TGI Femslash is Coming Out this October 11th!

… and we want you to be there!

TGIF/F (or “TGI Femslash”) is a multi-fandom, fan-driven femslash convention that will be held once again in Los Angeles, CA next year, April 7-9, 2017.

In honor of National Coming Out Day, we will be opening con registration this coming Tuesday, October 11th.

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What happens when I register?

Well, first of all, you’ll have committed to showing up in April, which is amazing! You’ll be signing up for a weekend filled with interactive discussion panels, dance parties, vid shows, and more! You can read a little more about what’s on the table at our website, as well as check out the awesome things that happened at the last con.

In addition, registering will give you access to our Slack channel, which acts as a hub for our online community. On Slack, you’ll be able to nominate panels, connect with potential roommates to keep your hotel costs down, and even participate in weekly liveblogs of our favorite shows!

That sounds amazing! How do I do this?

Head on over to our website on October 11th. 

Registration is an easy, three-step process that should only take you a few minutes. Aside from your contact info, we use your registration as the first step in tailoring your con experience–so be sure to tell us what you’re most excited for, and to be detailed when explaining any accessibility issues we’ll need to address. TGI Femslash is for everybody.

Terrific! What’s this going to cost me?

We pride ourselves on keeping registration costs low for TGIF/F. If you pay before the new year, the prices are:

3 Day Pass: $55
2 Day Pass: $45
1 Day Pass: $25

In January, all of those prices will go up by $5, so it’s in your best interests to register as early as possible! If registration in advance just isn’t an option for you, we will also be selling tickets at the door, with yet another $5 increase.

As a courtesy to you, once you register you have up to thirty days to pay for your pass–so if you’re waiting for a paycheck to come in, no worries! Reserve your spot now and pay when you can.

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National Coming Out Day is a powerful moment of bravery and self-expression, and the creation of safe spaces is one of the most critical outlets we have. TGI Femslash is proud to give a home and a voice to our community, and we’ll see you on October 11th!

The Afterglow

Asami trembled, spent, as she lifted herself from Korra’s fingers with great effort.  Then, after Korra had splayed her arms wide to either side, Asami folded forward over her bicep, forehead pressed into the mattress right next to said muscle.  Her body still twitched and jolted from time to time, and her legs still writhed against Korra’s the slightest bit.

With a lazy, satisfied smile, she pressed a kiss to the sweat-slicked skin of Korra’s arm—or maybe it was her shoulder, she couldn’t be sure—perplexed when the sensation registered in her own mind.  She grunted discontentedly and, lips pursed, raised her head just enough to see the spot she’d just pressed her lips to.

Asami stared at her hand, exceptionally pale where it was draped over the darker flesh of Korra’s arm. Her brows drew together, working through the facts and realizing a moment later that she had, in her semi-deliriousness after what was arguably the best orgasm of her life, kissed her own hand.

Another grunt, and she lowered herself to Korra’s shoulder, very deliberately laying a kiss upon it. “There,” she declared as she snuggled into her neck instead of laying over her arm.  “That’s you.”

And when Korra chuckled at her, bringing her arm across her back, Asami pressed one more kiss just below her ear, humming contentedly.

The Afterglow

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by RainbowRiddler

Asami aim needs a little work.

Words: 223, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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A Trillion Could Be A Lot

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by pricesato

Another high school AU. Just some fluff. Basically Asami has a really sarcastic blog. Kind of like what I would assume John Watson’s blog looks like. I don’t know. Same.

Words: 1311, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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