On “LGBTA+ Agendas” in Shipping.

Let’s be honest, this one is going to be a touchy subject. Particularly because “agenda” is already a heavy word used by LGBTA+ detractors and because, quite frankly, LGBTA+ characters ARE actually not represented as well as straight characters in media. What I want to talk about however, is intent, particularly that of fanbases. Which recently flared up again when it was more or less confirmed that Genji and Mercy are canon in Overwatch.

Frankly, it didn’t surprise me that they are. Their backstory and voicelines already teased that they might be. But apparently, outright confirming this didn’t go over well some fans, particularly those who already had their own yaoi/yuri ships involving one of these characters. I can understand their disappointment, but any sympathy or understanding I have for these people goes right out the window when I hear them yell “LGBTA+ representation” as a reason to hate this pairing.

Now before you get mad, let me explain my point. There ARE too few LGBTA+ characters/pairings in media and I want to see this change. In, say, Overwatch I too would be overjoyed if they’d make Tracer/Widowmaker or Hanzo/McCree canon. Or really, I just wanna see any two same-sex characters in a healthy, happy relationship, showing them as normal people whose stories are worth telling (Hell, I cheered when Korrasami became canon in Legend of Korra). But I always get the feeling these kind of outrages are not always about representation of LGBTA+  characters. It’s used as a cover to demand legitimacy for a preferred ship. 

Anyone remember #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend? This hastag trended for quite a while. That one also flew under the flag of “LGBTA+ representation” but anyone who truly bothered to read between the lines could see a blatant Stucky campaign by fans that demanded the Marvel movie erase pretty much all the story, character relationships and buildup they’d done in their movies just to make their favorite pairing happen. Its agenda was obvious and it was insulting. Even as a Stucky fan, I found it an embarrassment. Also, not surprisingly, it ended up doing precisely nothing to help motivate Marvel to add in LGBTA+ characters, possibly because of these things.

That is my main problem with this kind of argument. Not that people enjoy shipping any random kind of couple or find it hot. I have my preferred, even crack pairings too, both straight and gay. The problem is that claiming they do it for “LGBTA+ representation” feels insincere and like playing a minority card. The moment you stop demanding the simple existence of LGBTA+ people/couples and start making specific demands for a particular couple using that excuse, especially if it flies in the face of anything established up to that point, you’re no longer pursuing a noble course. You’re essentially saying “I want my kinks legitimized, let’s use the situation of LGBTA+ people to cement my claim”. 

Also, why would you need your claim cemented? Ask yourself for a moment if you would consider yourself satisfied if your favorite piece of media WOULD add LGBTA+ characters/couples, even ones you might not consider shipping? Would you have been happy if Marvel finally actually had the guts to go with gay couples and would actually add, say, America Chavez and Lisa Halloran? Would you be excited if, say, Junkrat and Roadhog were a couple? If not, then maybe you should wonder what your crusading is all about. 

Because the thing is, you CAN still enjoy your yaoi and yuri. Or any non-canon straight pairing, if that’s what you’re into. No, seriously, you can. Your Stucky won’t go away. Your Genji/Zenyatta won’t go away. Your Mercy/Pharrah won’t go away. Hell, Zutara is still not going away, no matter how many times Bryke has passive-aggressively tried to kill and bury it. Fanfiction is forever, even if the creator of the original work is never going to validate your views and preferences. Now all we need to do is actually make sure LGBTA+ people get their positive representation in all media, until it is no longer a point of contention that they appear in media and are considered normal human beings, rather than deviants or a kink. And in the meantime, we can enjoy whatever smut we want to enjoy regardless of canon. Honestly, if LGBTA+ representation is part of an agenda that way, I’ll gladly make it part of mine.

Soulmates - MonsieurToast - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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Boy oh boy do I have a treat for you guys today.

This was an absolute BLAST to write, and is completely up my alley; the prompt was a little vague, just saying “Soulmate AU”, so I took it to what I feel to be a fun, somewhat thought-provoking extreme.

I hope you guys like it~

Ok, fanboys y fangirls. Basta de Meter a Mako entre Korra y Asami

Hasta parece que se niegan a aceptar que dos mujeres pueden ser felices sin que un hombre esté de por medio ahí. No, no es necesario ahí, es un gran amigo, pero hasta ahí. Y no, por descendencia del Avatar ¿what?, ¿es neta que vieron la saga? El ciclo del Avatar no trabaja así, que pendejada.

Korrasami Week 2016 - Chapter 7 - MadameEngineer - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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Jinora drags Korra to a fortune teller despite her reservations and finds maybe the reading will turn out more accurate than she expected.


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by MonsieurToast

Korrasami Week 2016, Day 7: Soulmate AU

In another world, Asami has a dream, a vision of she believes may be the true nature of reality and individual existence, and more importantly, her connection with her girlfriend of 10 years, Korra.

As she attempts to explain just what she’s seen, she comes to a greater understanding of herself, her relationship, and what it truly means to be a ‘soulmate’.

Words: 2042, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of Korrasami Week 2016

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2db127w