Koschei Oakdown

The Master was originally known as Koschei when he grew up on Gallifrey in the House of Oakdown. (PROSEDivided Loyalties) The Master and the Doctor shared the same heritage and upbringing. (AUDIOUNIT: Dominion)

Despite his childhood being more a life of duty, (TVThe End of Time) he had a friendship with the First Doctor. (GAMEDestiny of the Doctors) The two youths would play in the fields near Koschei’s home which was his father’s estates, with pastures of red grass near Mount Perdition. (TVThe End of Time) They used to sneak out of the Capitol and drink with the Shobogans. (PROSEThe Eight Doctors) On one of these outings, Koschei picked a fight with six drunken Shobogans. (PROSEUNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce)

Koschei looks into theUntempered Schism. (TVThe Sound of Drums)

Like all Time Lords, Koschei was taken for his initiation at the age of eight. During the ceremony in which he gazed into the Time Vortex through the Untempered Schism, Koschei went mad, which was not uncommon, as when Time Lords saw the Untempered Schism they either “went mad or ran away”.This malady manifested itself as the constant drumming he heard ever after, worsening with time. (TV:UtopiaThe Sound of DrumsLast of the Time Lords) Unknown to Koschei, the drumming had been implanted retroactively into his mind by Rassilon as a link to later free the Time Lords from thetime-lock imposed upon them. (TVThe End of Time)

During their childhood, Koschei and the Doctor had been mercilessly and viciously bullied by a boy called Torvic; the young Doctor was eventually forced to kill the bully to save his friend’s life. He was later confronted by the personification of Death, who insisted he become her disciple. The Doctor refused and suggested Death make Koschei her champion, to which she agreed. The Doctor had ever since felt partly responsible for Koschei. (AUDIOMaster)

At the Academy, Koschei joined a clique of young Time Lords called the Deca. The Doctor and other future rivals Ushas and Magnus also belonged to the Deca. (PROSE:Divided Loyalties) The Doctor and Koschei were also part of the Gallifrey Academy Hot Five, in which Koschei played the drums. (PROSEDeadly Reunion) Koschei would also hypnotise people, likely as a joke, but anyone he did hypnotise the Doctor could un-hypnotise. (PROSEThe Dark Path)

Whilst at the Academy, the Doctor and Koschei travelled into Gallifrey’s past in search of Valdemar. They found nothing of the Old Ones except for warnings. Koschei was fascinated by the power that Valdemar represented while the Doctor was horrified. (PROSETomb of Valdemar)

During a period of civil unrest on Gallifrey, Koschei led many students of the Time Lord Academy in a revolt against the corrupt Lord PresidentPundat the Third, and attempted to recruit the Doctor and convince him to take the position as President, but he decided not to interfere with the current constitution. When Pundat died of stress soon after the revolt, his chosen successor was the evil Chancellor Slann. The students had found the last of Lord Rassilon’s descendants, Lady Larn, a seven-year old child adopted by Councillor Brolin, who was being groomed as a future president.

They decided on a second coup. Yet in trying to convert the Doctor, the students were overheard. Bloody reprisals against the students followed. The Doctor and Larn escaped from Gallifrey after this. Believing the students ready for the second coup, Koschei assassinated Lord President Slann. However, the students weren’t ready and he took this opportunity to steal a TARDIS and flee Gallifrey as a renegade. (PROSE:Birth of a Renegade)


So while rewatching Time Monster – you know, where the Doctor builds his „Time Flow Analogue.” Out of a bottle and forks and stuff –and says he and the Master used to build and play around with those things back at the Academy,

I can’t help but imagine that this thing is somehow the Time Lord-equivalent to a yeast volcano and the two of them would end up turning these things in for almost every fucking project.

Basically Koschei and Theta are shit at remembering headlines but pretty good at building stupid toys and when others already had their projects finished weeks ago, one of them would be banging on the other’s door in the night before deadline like:


“Forks? Bottle? Is it there another project?”


“When is it due?!”




“We can’t turn in Time Flow Analogues again…”



“Do you think Ushas lets us put our names under her project?”

“She said only if we contribute.”

“What did she do then?”

“She created a giant cat that changes colour and spits fire.”

“Can we contribute to that?”

“She said the only contribution she allows is feeding us to that thing.”



“Okay, let’s try forks and bottles first.”

bazer63 asked:

For the ship thing Doctor/Master. Academy edition. (As in Theta/Koschei)

Comes home drunk: Theta occasionally gets drunk while he’s out at a party, but Koschei gets drunk while complaining about Theta to Ushas. (for those of you who don’t know, Ushas is Rani)

Tops in bed: They haven’t really had sex, just make out sessions….

Does the laundry: They attempt to wash their robes, but Rani has to help the two idiots. 

Cleans the mess: Koschei, Theta just throws junk everywhere. 

Leaves a mess: Again, its always Theta. he has a bad habit of forgetting where the leaves things. Kos ends up helping him look. 

Throws food at the other: They used to both throw food at each other for fun, until it hit Ushas….both boys have never been so afraid. 

Spins around in the squeaky chair: They both do it to annoy Ushas. 

Gets jealous easiest: Koschei. Theta is very popular and gets unwanted attention from other members. 

Cuddles the other: They both enjoy cuddling after classes, Ushas’ rolls her eyes but smirks at the two. They may be dorks, but they’re her dorks. 

Feeds the pets: They would both feed their kittens. Koschei sometimes pours a small bowl of milk. 

Cooks the meals: They take turns, Theta isn’t the best cook though. He ends up burning it. 

Spends the longest time getting ready: Theta, he just stares at the mirror somedays, and Koschei is trying on some of Ushas’ makeup.  

And who spends the most money: They both have to spend the same amount, because both end up destroying Ushas’ experiments.  

Time Lord Academy

The Time Lord Academy was a school most young Time Lords attended to further their educations. According to the Tenth Doctor, children “were taken from their families at the age of eight” to begin their instruction. Part of the initiation into the academy involved looking into the Untempered Schism. (TVThe Sound of Drums) Time Lords spent “centuries” at the Academy. (COMICMortal Beloved) There was aTARDIS cradle in the Time Lord Academy for students who had formed a symbiotic bond, but hadn’t left the Academy yet. (AUDIOThe Apocalypse Element)

The Master is initiated into the Academy

The Doctor’s class at the Academy had 26 members. Three of them prematurely retired injured and two were dead by the Doctor’s seventh incarnation. (PROSELungbarrow) At the Academy, a group of students, called the Deca, named themselves Theta Sigma (the Doctor), Koschei (the Master),Mortimus (the Monk), Ushas (the Rani) and the War Chief. (PROSEDivided LoyaltiesTebediatroculozan attended the Academy at the same time as the Doctor. (PROSESeven Deadly Sins)

When a Gallifreyan had been granted the rank of Junior Time Lord in the Time Lord Academy, they received their symbiotic nuclei. (PROSEInterference - Book One) To graduate they were tested, with a pass rate of 51% (such as that achieved by the Doctor), up to a “Triple First” grade (like Romana I), and could take the test more than once if necessary, with the result being confidential. (TVThe Ribos Operation)

There were several chapters within the Time Lord Academy. These included:

At the induction ceremony for the Academy all Time Lords said:

“I swear to protect the ancient Law of Gallifrey with all my might and brain. I will to the end of my days, with justice and with honour temper my actions and my thoughts.” (HOMEVIDShada)


bazer63 asked:

Can you do the thing with Theta/Koschie with the who is the each role in relationship?

Hi =) No problem. – Sorry that it took me a while:

who wakes the other one up with kisses: 

Theta, because he gets up first… Koschei likes to sleep in and you have to wake him up slowly, otherwise he’s cranky.   

who cooks for who:

That’s a constant source for disagreements. Koschei is the better cook while Theta is the one who actually thinks cooking is fun and enjoys it. Usually they do it together, but it happens that they can’t agree what they want to make, so they notice halfway through the process that both of them are cooking something entirely different. While that hybrid monstrosity is then burning in the oven for the better of Time Lord-kind, they go out for dinner.  

who is the morning person/night person:

Theta is both, Koschei is neither. Actually, Kosch is a literal cat and sleeps 2/3 of the day if he can. Theta gets up early and is always running around somewhere doing something (well, everything except learning.) until he’s exhausted and falls asleep on the nearest flat surface. On good days he wakes up with Koschei snuggled up to him. On bad days someone drew dicks on his face.  

who is the romantic one:

Koschei. He’s also a bit rigorous that his concepts of romantic are the right ones. 

who is the top when it comes to sex:

It was pretty balanced between the two of them, but it actually used to be Theta. That changed in later years.  

who would lead in ballroom dancing:

A bit like the cooking: They both want to and only think things through while dancing – in the end it’s usually Koschei though, because he’s the better dancer and not as clumsy.  

who is the more cuddly one:

There both cuddly nerds, but it’s usually Theta who initiates things. Koschei on the other hand acts “generous” and lets it happen – although he’s very clingy if Theta tries to get up. 

who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch:

Theta, because he’s more excited about such things and because otherwise Koschei couldn’t complain about his choices.

who is the one who would pay for dates:

Neither – unfortunately they only remember that “Money Can Be Exchanged For Goods And Services.“ when they finished eating and the waiter is standing next to them awaiting payment. Theta usually tries to pay with random shit he has in his pocket like funny stamps, a strange glowing sphere from Lynamos IV, bottle caps etc. Koschei tries hypnotizing the waiter. Sometimes they get away. Once they had to wash dishes to pay for their meal.

who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes:

Theta when he should be studying, because Studying < Kosch.Koschei, when Theta is actually studying, because he’s a cat and needs constant attention.   


He will knock for times

What the hell?! Guys, is that you? Theta, Kos, what are you doing for Rassilon’s sake?! And about that… IS THAT RASSILON?! 

- Drax

oakdown. sorry for vanishing everything went all weird for a bit and i still feel pretty gross but the ship that must not be named though
oakdown. can you imagine if they both had snapchat
honeybee. that would be  beautiful and horrifying
oakdown. oh my god the taunting on ko’s part
oakdown. selfies of him grinning like an idiot, thumbs up with theta sleeping just in frame in the background
honeybee. AHHH YES HE WOULD DO THAT but he’d be even more of an ass and like, not draw any attention to theta in the background. the thumbs up would have a caption like TIME TO GET 120% ON THIS EXAM
honeybee. he would send red selfies of him slouched down and staring into space with a caption like I’m so bored with theta in the background with damp, curly shower hair and a towel around his waist while he searches for clothes in the disaster that is his bedroom
honeybee. another immediately after like SO FUCKING BORED featuring theta’s legs and the towel pooled at his feet
oakdown. oH MY GOD I LOVE THIS
honeybee. I’M SO PLEASED
oakdown. red never responds until one day he just snaps and calls theta like ‘MAKE HIM STOP’ and thete is very confused and koschei is probably v smug
honeybee. red keeps trying to screenshot them to show theta but can never do it in time and the ones he does get, theta doesn’t understand
yes…. I’m reading in the background.. why does that matter?
oakdown. oh god can you imagine /theta/ with a snapchat????? i estimate it would take roughly half an hour or less before the deca give up on humouring him and start formulating a plan to steal and destroy his phone
honeybee.  he’d probably torment koschei with it too
honeybee. ko look at this flower!! ❀
honeybee. don’t touch that
honeybee. *reaching for flower* Whaaat whyyy
honeybee. theta don’t
honeybee. *squishing the flower against his face* whyyyy
honeybee. THETA
honeybee. *blurry picture possibly of theta running??* TYERE AR EBEES KOAXHEI HELP
honeybee. I typed that last bit without looking at my phone xD
oakdown. oh my god just
oakdown. this is the best
oakdown. i love everything about this weird thing that’s happening right now
honeybee.  ME TOO
honeybee. I need someone to introduce Koschei and theta and red to Snapchat and selfies and whatnot
oakdown. drax is already heavily versed in the art of the selfie but more like
oakdown. the ridiculous unnatractive ones where you purposely have twenty chins
honeybee. I love Drax so much xD

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fobwatchedcenturion asked:

//ngl in our au I can honestly see Koschei's mums being like "who's he??? He's handsome- he's an alpha, isn't he? You like alphas." To Koschei the day Theta comes back to talk about the trial and stuff after all the serious stuff is cleared away. I thought about it in the middle of my rehearsal today tbh

i bet they try to set them up

they’re always like “yeah, Koschei’s such a sweet boy, and you’ve been so helpful, has he thanked you for that?”

and he does the whole “no thanks necessary, ma’am” but they just keep going

Secrets : Chemistry Chaos

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1eAKSEa

by DoctorDalek

Theta, being the lazy student he always is, is forced into the Academy’s newly developed private tuition system. And it’s just not fair that of all Time Lords in the world Koschei has to be the one to teach Theta respect and discipline…
A rough little story about Chemistry lessons at the Academy.

Words: 3996, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1eAKSEa

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alix by this point i'm fairly sure you know exactly how i feel about you, but i'm gonna say it again because i love you that much. you are a WONDERFUL writer, and person, and conversationalist. whether it's about something really ridiculous and random or serious or even about plotting / the ship (!!! which i absolutely adore also btw), you are always someone who makes me happy to lend my ear and talk my ass off and etc. etc. you really are someone special, alix. i love you so much. <3 <3 <3

tell me what you think about me!!!