ok will side is completed! I probably won’t be able to complete the hannibal side before the season finale airs on the east coast but I’ll def finish it before it airs on the west!

I might open sales for the bag if a lot of people express interest!

note: the bag is double sided, hannibal is on the other side

I’ll also make the designs into stickers too! so…thoughts for now?

Alright kids this Hannigram bag is now ~*open*~ for preorders!! These will be taken until July 12th!

Sweet yeah??? oh boy I’ve got a lot in store for you guys

  • Double sided with Will Graham on one side and Hannibal Lecter on the other! The bag is 8in by 5in, can be used to store anything you so desire! (as long as it…fits yeah?)
  • Price is $12 USD
  • Shipping to US is $3 USD, Canada $4 USD, UK/Ireland $9 USD (sorry oh man ;_; )

You not only get the bag, but also two sticker sets of both sides! wowee

External image

In addition, for those that get the bag, you get a BONUS(and I mean bonus) sticker of Will in his prison jumpsuit! I am not going to be selling this individually. 

External image

First 10 preorders get a sketch doodle from me! I will send you an email asking what you’d like if you are one of them : )

Fill out the form here if you would like one(or two? three? wink)

hope this goes well!! <3

OH YEAH I forgot to say, if you can’t get the bag! the stickers will be available in my storenvy once I figure out how to use it v uv)