Okay guys, I’m about to get sappy. XD

This may be crazy to most Naruto fans, but seeing Chojuro as Mizukage was the best part of the chapter for me. I literally cried here and that’s something because I don’t normally cry at stories, movies, or whatever.

This means so much to me. I think the reason why I like Chojuro so much is because I can relate to him. I know what it’s like to have low self confidence. Hell, it’s something I still struggle with. When things got serious, every moment we saw (well, the few times that we did.) Chojuro overcome that got me so excited! It made me think that I should have more confidence in myself too.

We were introduced to this adorable, meek little guy who despite being one of the seven swordsmen, kept doubting himself and whether or not he was good enough.

And now he’s Mizukage. The leader of all the Mist village!

That’s so inspirational. C’:

Damnit, I’m still tearing up! This is too much! Words cannot describe how happy and how proud I am of him. So many people think he’s weak because of his personality.

Chojuro, I always believed in you. You are amazing and truly one of my favorites. <3

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