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[Well, this is… odd? Because this very tall man looks kind of familiar, even if his skin is grey and he has candy-corn coloured horns and, well. He’s an alien, maybe?

Flora, you probably shouldn’t stare at him like that. You should smile. Okay? Smile!]

Hello? It’s nice to meet you.

[Close enough.]

ooc update

Hello, all! 

A lot of personal projects have been cropping up lately, so I’m going to need to take a bit of a hiatus to get everything under control! 

The hiatus will end in about 1.5 weeks. So I’ll just list all the threads I owe under the cut! These replies are queued for the next little bit! ( Though, I will be on skype/kik to chat!! If you’d like my social media, message me! )

Thanks for understanding!

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faceofeleven asked:

"Kosch, it's okay. It's okay." The Doctor knelt on the bed and pulled the shaking Master into his arms, holding as tightly as possible without hurting him. "It's the Doctor, all right? It's me. Listen to my voice. I'm gonna talk you down."

“Not– real– go away…” He managed to speak a little, surprisingly. Koschei still tugged at his hair, curled in on himself. He was shaking terribly, and had broken out into a cold sweat quite some time ago. The entire experience was terrifying, even if he was accustom to it by now. But everything was so /loud/, he was surprised he heard the Doctor’s voice. “G-Go a-awa-y… Too loud… N-ot real…” he hissed out, digging his nails into his palms while his fists were balled up against his hair. He was surprised he even got words out- it felt like he was choking and gasping, like his hearts were ready to pound out of his chest while he leaned against the other Time Lord.

arkytiorforeman asked:

Everything on your blog makes me go !!!! Like I remember being /so excited/ when I originally saw this blog because nb headcanons in DW aren't easy to find(even though the Doctor is like, canonically not a cis male) and they make me so excited(like the original nb tentoo hc). Like??? And you're so wonderful to write with w/Susan and Kosch. And you're a delight but that's a whole post on its own. Your blog and writing and our threads make me very happy.

nonbinarytentoo asked:

“W-wait, can’t we talk about this?!” // maybe post that thread where they brainwashed Kosch and Arkytior's caught them now and Koschei's no longer brainwashed idk

He almost- almost- wanted to agree to that. He wanted to know /why/. The last thing he remembered was holding them, but that had been a while ago, apparently.

“Yes. Why don’t we. Why don’t we talk about how you /used/ me and controlled me against my will like that, Theta.” he said, still upset and rather distraught after coming to.

Vonda buys FITB 20.24: Fifth Third Bancorp EVP Gregory Kosch Sells 35,000 Shares (FITB)

“Fifth Third Bancorp (NASDAQ:FITB) EVP Gregory Kosch sold 35,000 shares of the stock on the open market in a transaction that occurred on Wednesday, April 29th. The stock was sold at an average price of $20.07, for a total value of $702,450.00. Following ..” said Gaye to Emilee on Sunday, May 3, 2015.

“My dear Miss Emilee,” said Gaye, “have you heard that IXM went down to 242.85?”

“Financial Select Sector Index.”

Emilee replied that she had not.

“But it did,” said Gaye. “Energy ETFs Rebound, but They’re Still Expensive The Energy Select Sector … third among the nine sector SPDR exchange traded funds. That is a clear improvement from 2014 when XLE, the largest equity-based energy ETF by assets, lost 8.7% and was the only one of the nine SPDRs to finish the year in …”

Emilee, with her usual reserve, made no answer.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 1 May 2015

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 1 May 2015

George started off today with a very big congrats to April top sellers Jeremiah and Cindy Johnson.

Next he gave a thorough walk through of basic training steps to get you started on the right track.

Finally, as you will see, he talked with Monitors about how the live business center works and some key points to understand about how sales are made with it. As a matter of fact, a SALE WAS MADE…

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