Pergi saja. Terbanglah, karena aku bukan penikmat kupu-kupu dalam kotak kaca, apalagi merak dalam sangkar emas.

tapi perhatikan, sebelum melangkah pastikan yakinmu ada di tujuanmu, pastikan saat pergi kamu bersama hatiku dan pulangmu masih aku yang ada disana.


Fairy Dreamscapes by Bella Kotak

Photographer Bella Kotak inserts her fairy-like models into stunning dreamscapes filled with lush flowers. Her transformation of each landscape into a magical world, complements the delicacy and hair color of each subject, thus adding vibrancy and beauty to each image. To a amplify the fairy-look, each women poses in an extremely delicate manner with a calm, aloof expression. Their physical beauty is further enhanced with their costumes, which consist of colorful pastel wigs, flower crowns, and long flowing dresses. Overall to enhance the chimerical worlds, Kotak creates the ideal staging. 


Twilight in the Labyrinth
Part II
by Bella Kotak

Model: Jessica McClellan & Ian Hencher Art
Gown by: Firefly Path
Stylist & Hair by: Daisy Jane Turner
Makeup by: Ian Hencher
Skin retouching: Solstice Retouch

Featured in Faerie Magazine 


“Siren Series”
by Bella Kotak / FB

I love all that’s otherworldly and fantasy. Ever since I was a child I’ve escaped into the worlds hidden between the pages of books and now when given reign to express myself I find myself recreating those same worlds that I used to lose myself in. Tales of strong, independent women, creatures from another time, and the promise of adventure. Like an unfolding story, with each picture I try to evolve and push myself along unfamiliar paths.

Creating pictures like this remind me just how much I love photography. We created a moment where I had a real life siren in front of me… it was so strange and bizarre… and magical. I want to capture images like this and live in these magic lands forever.

I shot this with a Phase One camera that the company kindly loaned to Pratik and I. Here are the details for the kit I used - 645DF+ body, IQ250 back, lens 80mm f2.8

Credits :
Model is Jessica Dru
Dress by Creature of Habit
Headpiece by Miss G Designs
Shell mantle by Fortunate Nora

Assistants - Vanessa (Creature of Habit) and my dear Pratik (Solstice Retouch)
Skin retouching - Solstice Retouch

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
- Anais Nin

Here is another picture for my In Bloom series ❤ I feel this quote so deeply at the moment. I have so many goals I want to achieve in my life and with the passage of time I feel an increasing sense of pressure and urgency. I definitely struggle with a fear of failure and that’s something I’m trying really hard to work on. If you’ve managed to overcome this I’d love to hear your story.

Thank you to my model Peliroja Model, makeup artist Jodi Lakin and assistance from Dave Kai-Piper for such a wonderful day creating memories and stories with me :)

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