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Starfire’s addition to the Injustice 2 game just makes me so sad.

Like, she mentions Dick Grayson so much (how he respected Black Canary’s training, how he believed there was good in Superman, how Jason reminded her of Dick, etc). She even asks Doctor Fate to bring him back.

Out of all the characters, she is the only one to bring him up as often as she does. Damian brings him up once or twice (typically the same two lines or so), or Batman brings him up when fighting Damian. But that’s about it (I’m sure I missed one or two interactions).

Jason brings him up once when fighting Starfire, saying that Dick talked about her all the time. Dick Grayson and Starfire obviously meant so much to each other and it hurts to know that he’s dead and she’s still hurting from it.

Like goddamn DC, you are really making me emotional over the little things in this game

I am writing this to all because I realize that it will be very hypocritical of me as a humanitarian (a human who cares about other humans) and as a pre-psychoanalytic therapist to keep quiet about the situation. 

Anna Diop was confirmed for playing Starfire in the new live-action series and it has brought a lot of backlash and hate since the news broke out to the internet. 

As I respect the opinions of others, I do not respect the ignorant and racist comments being made about the actress and about her skin color.

There are many that are complaining that the actress will not be able to have the orange skin that Starfire portrays in the comics and that the actress is not “bombshell” enough for the look.

Others have gone far as to attack the actress for her dark complexion and complain that she is not pretty enough.

There is one ignorant comment that caught my attention enough for me to write this.

I will no longer sit back and read the hateful comments and although I can not stop all the backlash I will leave you with a quote that many of you should think about,

“There will always be people who say mean words because you are different. Sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people who do not judge others based on how they look or where they are from. Those are the people whose words truly matter.”


Season 4, Episode 6

Thunder Cuddles

I feel like I already posted this but I don’t feel like looking through my stories so enjoy again.

If not then enjoy for the first time!

Also: Coming up with story titles is so much harder than it seems

The room was illuminated by a flash of light and as the building shook, two green eyes poked out from under the covers. Kory cursed at the sudden storm that Bludhaven was experiencing and tried to remain calm as she counted to three.

No matter how long she’s been on Earth and how many thunderstorms she’s experienced, each one still made her body shake in fear.

Tamaran has storms like this but only during the season and since Kory left Tamaran at such a young age, she never got to experience the weather. She still remembers her first encounter with a thunderstorm and how a boy with spiky hair almost lost it when she made a trip to his room and requested to sleep next to him.

Being only friends at the time, he allowed her to sleep in his bed while he slept on the floor next to her.

Things changed when they became a couple and their physical relationship progressed. He would hold her all night and she’d place her face in the crook of his neck as he helped calm her down.

It’s the reason why she married him.

Well, one of the reasons.

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Robstar Week: Day 4- Rain

“Don’t worry, Starfire. I’ll protect you.”


“I got wet once; I’m immune. Go ahead and drench me, rain! It does nothing.”

What do you mean this dialogue I stole from Parks and Rec is out of character for Robin.

If you’re going to give a character a cape, he’s got to use it for something. It’s classic Chekov’s gun.


So I watched TT: Trouble in Tokyo a couple of days ago and had written this out. I finally got to posting it this week. 

I’ll be working on Pure Hearted ch. 3 as well as a few one-shot ideas that I have in my mind.

Two green eyes looked down from her balcony and watched the people below on a late July night, bustling around in their city and making their way to their desired destination. Tokyo was truly a magnificent experience and the vacation that was rewarded was spent touring the city’s most famous landmarks, museums, parks, and discovering the new cuisine the culture had to offer.

Starfire mostly enjoyed touring the Harajuku district, a neighborhood that Beastboy claimed ‘he had to see or else he’ll just die’, spending her last bit of Earth currency that she brought with her on their street fashion and accessories.

She was going to miss this place.

But Robin promised he’d take her back one day.


The boy wonder.

Her boyfriend.

Or was he?

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