Kosibah new collection   themed Yoruba “Cherish”

We usually see bridal and evening wear collections from Kosibah, but now the Nigerian design label owned by Yemi Osunkoya is giving us something special with its “Cherish” collection.

The collection’s pieces have a Yoruba theme with each piece named AbikeAdukeAjokeRonke and Tinukerespectively. The brand has created this collection with a theme of luxury, femininity and structure for the confident and feminine woman.

[DDL] D-Sta 17th Yuhiden (2015)

Mega Link (send a message for the key not on anon)

  • Seto Koji - Kairi
  • Miyazaki Shuuto - Tsuzuki
  • Koshiba Fuka - Hinata
  • Suzuki Hiroki - Madara
  • Arai Atsushi - Izumo 
  • Ikeoka Ryosuke - Hiruko
  • Maeyama Takahisa - Fujimaru
  • Takahashi Ryuki - Mutsu
  • Endo Yuya - Emiya 
  • Nakayama Yoshihiro - Ine
  • Miyoshi Daiki - Mugi

10 Favorite Characters
 ☆ 1 Per series/franchise ☆ Tag 10 People
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1. Nishinoya Yuu from Haikyuu!!

2. Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basket

3. Tatsumi from Orenchi no Furo Jijou

4. Nicolas Brown from Gangsta.

5. Leonardo Watch from Kekkai Sensen

6. Nezumi from No. 6

7. Koshiba Kiri from Beauty Pop

8. Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji

9.  Toph Bei Fong from Avatar: The legend of Aang

10. Bayonetta from Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

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i dont normally do these but i was tagged by my good friend veronica/ @darksomeness so now i gotta ;o

RULES: Name TEN favorite characters from TEN different fandoms. Then, tag ten people and repost.

uhh Tsukiyama Shuu from tg obviously 

either YBakura or YMarik from ygo; hard to choose

Peridot from Steven Universe

Azami Koshiba from Hatoful Boyfriend

Giriko from Soul Eater

Genos from One Punch Man

Undyne from Undertale

Erm, Kylo Ren or Darth Vader from Star wars

Tigerstar from Warriors

hmmm i can’t think of any other fandoms rn so im counting :Re and it’s Shirazu tbh 

I dunno who to tag bc I’ve only got a small handful of mutuals that I even talk to so if you wanna do it go ahead or smth?? idk

Thoughts on Beauty Pop and its main heroine Kiri Koshiba

I believe it was the first time ever when I had the pleasure of reading a story centered on a natural, believable highschool female, in this kind of shōjo manga setting. I absolutely love her aloofness and her ability to discern the importance of things at such an early age. The fact that she doesn’t really care about most of the things that teenagers rage about is a real breath of fresh air. 

However, when building these kind of characters it’s kind of hard to create an intrigue around them, without ruining them with melodramatic changes. I mean, you’d have to be really REALLY skilled writer in order to pull that off.

So basically the story gets way too uneventful, even for a slice of life. On the other hand, Kiri, the relationship with her father and cat and the warmth of her surroundings are really relate-able (to me at least) and I believe they are strong redeeming aspects of the manga.

I’m not crazy about the art, but I assume because it’s that specific style (just like Mars?) that I just find hard to digest.

That being said, give it a try and cherish one of the few shōjo heroines that aren’t annoying, don’t cry every two chapters and don’t blush all the goddamn time.

Theory of antiskyrmions in magnets


Skyrmions are swirling topological magnetic textures that behave as if they were particles. Here, the authors present numerical simulations that describe the creation and destruction of these spin vortices in both chiral and dipolar magnets, and show what happens when skyrmions and antiskyrmions collide.

Nature Communications doi: 10.1038/ncomms10542

Authors: Wataru Koshibae, Naoto Nagaosa

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