Well, for some reason, I got a whole lot of new followers last night…

I don’t even know where y'all’s common sense went…

but I decided to make a list of things you should probably brace yourself for if you’re positively sure about following dis blog

  1. My first name is Celeste. I absolutely hate it. Nobody gets it right. I’ve gotten “chelsea”, “celia”, “cecelia”, “colette”, “secelly”, “catherine”, “sarah”, “celery”, “molest”, “celester the molester”. Idk. People see my name and they think: lajgagh;asjhg.
  2. I use the word y'all a lot. Like A LOT a lot. I don’t know why, I guess it just sort of rolls off the tongue. Y–A–L–L. HOW FUN IS THAT?
  3. I love Avatar. s said.
  4. I absolutely, positively, with no exception, CAN’T STAND Bryke/Legend of Korra hate. Let me explain something to you. There is a HUGE difference between healthy criticism and plain disrespect. The fandom clearly needs to learn it. And a lot of the mean things they say about LOK are kind of just…not true. So if you’re getting tired of dealing with people who relentlessly insult LOK at every chance they get, this is the place to be. If you’re a hater, the door is on your left. 
  5. I am a strong, independent avatard who don’t need no man. (haha kidding, actually, I’m forever alone)
  6. I’m a lot like the characters in LOK. Let me explain:

    Like this fine chick, I am kind of a tom boy. I’m not really used to flirting with/dating guys

    He’s a dork, I’m a dork           

                                          we’re both smokin’ hot (haha. See? I laugh at my own jokes, too.) 

     And finally, I’m incurably socially awkward. Zuko and I have this in common, sadly. EMBRACE THE AWKWARDNESS, THOUGH.
  7. Two more things. 
  8. I came out as a fervent Korrasexual last July when I saw that promo picture of her back. Yes. She’s THAT hot.

SO…yeah. Some 7 little tidbits that might explain to you why I act like such a spazz all the time. Thanks for following!

(Celeste Out)

Anon Hate.

You guys know I’m not usually one for making societal rants. But this is just something I HAD to talk about.

The dreaded anon hate…

Sooo…there’s a lot of BS on tumblr. A LOT. (mostly good stuff, but we all know there’s jerks out there, right?) A very large portion of it is anon hate.

In fact, here’s a shout out to the lovely twomorelovesongs. Errybody go follow. I command thee.

Anyway, the other night, some freak posted things in this gorgeous chick’s ask box like:

“You should disappear" 

"I actually thought you were kinda pretty. Guess I was wrong.”

“Go shoot yourself.”

and “Fuck you, dumb bitch." 

Eloquent wording, right?

Now, I know a ton of you are probably thinking "what kind of an indecent, terrible, evil person could do that to someone?”. Well, I’ll tell you who. And this ain’t gonna be some rant about how anon haters should go rot in jail. It’s gonna be the facts.

Anons often post hate messages for one or more of three reasons.

1. They’re bored, and they like the thrill. Hate messaging is a form of bullying. When you’re an anon, you control the situation. You know who the recipient is, but they have no way of knowing you. It can make a person feel almost powerful. 

2. They’re not popular on tumblr, and they feel jealous of bloggers with more followers. Sometimes, when a tumblr user sees another getting too much love in their ask box, they get angry. Suddenly, the popular blogger owes them something. Somebody has to put them in their place. 

3. They’re self-concious, and attempting to make others feel the same way causes them to feel better about themselves. The internet is a vast world with infinite possibilities. When you’re self-concious, you feel like you’re at the bottom of the heap. With so many people using the same network at once, it’s easy to pick out an unsuspecting victim to become the new “bottom”.


Now, anon hater on twomorelovesongs’ blog, I have a few choice solutions for you. 

a). If you bored on tumblr of all places, why don’t go pick up a fucking book? Or watch TV? Or take a crap? It’d be nice to do something actually productive in your life, right?

b). If you want to be freaking popular like twomorelovesongs is, I’m not sure making a complete asshole out of yourself is the right way to go about it. Try, I don’t know, being somewhat decent for a change.

c). I hope you find some help for your insecurity complex. I really do. Because clearly you think that the only fucking way to deal with your issues is by dumping them on somebody else. In fact, there are gajillions of people HERE ON TUMBLR that would be happy to help you.

twomorelovesongs? Sorry you had to deal with bullshit two days ago. I’m also sorry that I was so slow on the uptake. But honestly you should be laughing your head off at this person cause they got literally nothing on you. Shucks, I would actually be PROUD to get hate like this. Means you got something worth being jealous of. Well done.

anon? …wow. 

That is all.

Good day.