kosher sessions

[[ #AfricasTumblrMeetUp at #KosherSessions ]]

KWME inc. ( @officialkwame)and Kosher Sessions (koshernightz)  bring you, Gaborone and the digital world Africa’s first official Tumblr Meet-Up

If you dont know, a tumblr meetup is when people active on tumblr  and living in the same area, converge at a specific location to converse, share ideas and generally have a good time together.

In the organisers words, “we just made a party out of it and are opening it up to the public to come share in this experience with us all. Expect Kosher Sessions to look, sound and feel like Tumblr.”

Bloggers, ‘Twelebs’ and the internet famous are expected to “be the physical representation of their respective blogs i.e dress, and act the part

Doors open at 8:30 pm for a P40 fee while naturally ladies free before 10pm.

Ill see you guys there. [details on the flyer]

  — @KwakusNotAmused