kostja ullman


Tobi (Robert Stadlober) and Achim (Kostja Ullmann) are best friends and have been for years. Tobi and Achim are the stars of their crew team and are popular amongst their group. Tobi may or may not be gay, and may or may not be in love with Achim. This leads to a story on a lake about love, sexuality and what it means to be a part of a team.

If this film had been produced with a reasonable budget, a capable director with an actual creative vision, and scene worthy actors, I may have actually recommended this film since I’m such an advocate for LGBTQ based entertainment. Sadly the budget and poor directorial choices noticeably bogs the film down. The director uses cheap tight shots and scenery shots to convey emotional turmoil, rather than depend on an actor to do the work themselves. It’s like in Jersey Girl when Ben Affleck’s “emotional” speech is over ridden by a musical score. It makes zero sense in terms of a creative stand point. I want to care about the characters and the choices they make and I’m not being given the chance.

But hey, it’s a coming of age film based on a young man realizing his sexual orientation. It’s dealt with, with more than a congratulatory hug, with an actual sex scene. It’s a story about a young gay man that doesn’t end in death or heartbreak? These are ALL good things, all things I hoped for. I just wish the film itself was as interesting as its subject matter.

It fails because it had such a promising premise and didn’t live up to it. So don’t write this film off, it’s worth it for what I mentioned about. But don’t by any means go into it expecting great cinema. It’s a step, a step with horrible direction and acting.