All the things I got from APCC day 2! 💕I also got to meet Millie Bobby Brown, and she was the sweetest! She said she liked my makeup and that I should start a YouTube because I look like a YouTuber 😊 She was so cute when she was signing my card because she was trying to count all the l’s and i’s 😫 it was adorable. And the art that people were selling was AMAZING!! I can’t believe the talent. I became broke so fast it killed me. Worth it tho bc LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY THAT IS NOW ALL MINE!!

Voltron stickers from @pachimogu

Korrasami sticker from @denimcatfish

(If you see your art pls message me so I can tag you 😊)

The gay (specifically lesbian/bi) migration

The 100 fans went to Wynonna Earp OR to go fight for lgbt representation in media. Korrasami and Bubbline fans are in quite an alliance with Steven Universe. Pharmercy is bonding with Whiterose and Bumbleby shippers… Actually, Korrasami too.Yumikuri is fucking dead rn so theyre all over the place. Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black fans are kinda spread out due to gay deaths. Princess Rover is kind of in that “will they pull a Korrasami or will they pull a POI?” phase. Anyone who follows haikyuu or free ended up loving Voltron. And anyone who’s a fan of all of those ships and shows are hitting their fucking heads rn because part of it is canon, anotber part is dead, and the other is in severe pain.

Ok so Naruto and Billy Bat may be over, but here’s a list of all the good things I still have in my escapist, nerdy-ass, comic-filled life:

  1. Spider-Man/Deadpool is still ongoing and still very gay
  2. Korrasami comics are coming out this fall and will be even gayer
  3. I’m still working on sketching out my Dark Horse project
  4. ??????
  5. oh my god I’m dying someone recommend me some comics