kosugi juurouta


I swear the first time I heard this it was ニャー/Nyaa and not やぁあ/Yaa… and McCree still looks like a McEffing wolf in that art.|||orz

This is one of McCree’s ‘Hello’s in the japanese version of Overwatch cause I play with jp voices 80% of the time.

GDI Kosugi Juurouta! Stop being cute!( `皿´)キーッ!!


Kosugi: Nakamura-kun’s character, Luca, is Yusa-kun’s character, Jolly’s appre… apprentice (deshi)?

Yusa: Yes, my apprentice.  

Kosugi: Ah, apprentice…

Yusa: Yes, like, Yucchi, Kosshi, Desshi!

Nakamura: Oi! That sounds really wrong!

Yusa: Okay everyone in the audience, call out Desshi!

Audience: Desshi~!

Nakamura: *waves* Oi! That sounds really weird!