“Have you ever witnessed the birth of light priestess’ power? Her power is gauged by how brightly her light shines when it awakened with in her and any unclean soul or flesh within range of her purifying light is immediately purified…Lady Sia’s light lit up our entire kingdom.”



“Assimilating with a human population is hard. Dark wigs and modern clothing cannot really hide my obvious differences. Especially when your eyes can reflect galaxies within the universe…Being labeled one of the local freaks is hard but I try my best to fit in.”



Fara: “Do you think we should cut this little "ritual” short Lia? It’s starting to look sort of dangerous.“

Nohlia: "No, The Lady knows what she is doing. Being one with the land around her is something that she has been able to do since she was a child. There is nothing we can do to aid the process…We have to trust her.”


New race of Aliens to add to my alien story :D Of course when Sim-It-Up made that new alien skin, I HAD to get it in my game.

This particular race is called The Duvirii and their concept was made up by Mura. I’ve adopted it to go into my story along with his awesome alien-sim Kiumu(right). I made my own Duvirii character and named her Z'Lerimu(Left). 

Z'Lerimu is a Duvirii with a vast medicinal knowledge and is related to Kiumu (haven’t really decided how yet lol). She’s usually a bit more level headed and calmer than Kiumu and is wary of the T'rivh Maera" or “Taller Species. Kiumu, however doesn’t think that all T'rivh Maera are bad and that she can "sense the good” in the ones that only want to be friends.