it

Also very special thanks to @jintxo who helped ink this piece! :’D

I was pretty down in the dumps when I drew this. Drawing this was a mix between vent and a piece of art that was meaningful to me. I wanted to draw something pretty, but also reflected how I felt in the inside. I also wanted to draw flowers, but then I found out about the anemone which was most fitting for him because it literally means “wind flower”. The anemone also apparently symbolizes “death” and “abandonment” which I also thought was fitting for his lore. I was going to upload one version, but I like both a lot xD


You guys have been amazing and I can’t thank ya’ll enough ;__; I never expected to even have 100 people follow me and I can’t just really believe to have been able to get this far…

I want to show my thanks to you guys at least! So I will be doing a raffle/drawing art thing for my followers who are interested ;__;

Basically you have to like (reblog is fine too) this and I will choose 2 names at random. The 2 names that I draw out will have a picture drawn for them! So they’ll look something like:

External image


External image

I’ll draw anything you guys want except for porn, fetishes, etc. However I’m fine doing some gore and artistic nudity. I will be holding this drawing until the end of this week or until August 10th! I might also stream your drawing too! I’ll give you guys a heads up on stream announcements :)

Thank you guys so much again! T___T