Thousands of People Have Watched Leaked Fallout 4 Footage On Pornhub
By Patricia Hernandez

Last week, some lucky Gamescom attendees got a chance to see new Fallout 4 footage behind closed doors.  Many gaming websites have reported on it; the new Fallout footage is not a mystery.  Thing is, Bethesda hasn’t actually released this footage for the world to see… not that this has stopped fans from finding creative and sneaky ways of viewing it anyway.

Yesterday, the Fallout hive went into a frenzy as footage from the Gamescom presentation started leaking online.  If you were fast enough, you could have watched it on YouTube.  As of this writing, though, most of those popular YouTube destinations are dead links:

In response, fans turned to other means of sharing the footage, such as file-hosting sites.  These, too, sometimes got hosed — or got overloaded with requests, making it difficult to watch the footage.  And so Fallout fans have turned to more unorthodox video hosting services, like Pornhub (NSFW, obviously!!) to host said Fallout 4 footage.  Titled ‘HIDDEN CAMERA SHOWS AUDIENCE TEASED BY BIG BUTT MAN IN TIGHTS LIVE,’ the seven-minute-long video showcases off-camera footage of Fallout 4.  Hilariously, it’s tagged under categories like ‘big ass’ ‘POV’ and ‘homemade.’


User Created Super Mario Maker Level Trolls Players With Mischievous Twist

User Created Super Mario Maker Level Trolls Players With Mischievous Twist

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Everyone loves a good joke, right? Well, perhaps not when you consider this particularly troll-laden level in Super Mario Maker. Great for a laugh – but not much else – is Wii U user Kocobe’s creation, which promises to show you all the hidden and unlockable costumes in the game. Unfortunately, not is all as it seems when you enter the level and are treated to an interesting ride across travel…

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Here’s some of the great stuff we found on the internet today that didn’t make it onto tonight’s show. Get your click on.

You can enter a huge butthole in Japan. OF COURSE YOU CAN. (Via Kotaku)


You can get a beautiful rape whistle! As Dana Gould said, “Any whistle could be a rape whistle really… Except for maybe a slide whistle.” (Via Siren Ring