when people screw over your characters personality.  

please please please guys, please commission me

I cannot stay in this house for any longer that I need to, and the moment I turn eighteen, I want to be gone. But working a minimum wage job 20 hours a week while I’m In school is obviously not going to cut it, especially since I want to help my friend rent a place before I am able to leave the house.

So please, I draw Anime stuff, Cartoon stuff, I can draw furries, Kin types, anything; please commission me if you need anything drawn. I also draw logos, etc, if you need anything in the graphic design department.

I also have a Redbubble if you would like to buy a shirt, cup, post card, etc. IF you would like to see my work and see how much something would cost, please ask me, or visit my art blog, artblogsaywhat

So, unexpected changed today at pathfinder. One of the guys there used to work at an lgbt place I go to now, and when I first met him he asked my pronouns. I was super happy, and no one else in the group really used my pronouns, but I didn’t mind since we mostly just role played our characters

But today, for whatever reason, everyone was using my pronouns! I’m not sure if it’s because I wore my pronoun necklace or if Ryan talked to them about it, but I’m really happy about the change. 

Soooo some news about me-

I talked with my guidance counselor in school, and I can’t be allowed to go to the men’s bathroom, locker rooms, or try out for the men’s team, because I don’t have ‘male parts’ or have transitioned yet

Frankly I’m a little upset at that- the sports thing especially, because I wouldn’t be comfortable trying out for the girls team- but I mean I can’t really do anything about it.

So there’s that.

New blog

Hey guys! So this blog is dedicated to my transition from female to male, as the title suggest!

Some info about me-
I’m a transgender guy named Kory
I’m sixteen years of age as of 2014
I live in the Midwest of the united state of America.
I have four hedgehogs, a chinchilla, and a hairless rat
I’m currently a junior in high school
And I have two half siblings and a step sibling on my fathers side

I’m looking to go through HRT once I either have a job or have enough money to start my transition, and after that, I plan on having top surgery once I get older, and have enough money to do so!

For anyone interested, I’ll be using the tags #storyofatransman and #korystransition to track all of my stuff!