I need you pure I need you clean

Don’t try to enlighten me

Power to misconstrue

What have they done to you 

I am the plague

Aradia Megido -  chernaya–koshka | photo by rasolaris

fun story with this one, the battery in my camera was dying, so I was determined to make this cosplay super fast because I was worried we won’t get any good photos…

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hey, little gothic girl, watch out, don’t get a suntan

Gothstuck!Roxy Lalonde | photo by rasolaris

the only thing that kept me motivated to wear this rib-crushing corset was the prospect of eating donuts later since today in my country there’s a holiday similar to Shrove Tuesday (but it’s on Thursday and we eat donuts instead of pancakes)

cosplaying Roxy is fun :3


The smile is red and its eyes are black

I don’t think I’ll be coming back

fem!Jake English | photos by rasolaris | cosplay tag

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confession time: long time ago when I knew nothing about Homestuck, I saw a fanart of Jake and Dirk on The Land of Tombs and Krypton, and I really liked it. That was probably the very first thing I saw that had something to do with HS. 

On the third photo you may see a creative use of flour in cosplaying. Kaufland, sadly, did not sponsor this photoshoot…