Commissions and drawings from the last leg of Anime Expo! That first character is mayakern’s OC, Franny from Monster Pop. Kris Anka very kindly stopped by to visit, and he picked up Emma Frost. Everyone was incredibly sweet, and I got to meet SO MANY awesome followers, friends, and personal faves. A warm thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Asami Loves Korra: Power Couple, part 3

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– So I wanted to do a comic where Asami takes the lead and kicks ass, while Korra acts as support and struggles to keep up. I feel like that’s a real reversal of their usual positions in battle. Asami is fearless in her own way, but she isn’t as reckless as Korra, so she’d need a pretty compelling reason to go chasing down her opponents in the same way Korra does…

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okay, imagine Korra getting drunk with Bolin and Mako, Asami had to stay home for business reasons, and they are walking through Avatar Korra park and then they stumble across the statue.  Bolin and Mako comment on how much the statue looks like her, like perfectly, they joke about how Asami must have thought about Korra a lot to get the statue so perfect.  Korra then decides to match it, and earthbends a statue of Asami to make out with the Korra statue.  The next morning a hungover Korra gets an angry call from her girlfriend about her actions the night before, but Korra just asks if Asami likes what she saw.  Asami then grudgingly admits she did