By Kit Korzun

Happy #BigBlockOfCheeseDay - In Space!

″Mir 22 commander Valeri Korzun uses a meat clever to carve a piece of cheese while STS-81 mission specialist John Grunsfeld takes a sip from his drink packet.”

STS081-343-026 - STS-081 - STS-81 and Mir 22 crew share a meal in the Base Block module.
File Unit: STS-81, 4/12/1981 - 7/21/2011Series: Mission Photographs Taken During the Space Shuttle Program , 4/12/1981 - 7/21/2011Record Group 255: Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1903 - 2006 

While the @whitehouse celebrates Big Block of Cheese Day down on Earth, @nasa​ crewmembers from STS-81 share a big block of cheese with their Russian Space Agency colleagues aboard the Russian Space Station Mir in 1997.