Younger me: I really like this song and the music video, but I have no idea why. I guess I just really like it…

Music video: *has pretty girls, hot girls, muscly girls, cute girls, girls dancing, girls crawling through mud, girls belly dancing, girls working out, attractive girls, girl-*

Me now: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh……………………………….


A video about queer subtext, and why it’s not just about “shoving the gay down your throats”.

anonymous asked:

Can you make a korrasami fic rec by any chance?

(can this also be a nice call out to y'all who seriously need to update)

TSTLHWTCKM (such a long title) by frenetic_core

The Last Summer Of You And Me by killaawhales

Raava Academy by silkarc

The Seeking Balance series by simplykorra

My stuff (shameless promo)

Blue by zoereed

Beginners by possibilist

The Things I Do

More high school!Korrasami! A kind of sequel to this thingy here. There will be more scattered here and there, but here’s one for now.

(Yes, @twfear, in case you’re wondering, the title has a double meaning in your case. -3-)



“Didn’t you have a test last hour?”


“And you plan on taking it when?”

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