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What are your headcanons and opinions on differences in Human and Korogarian anatomy and physiology?

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Hmm let’s think….

I’m thinking that Korugarians are a little like Vulcans. Cooler than Humans because of Korugar’s warmer, dryer climate and all that. They may even be cold blooded and have to warm up with heat lamps or something. 

I think the anatomy is basically the same. All the same organs (maybe an extra one for toxins and such) and relatively similar in their location. Some of the organs may be stronger (lungs because of a different atmosphere?) and some may be weaker. But naked they just look like pink/red-ish humans.

I don’t see them being totally different really. 

There may be an increased sensitivity in some areas. Maybe they have less sensitive genitals and their arousal is mainly transmitted and noticed through pheromones? 

Hmm It’s not something I’ve given huge thought to but this is the basic idea. 

a-greatbig-bottleof-fuck  asked:

Whats are your headcanons and opinions on differences in Human and Korogarian anatomy and physiology?

As a general rule of thumb, I go with Korugarians having a cooler body temperature than humans have. Soranik’s is actually the closest to a human, but that’s because Ungarans have human-like body temp; Korugarians on average ten degrees cooler (88F to 98F). Their skin is thicker as well; Soranik’s is a bit thinner with her hybrid physiology, which caused problems as a little kid when she would get hurt more easily than expected.

Korugarians are also taller than most humans. Sinestro canon-wise is about 6'7". Soranik about 5'10" though my head canon puts her closer to 6’ (due to the fact that both of her parents are 6’ or higher). The average height for women is about 6'1" and men is 6'4". Soranik has always been conscious about being on the shorter side and Sinestro smug on being on the taller side. The tallest Korugarian male is 8’ and the tallest female 7'8" according to records. 

Most Korugarians have black sclera but an uncommon genetic quirk allows for white. It’s why Soranik never got called out on having white sclera even though it’s sort of jarring. It was her violet eyes that made people curious, because that’s not even close to a normal color for Korugarians. Many people just assumed she wears contacts or, after she got her ring, that she’s using her ring to do that. Only a small group, people who knew about Sinestro having a daughter with an Ungaran woman suspect the truth, since violet is a common Ungaran color Arsona and Katma were two of them). Most common eye colors are gold, brown and blue. Hair color is almost uniformly black. 

And I will mention this and shove it under physiology/basic bio crap; the average life span of a Korugarian is approx 300 Earth years. While they have a similar growth rate to humans through young adulthood, they stay the equivalent to a 30-50 for around 200 years. Biologically, Sinestro is actually younger than Hal even if when you count by years he’s much older. Soranik and Kyle are biologically around the same age, but relatively quickly Kyle will be biologically older. 


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“Yes it is,” Sinestro says coolly, studying Hal who looks like he hasn’t aged a day, even though more than ten years hand passed. “How is Ferris? Still putting up with you? And you know how slowly Korugarians age.”

He had known that Hal would be at the council meeting, but it was too good an opportunity to continue spreading the Sinestro Corps influence to not go. Besides, he was…curious what Hal had been up to the past ten years. Did he marry Ferris? Have children? What had he been up to…

Hal shifted, glancing around them as if watching the crowd. “Carol and I…well, we broke it off again. Like normal. She’s married again, happy. What about you?” He looked back at Sinestro. “Find someone new?”