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It’s Totally True: Japan’s Prime Minister Appeared As Mario During Olympic’s Closing Ceremony!!

Japan, who are set to host the 2020 Olympics, bid a stylishly geeky farewell to the Rio Olympics – they had a segment dedicated to Super Mario! The best bit? When Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared out of a green pipe with a Mario-like hat on his head.

Text and GIF via: Bleeding cool, Kotaku

Gawker on hacked nude photos of female celebrities: Look at how horrible this world is and how badly we respect the privacy of our famous women as they were violated.

Gawker themselves: Publishes sex tape of male celebrity against his will, refuses to take it down. Treats the whole thing like a joke.

Gawker on games: “The Gay Joke In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Harmless. Or Is It?”

Gawker on people: [Outs a man that isn’t even a public figure so that they can write a juicy piece on how he almost cheated on his wife with a man for clicks, supporting someone who tried to extort him.] 

Gawker on people: HAHA James Franco is gay amirite?

Gawker on their critics: Dishonest fascists!

Gawker themselves: [Messes with a bot made by Coca Cola that was supposed to create happy images so that they can implement Hitler quotes for laughs and the project has to be shut down] lol. [Fails to cover the basics of fact checking and journalistic ethics before they post and throws around heavy accusations anyway.] lol.

Gawker on the women they picked as personal favorites: [Throws protective cloak over Anita Sarkeesian and brushes off any and all criticism as irrelevant and sexism.]

Gawker on anyone else: Mocks a woman’s online shopping for including personal hygiene products. (Information that was shared against her will thanks to the Sony hack.)

Gawker: “Gawker gives Kotaku the freedom to do real journalism, no matter how many game publishers we piss off. Imagine wanting to destroy that!”


Check out this awesome suit of Hello Kitty kendo armour or bogu (防具). Hello Kitty has appeared on all sorts of products during her 40 year career, but this may be the first time we’ve seen Sanrio’s beloved Kitty-chan being used to prettify a set of Japanese training armour, complete with a shiny red bow atop the mask. Protective gear festooned with kawaii kitties may not intimidate your opponent, but it might lull them into a false sense of superiority or at least distract them long enough for you to get in a good strike or two.

[via Kotaku]