Drunk APH Nordics Headcanons

Denmark|Matthias Køhler: He wouldn’t get drunk enough to start behaving not so himself in a short time due to his drinking habit. He needed at least more shots than two bottles of an Akvavit until he was completely pissed. He would  become louder than he already was and dance Harlem shake on the table. Sometimes he wouldn’t be able to talk clearly, not being able to do more than mumbling noises. And, don’t piss him off when he’s not sober, he may chop you into pieces with his axe.

His prefered liquor is beer and whisky, if not Danish, he would try some known American whisky like Jack Daniel’s. He also wouldn’t mind some beer from absord, like  Brewmeister from Netherlands, though he wouldn’t try to drink it all, since the alcohol by volume is 67%

Norway|Lukas Losnedahl: You would have to check twice to make sure it wasn’t someone else in his body. Since the drunk people can’t think logically and literally base their actions on their first thoughts, which Lukas never ever does, he would scare everyone away with his actions. Usually calm and neutral man made of few expressions and words, would become a laughing and sobbing mess over the silliest things. He would start talking about the meaning of life, before switching the subject to how Iceland wouldn’t call him ‘’big brother’’ and start crying, or sometimes asking strange questions like ‘’are we aliens to aliens?. He would also be honest about his feelings towards people, telling if he hated them or actually liked their presence around him even if he wouldn’t show so much of it. He wouldn’t last long until he passed out, since he wasn’t an expert at handling alcohol. 

He wasn’t much of a drinker, even when he does, he would prefer his own liquors, be it vodka like Vikingfjord, which is said to be the coldest vodka.

Iceland|Emil Steilsson: Why would you even want a kid to drink and wake up to hangover with a terrible headache. People around him weren’t as lucky either when he wasn’t sober. He would start complaining about how much he lacks pyshical contact and try to give everyone hugs in a not so friendly way. He is also a crybaby. If you break his vase by accident, he will start crying, telling you to go to hell before collapsing on ground. When that happens, don’t go help him up, he may get into your personal space. Let him sob, he will fall asleep anyways and won’t leave his room the next day.

Finland|Tino Väinämöinen: People would think if he was dressed up for Halloween or some party, staring at his punk look. But they would observe something was off as he started screaming which was supposed to be singing. This sweetheart is a total punk mixed with some metal look when he is pissed drunk. Sometimes along with Norway, he would play the electric guitar in the middle of living room as loud as possible with screaming until their throats were useless. He would crash his guitar on ground as if he was in the middle of a concert, until someone stopped him from such actions. His drunken and sober types are exactly opposite, though he barely gets drunk, since he is like, master on drinking. 

He prefers vodka often as Finnish vodkas are known to be strong, like Finlandia or Koskenkova with their 40% alcohol by volume.

Sweden|Berwald Oxenstierna: As canon, this dude talks 1.5 multiple times more when he drinks. He would show much more expressions and change his voice tone quite a lot depending on his mood. Though he would be the laughing type of drunk, being clingy to his friends, mostly to Tino though, like being more open about his feelings to him, but not telling it out. He would be easy to handle, but do not cross the path, since he is the Lion of Northern Europe after all. Sometimes he would act like girls having a sleepover, trying to braid others’ hair like he used to do with Denmark and Norway in the old days. He would talk about the good old memories and chuckle at the funny stories. 

Surprisingly, he prefers alcohols from abroad, like some Polish Żubrówka because of its taste and how it goes well with green apple, or some Kellerbier from Germany which is considered to be an awesome liquor for Oktoberfest in Germany.

(Mod Biri)