Where did I get the idea of safety pins!

A korsi is a type of low table found in Iran, with a heater underneath it, and blankets thrown over it. It is a traditional item of furniture in Iranian culture specially in winter. A family or other gathering sits on the floor around the korsi during meals and special events, like no-ruz (Persian New Year’s Eve). Korsi used to be quite popular for entire families to gather together during yearly Yaldā celebrations. Which is a celebration for the longest night in winter.

Korsi are generally heated with electric elements or, traditionally, with a brazier containing hot coals that is placed under the table. The table is covered with a thick quilt overhanging on all sides to keep its occupants warm. Traditionally they sew or pin (SAFETY PINS) a sheet around the quilt in order to keep that clean and washable (without need to wash the whole quilt). The occupants sit on large cushions around the korsi with the cloth over their laps.

A special woven rug called ru-korsi is usually placed over any blankets to protect them from food stains.

(Ref: Wikipedia, Edited by Sally M)