Nicknames and names all the Bidders have for each other

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Thought you guys would appreciate this lol, even though they are terrible. Feel free to add any! 

Ranked Creativity level /10

(NN)=No nickname

Eisuke: Creativity level 6

Mc: Barista, MCCCCCCCC, Pleb, maid, smol, Babelight of my life

Soryu: Sor, Bro Before any hoe, Eagle Two

Baba: Sloppy seconds, Ba-bye

Ota: Puppy, Art Hoe

Mamoru: Sloth

Luke: Gold finger (see this works cuz one, he’s British, and two he makes a lot of money from his surgeries), X-Ray

Shuichi: Cactus prick, Prude 

Hikaru: Mc’s coworker

*Bonus* Mad Hatter: Auctioneer, ??? 

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we’d be great together - a rule 63 borra mix (or bolan/korro)

inspired by minuiko’s great rule 63 korra fanart :)

1. Nicest Thing - Kate Nash

I wish that we could see if we could be something

2. Sooner or Later - Michelle Branch

You never see me standing right in front of you

3. Paranoia in B Major - The Avett Brothers

Will you love me still when we awake and you find that the sanity has gone from my eyes?

4. Signal Fire - Snow Patrol

The only resolution and the only joy is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes

5. Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk

I live to let you shine

6. Bruises - Charlift

I got bruises on my knees for you and grass stains on my knees for you

7. Lostboy - The Subways

We fell apart and glued our hearts together

8. Roman History - Pet Lions

A fake holiday to celebrate our lack of romance

9. Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap

Why’s it always goodnight and go?

10. She’s Got a Way - Billy Joel

She’s got a way of showing how I make her feel, and I find the strength to keep on going

Bonus: Rolling in the Deep - Adele

You had my heart in your hand, and you played it to the beat