Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Humor

Word Count: 4.3k

Summary: When confronting your next door neighbor on shutting off his fire detecter leads to: egging someone’s house, going on a bluetooth and headset driven date, and running into an ex.

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You peeked one eye open into the darkness.


Sighing, you got up from bed and grabbed the nearest pair of shoes. You didn’t even bother trying to fix your appearance.

A yawn escaped your mouth and you rubbed your sleepy eyes. You were not happy.

The fire detector currently going off wasn’t yours. These past few nights, your neighbor, Jin, had been waking up the entire neighborhood. You lived closest to him, and therefore, was the first to notice and the last to fall asleep. You didn’t know why Jin felt the need to work the kitchen at such an ungodly hour, but what you did know was that he would keep disrupting your sleep if he continued to do so.

You had barely ever held conversation with him. The rare times included when your mail got mixed up or if he was in your parking spot. The two of you never left the house at the same time and as a result, never saw each other. You saw him around campus a few times but you didn’t share any classes with him. You shared mutual feelings and that was all you wanted.

Until now, as the anger was evident from you banging on his door.

Your knocks intensified the longer you stood there in the freezing cold. It was a fairly chilly February night. Waking up this early in the morning has caused all of your patience to leave. You were mid knock when the door opened.


The vivid moonlight exposed the panic on Jin’s face. Without a second to think about it, he shoved a heart shaped cookie into your mouth, cutting you off.

You blinked in surprise.

You stood there, mouth blocked from the cookie and didn’t know how to react.

“Chew.” He directed, almost scared to see what you were going to do next.

“Holy fu-”

You have never tasted anything so… enchanting. The sugar cookie was baked in the right temperature, not too soft or hard. They were topped off with a pale pink frosting. They were absolutely mouth watering, easily the best you’ve ever had.

They matched the Valentine’s Day aesthetic. Jin had, without a doubt, gone all out.

He died his silky hair a beautiful rose gold which was parted to the side in an elegant manner. It was perfect for his face. The light pink apron he had on made him look even cuter. You had never really seen him up close and the pink hair really made him stand out. You were starstruck, having forgotten the reason you came here. His face was filled with amusement as he watched you savor the cookie.

“Wow, that was amazing.” You blurted out when you realized you had been staring. You frantically covered your mouth as you were still chewing.

Jin simply chuckled before he ran to turn the fire detector off. When he returned, he brought another tray full of the delectable cookies which he carefully placed onto your arms.

“All of them? For me? Oh no, I could never.” You replied shaking your head, despite how much you wanted them.

“No please, I insist.” He encouragingly pushed the tray you were trying to return back towards you. “At least someone enjoys them.”

He was such a sweetheart.

“Thank you so much.” You said, ready to go home and devour them. “You are forgiven.”

“For?” He questioned, his perfect eyebrows knitted in confusion. You suddenly felt self conscious on how terrible you probably looked. Your mind kept getting sidetracked.

“Waking me up at the ass crack of dawn.” You heard him let out another laugh before his smile dropped and his eyes fell to the floor.

“Well, I’ll be on my way. Thank you again, and um… please find a better time to bake.” You rapidly spoke, finding it impolite to question his sudden mood change.

He smiled once more, although this one a little more distracted. He waved and shut the door.

You made your way to your house with the new addition of cookies.

And you found yourself knocking on his door a few minutes later. After a long debate with yourself on whether you should proceed with what you were going to do, you realized it was the only reasonable option. He was the only person you knew that wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. It was the second time he opened the door in a span of 5 minutes.

“Funny story.” You started off.

“You locked yourself out?” He asked almost expectantly.

“Yes.” You admit with shame, your pocket feeling empty without the usual weight of your keys. “Is there any way I could kill time here for another few hours? My roommate should be coming back later and you seem like you could use the extra company.”

“This will be exciting, I promise. You could be like my taste tester.” Jin’s exclaimed, as he lead you into his kitchen.

You had seen his house before once, the two houses next door to each other were on sale at the same time. If you had the interior designing skills like he had, you would have definitely picked this one.

His house was neat for a college student. It followed a pale pink and off white theme. The furniture and walls complimented each other. You were impressed, to say the least. The main wall was filled with glass and provided an excellent outlook on the town outside. Your eyes swept from the stairs leading to his bedroom to the kitchen right across from the entryway.

“Oh my god.”

The kitchen was filled with trays of cookies. Everywhere you looked, there were trays. The kitchen island was buried under bowls that consisted of either cookie batter or pink frosting.

You waved off some of the smoke emitting from the oven.

“I admit, I may have gone a little overboard.” He pulled out yet another tray from the oven.

“A little?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Baking, or cooking in general, is an outlet for me. While some people have cleaning, I have baking.” He explained as he tried to clean up the mess and make the kitchen more presentable.

You sat down on one of the stools surrounding the island and watched him work. “What are you going to do with all this?”

“I haven’t really given that much thought.” He pulled off a bright pink oven mitt and sat down next to you. He placed his cheek on his hand.

A sigh escaped his lips, the far away look in his eyes returned.

You didn’t notice though as you were focused on the cookies. Now that you were looking closer, it was hard to miss the frown face details on the frosting.

He narrowed his eyes at the lack of attention he received from you and let out another sigh, this one more exaggerated.

You side eyed him but still made it seem as if you were oblivious.

He sighed yet again, growing frustrated and not caring to make it look subtle. You laughed and gave in to his dramatic ass.

“What do you want?” You took advantage of how close you were to him and admired his beauty.

He seemed tired, not like the annoying neighbor he used to be shouting ‘Good Morning’ off of the top of his lungs. Not to mention his squad didn’t visit as frequently. You only noticed because of the absence of clatter. The depressing designs on the cookies also hinted towards something unusual.

“Hey, is something bothering you?” You ask.

“Oh, I don’t know.” He trailed off, chucking a burnt cookie in a nearby trashcan. He had terrible aim.

“I’m a great listener.“ You reached forward and grabbed another cookie. “You can talk to me.”

“…and then, Koryn has the nerve and the audacity to tell me that pink isn’t my color. I was considering ending it right then and there. Like what even, I invented pink. DO I NOT OWN PINK?” You nodded and patted his back while he continued to rant.

“I exclusively baked cookies for her. SHE SAID SHE WAS TIRED OF EATING THEM! My cookies are leJINdary. Haha see what I did there. See this is why I’m single. Hell I even bought front row tickets to that boyband BTX that she liked so much.” He stopped to blow his nose and threw it into the growing stack of tissues.

You made a mental note to somehow get those tickets.

“To sum up, she was a shitty girlfriend and you didn’t deserve her?”

“Basically.” He lets out another one of his dramatic sighs, his broad shoulders falling slightly.

“I can’t believe she would dump you so close to Valentine’s Day. How heartless was she?”

“Extremely heartless.”

All the poor boy asked for was some love and she couldn’t even give him that much. You decided to lighten the mood up.

“Now that you got that off of your chest, I want you to know you can always call me for a hook up.” You said gingerly.

“A hook up?“

“Yea, what’s so wrong-” You brought your eyes to Jin’s smirk and realized what he had misinterpreted it as.


“Sure you didn’t.”


Your choice in words had caused Jin to channel his inner cockiness. “You can talk all you want, you aren’t going to change my mind. I’m handsome, and you know it.”

“Those eyebags say otherwise.” You mutter under your breath, loud enough for him to hear.

“What?” Jin dared you to say it again.

“I never said you weren’t handsome.” You continued. “You are downright hideous.”

His jaw dropped from the smirk it previously had. “I’m offended.”

“Stay offended. Not my problem.” You jokingly stuck your tongue out.

“It will be your problem if I kick you out.” He threatened.

“Oh beautiful sweet Jin, you blind me with your beauty and kindness.“ You gush, sarcasm dripping with every word. “My heart swells at the thought of you.”

“That’s more like it.”

You and Jin were sprawled out over his couch. He turned to look at you.

“What?” You ask.

“It’s just… it’s very different to vent to a girl than to a guy.” Jin paused to fidget with the buttons on his shirt. “It’s a nice change.”

You nodded your head agreeing. “It’s refreshing to hear a guy open up.”

Silence followed, a comfortable one nonetheless. The first few rays of sunlight shone through the large window-like wall, capturing your attention and leading it to the rising sun. You walked towards it.

“This is beautiful. I knew I should have gotten this house.” You were focused on the different colors of the sky.

“That used to be her favorite place too.” Jin whispered though you could hear him. You turned around to see the feeling of melancholy had returned. Jin just got out a relationship and you could understand how his mind always drifted back to her. Everything brought up a different memory. You were in his shoes once and couldn’t help but sympathize.

“I’m so sorry Jin, no one should ever go through such a deep heartbreak.” Not knowing how to comfort him, you stayed where you were, keeping a distance.

“Yea. It was probably for the best.” His head hung low. He didn’t deserve to feel the way he did and you couldn’t stand seeing him mope any longer.

“Alright, come on. We gotta do something about this.” You pulled Jin up. “I have a crazy idea.”

“How crazy?” He asked.


“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Knuckles white from gripping on the steering wheel so tight, Jin was second guessing his choices. “If I get arrested, I’m bringing you down with me.”

You rolled your eyes and unbuckled your seatbelt. “Yea, yea. Okay.”

“Just because you read it in a book doesn’t mean it won’t have any consequences.” Jin brought up once more when you both had exited the car. He picked up one of the cookies with smudged frosting and held it in his hand.

“Come on man, it was the Fault In Our Stars. And it’s not like we are using eggs or anything.” You winked at him.

“Alright here goes nothing.” He takes a deep breath.


He screamed, aiming the cookie at Koryn’s front door which landed a few inches from the target. He shielded his face with his hands and waited for something to happen. You tried to hold back your laughter.

“Go crazy.” You gave him another cookie.

“THIS IS FOR HATING MY COOKIES.” He yelled, throwing and not missing this time. His face was red and a vein struck out from his neck. It was honestly a beautiful view.

“THIS IS FOR LEADING ME ON.” Another cookie broke into a bunch of tiny pieces when it hit her car.

“THIS IS FOR BEING SUCH A BIT-” Her car alarm started to blare.

After the third tray, when Jin grew the balls to throw it at her window, had he finally gotten a response. The light in the bedroom at which he threw the cookie turned on.

“Oh sh- “RUN.” Jin grabbed your hand and dropped the stack of cookies he was holding. He quickly pulled you through to his car where he had left the engine on. He sped through the streets.

When you were a good few miles from her house you let out a laugh. “That was about one of the riskiest things I have ever done.”

“We had to dash because I remembered that this was reality and not some fairytale.” Jin ran his fingers through his hair, eyes on the road, lazily steering with his other hand. His breathing had finally returned to normal. He opened the sunroof of his car.

”Okay but you have to admit, that was funner than moping around and wallowing in your own self pity.” Your hair blew recklessly in the wind.

He stole a glimpse of you struggling to tame your hair. He bit back a smile. “Eh, I don’t know about that. I’ll need more convincing.”

You gave up on trying to fix your hair and let it fly with the wind. You narrowed your eyes at Jin. “Are you hinting that you didn’t find getting revenge on your ex-girlfriend fun?”

”No, I definitely enjoyed that part.” He held a playful smirk. “But I don’t know if it was better in comparison to watching sad movies and eating comfort food all day.”

“Tsk.Tsk.Tsk.” You shook your head. “Oh sweet, innocent, stupid Jin.”

Jin’s eyebrows raised in confusion.

“That was only half of the crazy idea.”

”You have a weird definition for the word crazy.” Said Jin. You both stood in front of a large sign reading: Love In a Cup, a vintage café. He adjusted the bluetooth you had connected to a headset that you wore. You knew better than to question why he had such tools in his car. “It was my friend’s.” He had justified.

“I may have over exaggerated. There is nothing crazy about moving on with your past girlfriend with a new one. I was serious about helping you find a hook up.” You explained to him as you both sat down at a booth.

“Find was the word I was looking for. Find a hookup. Not ‘call me for a hookup’.” You mumbled to yourself, shaking your head.

“Now see, the hooligans that are my friends would have taken me to the club.” Jin took a good, long look around the cafe and the surprising amount of people present.

You took a sip from your coffee. “Its too early in the morning to go clubbing. And besides, you’d be surprised at the people you’d meet in here.”

Jin turned back to you. “There is no use. I haven’t dated in a long time. I lost my game.”

“See thats why I’m here. I’ll be your wingman.”

“I mean technically you’d be my wingwoma-”

“Sshh- tell me who interests you here and I’ll help you get her.” You twirled your coffee cup, finding it more and more difficult to make eye contact with Jin.

“And you should definitely hook me up with one of your friends soon. They sound interesting.” You added.

“What do you think about her?” He pointed to a girl deeply immersed in her book. She sat alone in a the back corner. She had a slim figure contrasting your average one. And she definitely put effort in to her looks.

“It doesn’t matter what I think. What do you think about her?” You asked Jin, more intrigued by his answer.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged his shoulders, still eyeing her.

“Go talk to her. I’ll be a few booths in front of you, telling you what to say.” You gave him a pat in the back.

Jin hesitated. “I d-don’t know… I’ve seen this backfire so many times in movies.”

“I know what I’m doing. Trust me.” You reassured him.

Jin bought two coffees and you grabbed a newspaper that was lying on an empty table. He looked at you briefly sporting a look of pure uncertainty on how this was going to turn out. You shot him a thumbs up from your booth and watched as he slid a coffee in front of the girl.

“Hi, I’m Jin.” You said into the microphone on the headset. Jin confidently repeated it back to her. She closed her book and took off her glasses. She stared at the coffee in front of her and back at Jin.

“I was feeling generous.” Jin copied exactly what you were saying.

“Oh, uh…hi. Nice to meet you, uh, Jin was it?” You didn’t miss the mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I’m Hana.” She said, openly checking Jin out and leaning forward.

That was a classic move.

“Don’t stare at her boobs.” You said urgently.

“Don’t-” He began to repeat what you said. His eyes widened from the unexpected tip you gave him. You knew you caught him in the knick of time; his eyes were naturally about to shift downwards.

His abrupt stop had caused Hana to raise her eyebrow. You face palmed.

“If you want this to work, you have to listen to what I say before you repeat it. Now finish your sentence before you sound like a fool. ‘Don’t tell me you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone’.” You smoothly recovered for him.

You recognized the fake look she placed on her face, one that you had been guilty of implementing in the past. “My boyfriend just broke up with me.”

You were beginning to question whether she was the right girl for him. Your girl instincts were never wrong.

“Oh, that can’t be a coincidence. My girlfriend did too.” Jin spoke before you did.

“No way. Who would dare drop someone as sweet and, might I add, hot like you?” She flirted.

The grip on your coffee cup tightened and the newspaper you were holding up threatened to fall.

Jin was blushing.

You watched from your seat as the two hit it off. Jin spoke animatedly, all of his features brightened. Your headset was lying on the table, neglected, as you had begun to feel.

Hana had excused herself to the bathroom. Another classic.

She made sure to walk extra slow, her hips moving with every step for a specific pair of wandering eyes.

Yet those eyes were trying to catch your attention. Jin gave up waving his hands around and hurriedly slid into your booth.

He stole a sip from the milkshake you had ordered out of boredom. “Hana just asked if I wanted to go home with her.”

Slightly annoyed, you reached to grab it back. “Ma boi Jin’s gunna get some tonight. Mission accomplished.”

“No, see that’s the problem. I don’t exactly, how do I say this without being rude… like her.” Jin admitted, his face struck with guilt.

“What?“ You asked a little too loudly. You cleared your throat. “I thought things were going well.”

“Yeah, until you ditched me.” Jin pointed to the headset on the table.

Then he leaned forward.

“Wow dude.” You instinctively moved your head backwards. You heart started beating twice as fast as normal and you found it hard to think.

“What?” He questioned innocently as he reattached the headset onto your head.


“Never mind.”

“Please help me.” His lower lip protruded in a desperate pout. Very plump lips they were. You found yourself getting distracted again.

You tried not to show the eagerness in your voice. “Okay, fine.”

Hana returned, not too long after Jin made his way back. She had unbuttoned even more of her shirt, her bra clearly visible. You almost got up from your seat.

“How about we just skip to the fun part?” She said seductively, grabbing Jin’s hand. Jin squeaked in fright and snatched his hand away. The panic doubled and he silently begged for you to do something.

This time you got up from your seat.

“Excuse me young lady.” A man, not much older than 60 blocked your path. “What do you think you are doing? Did you take my newspaper? Give it back. God kids these days.

“Yes, okay.” You grew irritated, trying your best to head towards the booth.

“Come back here young lady, I was not done. Does your mother know about this? Would she be okay with it? I’m calling her right now. Disrespect is NOT a word in my vocabulary. ” The man spoke slowly, making sure to enunciate every word.

Hana was waiting for Jin’s response who was waiting for yours and you were growing irritated.

“Does this satisfy your needs?” You threw the newspaper at the man and nearly ran over to Jin.

“Yes, okay. Does this satisfy your- Wow that’s really rude to say, I’m not saying that.” Jin said out loud completely blowing his cover.

This was the second time you found yourself face palming.

“I mean, um-”

“Who are you?” Hana spat out and gave you a once over.

You hadn’t realize you were standing right in front of their booth. They both stared at you.

You tried to remember what you had learned from your previous acting classes. You needed to think of something, and something quick.

“His girlfriend.” You went with your first extinct, hoping he’d understand and play along. “Who are you?”

“No, you are his ex-girlfriend.” Hana said standing up.

“You broke up with him and we were just about to leave. C'mon Jin.” She added, pulling him towards the exit.

“NO.” You scream out. “You are the ex-girlfriend because he’s done with you. Right, Jin?” You gritted through your teeth because Jin was not getting the message.

You and Hana both stared at Jin and waited to see who he would back up. But he was looking at someone else.

“Jin?” Another voice piped up.

You both almost snapped your neck turning to see who spoke.

“WHO ARE YOU?” You and Hana both irritatedly screamed out at the other girl.

“My ex-girlfriend.” Jin said quietly.

“Oh.” You mouthed. 

So that was Koryn. She was beautiful, you could tell why Jin was attracted to her. She seemed like a sweet girl. You could kiss any chance you thought you had with Jin goodbye because damn.

While you had figured out who she was, Hana on the other hand, “Wait- how many ex-girlfriend’s do you ha-”

“Please leave.” Jin shut his eyes.

Hana backed away not wanting to get further tangled into this mess. “Why hello there.” She took notice of the 60 year old man.

Hana had left you to be the third wheel, Jin and Koryn were staring at each other.

“Where you just at my house?” Asked Koryn.

“Y-Yes.” Jin choked out, ashamed. 

“And now you’re jumping from hoe to hoe?” 

“The audacit- I’ll be on my way.” The tension in the room had caused you to feel uncomfortable. 

Hana smiled, “Yes please.”

“Excuse you-”

“STOP.” Jin yelled, causing you both to be surprised. 

“Stop.” He repeated in a softer tone. “She isn’t going anywhere. ”See this is exactly why we ended. You are so insensitive to the people around you. I can’t believe I felt like shit when we broke up. I was moping when clearly, I should’ve been celebrating.” 

Jin let out everything he had been bottling up. He had rehearsed in his head what he would’ve said if or when he ever came across Koryn. This was the last thing he- and you- actually expected himself to say. You imitated the smile Koryn had sent to you and it infuriated her further.

Koryn opened her mouth to say something back but closed it. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Goodbye Seokjin.”

She ran out of the cafe.

All the yelling had caused a scene and lead to bystanders watching. You furrowed your eyebrows at them and they all resumed to what they were doing.

Jin watched her as he left. “Oh my god. I can’t believe I did that. I think I was too rude. Do you think I was too rude?” Jin spoke more to himself than to you.

“You can’t let people use you. And from now on, you won’t.” You reassured him.

Jin looked you deep in the eyes with an appreciative smile on his face. “Thank you so much for today. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”

“I do.” You blurted out. A million thoughts raced in your head debating whether you should continue or not. “Okay so you should totally repay me with those BTX tickets.”

You were beginning to regret being so straightforward in those few seconds. You stared at Jin and awaited his answer.

Contrary to what you expected him to do, Jin smirked and pretended to think it over. “Its a date.”

Done with Shenpai art. Korn can’t art for shit but she can damn well try :v I drew this piece with the limited time I had at work in hopes it would make her day better even if it’s for a little bit. To me,Shenpai is still Shenpai no matter what she looks like. She’s still that lovable person. I hope she feels better soon,both physically and emotionally. We support you Shenpai.

anonymous asked:

hi! i wanted to ask whether korip is a canon ship in KF...i see a lot of people shipping them and you draw them together a lot yourself as well! im a new reader so i cant tell..

It’s not canon but I love the ship myself so.

I mean, Koryn liking Phil is 200% canon