kos mos from xenosaga

name: bunny
age: 21+
timezone: gmt-8 / pst ( #westcoastbestcoast )
favorite play-bys: fan bingbing, jamie chung, natalia castellar calvani, astrid berges-frisbey, imogen poots, golshifteh farahani, deepika padukone, nataniele ribeiro, grace bol, etc. i have a weakness for beautiful ladies.
fun fact about yourself: i break this blog out only for upcoming jcink rps that advertise on tumblr bc i’m bad at maintaining a personal blog. i’m also a+ at cooking perfect boba.
song/music ref that fits the site aesthetic: let’s talk about caravan palace tho
what would you like to see from us? everything. ( jk i’m chill w/ no expectations )
who is your favorite robot? u H. kos-mos from xenosaga. everyone from xenosaga. hell, just … xenosaga.
favorite meme that relates to you: not a meme, but every incorrectquotes blog ever. esp. incorrectdragonage.